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Almost Impossible

When Bella and Jacob kiss right before the fight with the newborns, something in her changes and she has no idea what it means. Something happens that no one thought was possible. Part of the Legends had gone untold and Bella’s life is changed forever.

Disclaimer: All these Characters are owned by Stephanie Meyer, not me.

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Once I got home and was in bed, I laid there for a while thinking before I had fallen asleep. I thought about everything that had happened, starting with the kiss. I thought about how Edward had went to get Jacob for me after what he heard us talking about, our engagement. I felt horrible again, but then I thought about the kiss itself and the warmth. I felt all those feelings all over again and I tried to define it, but I couldn’t. I had no idea what it could mean and maybe it meant nothing. Maybe it was just finally becoming clear to me; though it wasn’t clear at all. Except for Jacob.

I started thinking about Jacob’s injuries. Once we had gotten home, Charlie explained everything to me, I didn’t want to ask Jacob, I didn’t think he wanted to think about it. Charlie told me that almost every bone in one side of Jacob’s body was crushed and Carlisle had to do a lot to help him heal better. There was probably more to that, but nothing they would have actually told him. I think that was why I was ok hearing it from my dad, he had the easy side of the story and it was probably much, much worse. I felt every bone in my body ache at the descriptions. I almost laughed when he told me what they told him caused the injuries, but I didn’t. Now I knew he would never want me near a motorcycle.

Thinking about this lead me to thinking about other things I was putting off. I thought about how fast I had run to get to Jacob. It was nowhere near being a normal human speed, but maybe it was the adrenaline, or the worry itself. I also wondered why Edward had just stood there and let me go. Was he letting me go because he knew what happened? Was he mad? Hurt? Confused? And what about Edward? What am I going to do about him?

I was actually a little surprised that Edward didn’t pop up in my room once I had gotten home. I was almost sure he would save that conversation for now, to ask me why I did what I did. I wasn’t sure if I should feel sad about that or not, but I wasn’t. I was relived at having more time to think about it. I was however a little worried about where Edward had gone off too and wondered if he was home now. After that I finally fell asleep.

Soon as my eyes closed I started having what was one of the weirdest dreams I think I have ever had.

The fight with the newborns was about to start and we were all just standing there, Edward, Jacob, and I. The three of us facing each other, not saying anything. It skipped over to the part where poor Riley was being torn to pieces by Seth and Edward was fighting Victoria. Fighting for my life and risking his. At that moment the image of the kiss with Jacob flashed and I started crying, thinking about how I had betrayed Edward. I felt horribly guilty, I felt it like a throbbing pain throughout my body.

I didn’t talk or do anything except cry. Suddenly, at the end, Seth let out a howl of pain, a way of letting us know something had gone horribly wrong somewhere farther from here. Before words were even spoken, I took off running towards Jacob, like I had really done, and found him lying unmoving on the ground, more visibly broken then when it had actually happened.

Edward had followed me back and was standing behind me when I whispered to Jacob that I loved him. It wasn’t until after Jacob was being carried away that I saw him standing there. A single tear rolled down my cheek when I saw the look on his face and I mouthed the words “I’m sorry.” He growled at me, hands in fists and I took a step backwards. He followed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Emmet and Jasper running over as they tried to catch Edward before he got to me. They weren’t fast enough since Edward already knew what they were planning to do. Edward pushed me backwards farther, pinning me to a tree with one hand, the other holding my face too tightly to make me look at him. His eyes were deep pools of darkness and were truly terrifying. All he said was “Why?” and that one word was so cold, it chilled me to the bone.


When I woke up the next morning, the sun was barely even showing. I thought about my dream and started crying. I wondered if Edward would really have done something like that if he wasn’t such a good guy, or vampire. I was crying so much now that my vision was completely blurred. I got up and started to head down to the kitchen to use the phone, but I caught myself in the doorway. I knew that after what I had done to Edward the least I could do now was leave him alone, at least until I knew exactly what to tell him. I had to leave him and the rest of the Cullens alone. After all, I had betrayed them all.

I slowly walked back over to my bed and plopped down, holding my head in my hands. I cried just a bit more when I started wondering how I could do that to such wonderful people. How could I just turn and run and never go back to the very people I had once considered my family? The family that I had wanted to join, the family of vampires who risked their existence, more than once, to save my life from other vampires. I felt even worse and crawled back into bed to try and sleep a little bit more.