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The Thrill of Cliff diving

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! This is another Jacob and Leah fanfic. jacob receives news about his imprint. but his only way to relieve himself of the pain and confusion is to...



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As i reminisced about the consequences of being an imprinter of the enemy, i heard and smelt the surroundings of the other wolf. They never thought of anything but the colours and the occasional smells that were surrounding us. They never thought anything. Therefore, i continued to think about my consequences. Then an unexpected image of my imprint and the other of her kind was thrown into my mind, it was burnt onto every cell of my brain. Once it was contracted, the wolf thought once again about their surroundings. I had a look at the picture; she was sitting on the couch with his arm draped around her shoulders, she had an expression that only a girly girl could pass off. She had love and compassion plastered on her face, she was looking at him with close proximity. He looked back with a much higher expression of love and adoration. The more i looked at the picture, the less i felt the ties holding me to her. The less protective i felt of the little girl and her friend. I could feel sarcasm seeping through my thoughts. The pain that would never be held together with more than pure hatred. She was just like her mother. She never took anybody else’s feelings or thoughts into consideration. The wounds her mother left were now also the wounds she left, for exactly the same reasons. Someone else. As i thought about the spiteful pair, the wolf that was at the back of my mind was getting the entire backlash for it.

Seth, i am sorry you are out with me right now. I did not know i was going to react like this. I knew Renesmee was with her little friend and she was close but i never estimated that close. I am truly sorry. I thought at Seth. Poor guy, he has enough of his sister always being upset. Leah has been upset for the past year- well since their father passed away, due to a heart attack. Leah feels personally responsible because he was holding her hand and she had just told him that she was one of the Quileute tribe.

Rest in Peace, Harry Clearwater.

Jacob, i did not mean to show you that picture it slipped out my mind as i listened to you think about the consequences of the imprint. I really did not mean for this to happen. He sounded extremely disappointed in himself.

Please do not beat yourself up about it Seth. I would rather know now rather than later, when i see it myself and lose my temper. What is the worst that could happen now? I stay wolf? I tried to joke with the kid, but he was not in the right frame of mind for any jokes.

Ok. Do you want to get off now, i will do one more lap around and then Embry and Leah will take it from then on. He thought in an indifferent tone. I did need to have a break; my legs were going into fatigue, and fast.

Seth, if you don’t mind as my legs are aching badly. I could feel my legs getting heavier and heavier the more i thought about it.

Ok cool, just give me a minute while i run one more, you could hear the relief flooding through his thoughts, Jacob are you all right?

This question was one i did not want to answer, because i was not in the right frame to answer without hurting Seth.

Please? What do you think? I am less than suicidal if that could happen? I guess he asked for the truth.

Jacob? What are you talking about less than suicidal? This was not Seth; it just had to be Embry. My –forever- friend along with Quil. He has always been curious about the imprinting phase.

Embry you have come at the wrong time, i thought at his confused mind.

Well, do care to go back to the beginning? Because i want to know what is up with my best mate... you have to give him his due, he will not rest until his friends are ok. He has a very protective side that will come more apparent whilst he is listening to the pain etc that a friend is going through. To back up my evidence, when his mother found it difficult at first- not knowing about his transformation- Embry went to great lengths to try and comfort his mother by saying things like, “Mom, i am not going to die,” and “please trust me, if i could tell you i would but it is prohibited to let anyone else know. I am so sorry.” He did his best to get permission from the elders to spill the beans to his mom, she is now much more understanding.

Embry, i have just found out that my imprint is... two timing... i guess? Oh and before you say anything, Seth has evidence. He saw her with the other half-breed they are that close that makes me want to puke. Embry had gone silent as he listened to his ‘best mate’ moan and complain. He always was very caring, it freaked me out sometimes but right now, i needed it more than ever.

Dude... i am so sorry you have to go through with this. She was never going to understand. I think this may not help but i am going to say it anyway; when she was introduced to nahuley? Her eyes lit up like yours did when you saw Leah naked for the first time. Do you remember that time? HA, HA you went like crimson when she caught you. He was right that didn’t help but it did make me laugh at the time with Leah, she couldn’t wait to wedge her fist between my eyes, she was literally fuming as the guys were doubling in laughter and i was cringing with embarrassment.

Not again, Jacob. I would accept you looking if you were in a relationship with me. So you aren’t STOP IT! Hey, it was Leah.

Hey Leah. No, i haven’t seen or thought about you in your most vulnerable state. Embry was trying to cheer me up because i have just found out that the brat of an imprint i have is two timing! Leah she is feckin’ THREE years old!

