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Her New Life

Christine moves to Forks after 1 1/2 years of pain after her best friend died. What she finds in Forks will change her life forever. I PUT CHAPTER 11 AT THE END OF CHAPTER 10.

This is my first story so hopefully you like it. It doesn't have any Twilight characters, just vampires and it references Twilight.

5. Chapter 5

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I woke up that morning with a splitting headache. It must be from hitting my head on the ground last night. I rolled out of bed, falling on the ground.

“Ouch!” I groaned when my head landed on my shoe. “At least I know where my shoes are.” I slowly got to my feet and dragged myself downstairs. After I started the coffee I got out a bowl and some cereal. As I ate breakfast, I tried not to think about anything. I turned on the radio really loud, but not loud enough to wake the neighbors, and I tried to get lost in the music.

When I looked at the clock I realized I was going to be late. I got my shoes on, poured the coffee into a travel mug, and rushed out the door. I finally remembered that I didn’t have my car when I saw a Jeep Wrangler in the driveway. I rushed into the passenger’s seat; almost spilling my coffee in the process.

“What took you so long?” Christopher asked with an amused look on his face.

“Sorry, I lost track of time.”

“That’s ok, I’ll just explain to your first teacher that you were almost hit by a car last night and so you weren’t feeling very well this morning.”

“No!” I exclaimed, “I don’t want people to know I was almost killed last night.”

“Really? Well, people will notice something is wrong. You look extremely tired and pale.”

“Paler than you?” I asked, starting to get a little annoyed.

“Well no, but no one is paler than me. Seriously though, you don’t look so good. I think you should stay home.” He actually looked really concerned. Last time I had seen a guy that concerned about me was when Chris was alive…or around.

“That would go over well, my third day and I’m not at school. Besides, only my teachers will notice something’s wrong.” I’d be able to survive six hours, “You are the only person at school who has talked to me.” I added bitterly.

“That’s probably just because people are in awe of you.”

“What the heck does that mean?” He was really starting to bug me.

“Wow! You are really grumpy this morning.” He said with a smirk on his face, “You came from a big city and so everyone is curious about you, but they are too scared that you won’t like them. So they just ignore you. Someone will end up talking to you eventually.”

“What can you read minds or something?”

“No, I just understand people very well.”

“Of course you do,” I muttered thinking about Twilight again.

“Shouldn’t you be nicer to me? I mean I did save your life last night and I gave you a ride to school.” It wasn’t until he said that that I realized we were sitting in the school parking lot already.

“I’m sorry. I just have a huge headache and I didn’t sleep well.” I responded as I got out of the car and headed to my first class. Christopher caught up easily, which I wasn’t surprised about at all.

“Really, why is that?” He asked with a look of pure innocence and confusion on his face.

“Oh I don’t know. It might be because of a certain incident last night in Port Angeles where I hit my head on the ground really hard. Plus I couldn’t help but wonder all night why you were there at just the right time; it’s a bit too much of a coincidence if you ask me.”

“Huh, well I don’t know what to say. I really did just happen to be there at the right time.”

“Sure,” I responded knowing that he wouldn’t admit to anything, “How did you manage to get both of us out of the way of the car in time? It wasn’t that far away from me and so you would have had to run very fast, inhumanly fast, to get out of the way yourself.”

“I think that you are imagining things. After that accident you bumped your head a little too hard. You just misjudged the distance.” His face had become stone, no emotion on it at all, except for a trace of worry in his eyes that few people would notice.

“Whatever, I’m too tired to get into this today. But I’m not done talking to you about this; I’m going to drag the truth from you because I know you are hiding something, Christopher.” After I said that I walked away, or at least tried to. Before I got more than a step away Christopher had grabbed my arm and pulled me back, making me face him.

“What do you mean? Why would you think I am hiding anything?”

“Please, Christopher. I’m not a dumb person. I can usually tell when someone is lying to me or hiding something from me. I know you’re lying to me and I have a pretty good idea what it is. Now excuse me, I would rather not be late to class again.” I pulled my arm out of his grasp and walked off. When I got to class I saw that he was right behind me. “Why are you following me?” I asked kind of harshly.

“What do you mean? This is my class.” He replied amused.

“Oh, I didn’t realize that.” Then I opened the door and went and sat down. As Christopher came inside I saw that the only open seat was next to me since we had just changed seats yesterday.

“Well, that’s a coincidence.” He muttered to himself. I decided to just ignore him and I pulled out my book.

When I got to my second period I found out that Christopher was in that class also. The same thing happened in my third period. I couldn’t believe that he was in those classes and I hadn’t even realized it. Then lunch came. I went to one of the tables outside and started to eat my lunch. After a couple minutes I saw Christopher heading over to me.

“I think that we should talk.” He said as he sat down at my table. “What do you think I’m hiding?”

“I think that you are a vampire,” I responded, looking directly at his face to see his reaction.