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Sudden infatuation

True love is instant, undeniable. A stranger, at a gas station. A beautiful girl, her husband, on their way to their honeymoon. it was fate. ONESHOT!

For all those who read my other stories, yes i did say no more updates for two weeks. However! i am writing this from another computer. I cannot write my long stories on this computer because all my documents are on my regular computer. My long story writing will resume, next thursday at the latest (i have orthodontist appointments and am only free that thursday but i will try to start writing sooner)

1. Chapter 1

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I gazed deeply into my cup of coffee. I suppose I really should head home, well, I should have left three hours ago but I just couldn’t face it. Not my wife, waiting expectantly for me or my two children crying all night. So instead, I ordered myself another coffee and sat in the gas station café. I hadn’t bothered to drive into town. The automatic doors slid open and the cool night air penetrated my warm, smoky corner. I glanced up from my Styrofoam cup. Standing near the door was the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen. She was beautiful, with long, gently curling brown hair with a touch of red in it. The outfit she was wearing emphasised her delicate, curving body as she walked further in. she wasn’t wearing a coat and the chill air made her shiver. A coat was suddenly draped around her and I noticed a man had materialized behind her. He was muscular and had golden eyes. She blushed, making her cheeks look like roses on smooth cream satin. She looked at the man and smiled. My heart sank. A girl that beautiful wouldn’t ever notice someone like me. Oh, what I wouldn’t give. Just to talk to her for a few minutes.

“Edward, can I go and grab a drink while you pay for the gas?” my heart leapt. Had she seen me? Did she want to talk to me? No. Of course not.

“Are you cold?” he asked, his voice filled with concern. As much as I hated this handsome stranger because she loved him, I was glad that he cared for her. The care saturated his voice, it was so strong.

“A bit” she admitted with a tone of reluctance. He handed her some cash and she smiled and walked towards the café. She bought a coffee and sat at a nearby table. I couldn’t help myself from staring at her. She looked up and I had to look away quickly or risk looking like a moron. Too late. She saw me looking and a slow blush formed on her cheeks. When I glanced back she was looking around, slightly anxiously. She got up. Oh God, was she coming over here?

“Bella. I’m ready”

“Great. I can’t wait to start my honeymoon properly. Just give me a minute to finish my drink. I’ll meet you in the car” Honeymoon? She was married! I felt my heart crashing inside me. If only I could talk to her. I got up and started, cautiously, walking towards her. The man shot me a furious look as he headed past. I ignored him. I even thought I actually heard him growl at me! I was about a foot away when my stupid, stinking phone went off, shrieking in an annoying high-pitched tone at me. I looked down. Oh God! It was Helen. Anyone else and I’d ignore them; continue on towards this beautiful girl. But if I ignored Helen, she’d keep ringing me until I answered. Then when I eventually answered, she’d spend half an hour complaining that I kept her waiting. So I answered.

“Where are you? I’ve been calling and calling” my wife, queen of exaggeration. I tuned out, only speaking when the occasional ‘sorry’ was required. She eventually shut up. I assured her I’d be home in ten minutes. Anything to get her to go away. I had to talk to that girl. I had too. I hung up.

Too late. Too late had I hung up. Too long had I waited to talk to her. She was gone. I dashed to the automatic doors and as they slid open, a sleek silver car pulled out of the gas station. The interior was lit and I could see the man, a hand on her shoulder, driving away. As they left I could have sworn she smiled at me. Then she was gone, snatched up by the highway. As she left, my heart left too, crumpled into pieces.