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Wishes, Kisses, and Werewolves

A short, sweet poem about Bella's feelings torward Jacob in New Moon.

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1. Wishes, Kisses, and Werewolves

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How should I feel?

Should I love you?

Should I let my heart,

Risk the chance,

Of being broken?

But isn't that,

What love is all about?


You lose,

And have a broken heart.

And sometimes,

You have the greatest time of your life,

When you are with that person.

The butterflies in your stomach,

The slight widening of your eyes,

The quickly looking away.

The sting when you are apart.

The spark when you touch them.

The tears of joy when you kiss them,

For the first time.

But if you never take a risk,

You can't fall.

But if you never take the risk,

True love,

Will pass you by.