HA HA HA HA! I knew only something like that would happen to you Jacob. She thought that was hilarious. She never was much like the rest of us. Caring. I decided it was time for me to phase and go sleep.

Leah, i am glad i could be the source of amusement for you, anyway you are in charge now, i am going to sleep. I involuntarily yawned as to back up my statement. I could see and feel what all the guys were feeling on the pads of their paws and the random thoughts they were thinking about.

Ok Alfie, see you in two hours. She thought back at me as she ran the west side of the track.

Why? What is happening in two hours? Oh my god, does my day have to continue?

Jacob, we are going to Emily and Sam’s wedding barbeque. Don’t you remember me throwing a fit and a killer glare at Sam? She always did have a way in expressing her thoughts through actions. If thoughts could punch, we would all be flat on our backs, thanks to glares that Leah sends you.

Lee, could you come round before you go- like wake me up? I thought at her. She knew how to wake me. The last time, we had to go to a meeting and she came round to throw a bucket of iced water over me and my bed. The time before that she stuck my hand in a bucket of hot water. While I nursed my hand, she was doubling over with laughter. Now that i think about it, it was funny.

Yeah, sure. See you at 10. She thought indifferently. With that, i jumped and phased. My mind felt empty but also too full. I thought about the way my head can change dramatically as i pulled on my khaki knee-length shorts and my black y-slips on. I noticed a small dress and flip-flops lying in a heap next to mine. It reminded me of the time i first saw her in that dress. My jaw merely dropped out of shock. I remember her coming over to me and pushing it back up, “you will catch just the amount of flies using a trap rather than your mouth, boy.” She gave me a smile i will never forget. As i thought about Leah and Embry’s 18th i ran home. My dad was nowhere to be seen, so i went straight to the sofa and collapsed. I fell into a deep sleep quickly. I dreamt of my childhood love. I dreamt of what went wrong. My eyes shot open, as i felt my hand being licked by an animal. I jumped up and away from it. Once my eyes focused, i noticed the animal was a wolf and it had a white coat; it could only be Leah.

“Leah, my dad is going to kill me if he finds out that an animal has been in here!” i said, showing her out. The wolf whines, and then walks out the back door. I had to shoo her out because my dad has such a sensitive nose, he could detect a wolf six miles away. He has even proven he can. Two minutes later, the human Leah walks in with a big, smug smile on her face.

“Record time, Jake.” She says, while she makes her way to the sofa and switches the T.V. on.

“What record time?” i asked, confused. I hadn’t noticed but i was still standing at the entrance to the living room. She looks up at me and pats the seat next to her.

“Record time in waking up, it only took you five minutes to even show you felt me licking you,” She explained, whilst watching the movie on the T.V. i recognised it as Dirty Dancing. “You can’t sit here, go get ready!” she says shoving me away. I hadn’t realised but i had sat down, engrossed myself in the T.V. and put my arm around Leah. She didn’t move it until she looked at the clock on the wall.

“Fine! Fine!” i said, heaving myself from the sofa, i trudged up the stairs into my bedroom. I picked out a plain white t-shirt and jeans with my black Y- slip shoes, and then put on a dark grey zip up fleece. I walked back down the stairs and saw Leah on the sofa.

“Leah, are you ready to go now?” I asked her leaning against the back of the sofa, looking down on her. She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back at her waiting for a comment of some sort to be fired back. She got up off the sofa and walked around to stand next me. She slipped her hand in mine and made her way to the door. I looked her up and down to actually notice she was wearing a pink candy doll dress that was mid thigh and a light pink cotton stretch cardigan covering her shoulders with little pink pump shoes that had a dainty heel. She looked really pretty, when she turned to look at me i noticed she had a chain around her her neck with the charm of a wolf paw print; her father gave it to her before he died.

“Are you sure you want to go to this? You don’t look that great. Not to be offensive.” She asked as we walked down towards the beach, i hadn’t thought about it since she came round, but actually, i have seemed to forget that i even had a friend who was a vampire never mind having an imprint that was the half-breed. Leah was like that cure for me; to forget everything but her and me. Oh, how much do i love her now?

“Jacob? Do you want to go to the beach or Sam?” she sounded impatient now. I think the beach is the best place right now.

“Oh, beach definitely!” I say before she can get any more impatient. We head towards the beach and the cliffs.

Once we reached the cliffs, we sat on the edge of the highest point and looked over across La Push. I watched as the sun went down and the sky turned the beautiful red then orange to the inky black. Leah’s head was resting against my arm, i swear she fell asleep. Now i was sure to be the right time for the thing i thought of this morning while i patrolled alone; cliff diving. I stripped to my boxers and t- shirt after i lay Leah down further on the more secure ground. I laid her head on my fleece.