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Almost Impossible

When Bella and Jacob kiss right before the fight with the newborns, something in her changes and she has no idea what it means. Something happens that no one thought was possible. Part of the Legends had gone untold and Bella’s life is changed forever.

Disclaimer: All these Characters are owned by Stephanie Meyer, not me.

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

When Jacob kissed me, it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. So warm, so electric, so… alive. There was no other way to explain the way it felt. The way he touched me, the way he made me put my hands on him, I could not find one reason at that moment on why I had been so firm on not wanting to kiss him, if I would have know then, when he first kissed me, what I knew now, I wouldn’t have hit him, I would let myself enjoy it. I felt guilty for thinking that, guilty because the vampire I loved was out there getting ready to fight for me and I was kissing my best friend. Could I even think of him like that anymore?

So many different thoughts were running through my head in those few moments his lips were on mine in a magical kind of way. Not only was I the future we could have, a future I wanted, I was seeing something totally different. The warm, electric, aliveness was doing odd things to me. I found myself completely forgetting Edward, forgetting everything and everyone. All except for Jacob. For that moment it was me and him alone, not just in the area, but in the world. Nothing else mattered. I felt this huge weight lifted off of me, while another was latching on, but this one was different, this one was… I don’t know, natural? I don’t know how to describe how it felt, but I felt a new bond to Jacob. I opened my eyes a little and I could see Jacob brighter than I ever had before, everything was a blur, literally, I almost thought I was going blind.

He pulled away from me and looked at me, he had a smile on his face that could only be described as somewhat smug and I couldn’t help but to smile back. He said something, but I couldn’t help but be distracted by what I saw and felt. I had no idea how to act on it, or even if I should, but I had to. For a second I had completely forgotten that there was a battle about to start and he would be leaving me, and there was a slight chance he may never come back to me again. When he turned and walked away, still smiling, I felt my heart tear in a way that only reminded me of the one other time I felt it. It was a feeling something like when Edward had left me. Jacob walking away ripped apart of me with him, and I could only hope he would come back to me and heal it.

That also reminded me that Edward was going to be coming back soon. To stay with me as I had asked him to do. I felt guilty all over again, in more ways than one. I don’t even remember him speaking when he came back. He just got right into the tent, not even really looking at me either. He knew what I had done and he was mad, or was he sad? I couldn’t tell, because at that moment he was showing no emotion at all. Of course that made me feel worse. Do I regret it though? Nope.

This attitude was new for me, the whole I should care, but I don’t. I don’t know where it came from and I didn’t know if I liked it. I was so lost in my mind thinking about how different I suddenly felt, that I didn’t even realize that something was going on. Something bad. Edward froze and I could tell he was listening. I heard a slight sound of someone coming up from the left of the tent and the next thing I knew we weren’t in the tent anymore.

Everything had moved so fast and I couldn’t tell how we had gotten from one place to another, but the next thing I knew we were standing up against a cliff waiting for whatever was coming for us. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. Freaking out was never good to do in a situation like this; well actually it never was for any situation. I couldn’t see anyone coming, though I was sure someone was. I looked up at Edward, but his eyes were fixed on something. I followed his glare and suddenly found bright orange wiping around her face like flames. Victoria. I knew it.

Even thought I had thought this was caused from her, it still surprised me. I didn’t however expect her to find us. The next thought I had made more sense than anything. The newborns would follow my scent, but she would surely be following Edward’s. And it worked.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything, between all my crazy new thoughts, mixed new fears and some old ones. Here Victoria was ready to kill me and Edward protecting me, but she had someone else with her, a new, younger vampire. I don’t mean in the newborn vampire kind of way, I mean that as he looked about my age when he was turned. I instantly felt sorry for him. Sorry because I could tell, for some reason, he loved Victoria. I could tell by the way he looked at her, it was almost sick.

Words were being exchanged, but I could tell what they were, everything thought in my head was thumping along with the beat of my heart. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there like I always did. Weak and defenseless. I managed to somehow forget Seth was here, hopefully him and Edward can take these too without getting hurt.

I tried focusing on what they were saying, but it was just a lot of Edward reading what they were saying in their heads. Turns out Riley actually believed Victoria loved him and Edward was trying to convince him it wasn’t true, that she was using him. Poor riley looked confused and I felt sorry for him all over again. Victoria was plotting all different ways to attack, but Edward was always one step ahead. After a few moments of talking, talking that I still really couldn’t understand, the fighting had started. Edward fighting Victoria and Seth fighting Riley, while I just stood there panicking.

The fight was getting worse and there was a few times I thought Riley was going to get me, but Seth got him first. He was losing pieces of himself left and right. I couldn’t tell how the fight was going with Victoria and Edward; it was just a blur of movements I could barely see. And that blur reminded me of Jacob and I was suddenly worried about him again, wishing I could be down there instead of here. Once again wishing I would have taken Jasper’s advice to stand in the clearing. Then it wouldn’t have been two on two with the target off to the side, alone.

While I was caught up in wondering if Jacob and everyone else was still ok, the fight here ended. Seth had backed Riley up into the trees and Victoria’s head was on the ground, rolling like a ball of fire. I looked up and seen that Edward was still ok, and with one last horrible sound, I realized that Seth was ok too. And as I thought that he came trotting out of the woods with parts of Riley in his mouth. Ew.

Edward started a fire and they both started putting the pieces of vampire in. In that moment, while they were smiling and proud, my stomach turned into one giant knot and I knew something was wrong. Somewhere farther from here, someone was hurt and I knew exactly who it was. And the look on Edwards face just confirmed it.

Without thinking I took off into the trees, running faster than I have ever ran before. I saw that Edward noticed too his eyes wide, but he didn’t come after me or try and stop me. In just a couple of minutes I had cleared the entire distance between the campsite and the clearing and came to an abrupt stop. I noticed a couple of people crowded around a body lying on the ground. My heart shattered into a million pieces.

I closed the distance between me and Jacob and collapse onto the ground beside him, holding my head in my hands, tears spilling out uncontrollably. I hear the faint words behind me of someone telling me he’s going to be ok, but that does nothing. Just knowing he is that badly hurt, I couldn’t bear it. I bent over him and kissed him gently on the forehead and said, “I love you. Please don’t leave me.” It came out only a whisper, but I knew everyone had heard me.

After the pack had carried him away and Carlisle had went with them to help, I stood there feeling worse than I had ever felt. Alice came over and grabbed my hand and hugged me. I knew she would be mad at me later, but right now she really was my best friend. I felt horrible for everything.


After I had gone back to the Cullen house with Alice I couldn’t wait to get to get home so I could go see Jacob. This pain in my chest only gets worse and the only person who has ever been able to help that hurt was the one causing it. I was so confused by everything and so focused on Jacob that I had forgotten that I had ignored Edward and he didn’t come home with the rest of them. I wasn’t as worried as I should have been.

A little while later we were in the bathroom. I was getting ready to go home and Alice was doing my hair as she loved to do. I looked up at her when it was too silent and she was glaring at me. I had no idea why until I realized she had been talking to me and I wasn’t listening.

“Sorry Alice.” I said.

“What’s up with you Bella?” she asked.

That caught me off guard a little bit, because I really had no idea. “I don’t really know.” I told her honestly, but she didn’t believe me.

Suddenly I had a thought to ask her something, but I was sure she would get mad. I asked her anyways. “Alice, can you see what my future will be like?”

“You know I only see what you have already decided to do Bella, and that can always change.” She said.

“Yeah, I know. I meant like right now, when you see me… What do you see?” I asked.