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Breaking Hearts.

Bella and Edward are getting married, but when an unexpected, univited guest shows up at the wedding, what will happen? Will it be enough to break Bella and Edward apart? Or can true love really conquer all?


7. Chapter 7

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Edward's P.O.V.

<3~<3~50 years later~<3~<3

Forks was so different than last time. New students, new teachers, and no..... I couldn't even bring myself to think it. In spite of myself, my heart yearned for Bella. This was my first day back to school since, since the wedding. I had barely been able to leave the house since that day. She was gone. I had lost her. Forever.

My first day back. It was a little risky coming back to Forks so soon after what had happened here, but, even though Forks had my worst memories, it also had the very best ones. The ones spent with Bella.

I was the new kid, yet again. It was sophomore year and I was the freak, the outcast, just like always. It was also March, middle of the semester. This time it was just me, Jasper, and Alice. Rosalie and Emmett had decided to go to Dartmouth in Bella and my slots that I was going to give Bella as a wedding present, but I never had a chance to.

I walked into class, late. "Ah..." said Mrs. Monroe, my new biology teacher. "You must be Edward Cullen, here are your books and you can take that last open seat next to Miss Morgans." I glided into my seat, I was so caught up in my own thoughts that class seemed as though it was over before it had barely even started.

My lab partner, who's named I believed was Alicia, turned to me. She uttered but one word, in an icy cold tone she said "Lunch." How could she already hate me so much? This was biology, so I had English second hour, then lunch. English flew by so fast I might not even have been there. I walked to lunch and there was Alicia. She had long, dark brown, flowing hair. As I got closer, I was aware of something else. Something strange. Her eyes were as jet black as the sky during a storm. Oh my god. Vampire.

"You're ah... ah... ah... vampire." I stammered in a voice that wasn't even a whisper, finally finding the word I was looking for.

"Yes" she replied curtly in the same quiet decibel. She sounded almost as if she was agitated and bored.

"Where are you from? How old are you? Do you drink, you know, human blood?" I spilled out in a rush, a little louder this time.

"No, I don't drink human blood, and all of those other questions are a waste of time, even if we do have forever." She said in a musical whisper that was very irritated and strained. I was puzzled.

"I, wait, what?!?"

"I'm saying that you already know me Edward, and even though you don't know who I am and you obviously don't care enough to remember me, I have spent nearly 50 years, searching the world, trying to find YOU!" By the last word, he voice was a screech. People were beginning to stare. She picked up and slammed down her un-eaten tray of food, though I was so deep in thought I barely noticed.

It can't be her; it just can't be, but maybe...


The girl smiled.