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The Thrill of Cliff diving

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! This is another Jacob and Leah fanfic. jacob receives news about his imprint. but his only way to relieve himself of the pain and confusion is to...


3. It is just a crush! please don't hate me!

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“Leah, it is just a crush! Please don’t hate me.” I begged her, i didn’t want anything to change, i needed her; she was my cure.

“I will never hate you Jacob Black. The worst that could happen is that i feel the same.” She said, clasping her cold, petite hand around my left cheek. I looked into her eyes and saw what i wanted for the past thirteen years of my short life. Love and admiration, “come here, you big doughnut.” She pulled my face to meet hers; she welded her lips to mine and gave me the kiss i was waiting for so long. I wrapped my arms around her waist; i could hear her muffled giggle as i lifted her off her feet. She broke away, and looked at me with a more dazed expression, “Jacob Black, i will love you for the rest of my life. Thank you.” She gave me another series of pecks before i could say anything.

“Leah, i will love you no matter what. You are beautiful!” i said once she had stopped. Her face gave me the satisfaction i was missing. I put her down, and she pulled me over to the sofa next to Embry. We sat down and she snuggled in to me, as we watched a show Embry had put on.

“Well, congrats. I am glad for you two. I will leave you now. Look after her Jake, she meant what she said. See you around, dude.” Embry said once his show had finished, half an hour later. Leah had fallen asleep on me again and i was on the brink of sleep when i heard Embry begin to talk.

“Thank you so much Embry, for being the friend i needed. Thanks a lot.” I say as he walks past, the coffee table.

“Jacob, no need to thank me. I wouldn’t be the friend if i didn’t do anything about It.” he knocked his knuckles against mine as he exited the house. Now it was just Leah and i in the house. I remembered Dad saying he was going to stay with Charlie for two weeks. I looked at the clock above the T.V. it said midnight- no wonder i was half-dead. I decided to put everything off and take Leah through to my bed.

I lay her on the opposite side of the Double bed. She made no noise. I got changed into a pair of plaid pyjama bottoms and then climbed in next to her, instead of falling asleep; i leant on my elbow and watched her sleep. She had the most peaceful expression on her face, not even an angel could pull it off. She would occasionally smile then my name would follow every time. She felt around the bed looking for something, so i put my arm in her way; that was what she was looking for because she pulled herself closer to me. I eventually fell asleep, cuddled in next to her; it felt amazing, finally having her next to me for real. I didn’t dream of anything other than Leah, i saw her at the beach, she was playing with a young girl, that looked identical to her, she had the same beautiful raven black hair that flowed flawless in the wind, she had the same skin colour that also let off the same sort of glow. When the girl turned around, she had a grin from one ear to the other. She looked to Leah, with the expression only a daughter could look at her mother with; love, admiration, guidance and trust. I then felt something playing with my hair, as my eyes fluttered. Leah and the little girl gradually disappeared, Leah was last to go, her smile got wider as she got further away. I woke up, to see her sitting next to me, leaning over me on one hand, while the other was playing with my hair.

“Morning.” She smiled the same smile in my dream, but this had a more deep meaning to it, more love. I smiled at her as she leant down and gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead. She smelt beautiful, of water but with the hint of coconut and lime which was more overpowering. Once she leant away, i noticed she had my boxers on and a pyjama t-shirt. She even made them look good. Her hair was also wet. I closed my eyes, and inhaled the strong scent of her. I could hear her giggle next to me.

“Leah? Have you had a shower?” i asked once i opened my eyes, and connected with her.

“Yeah, is that O.K.?” she asked, puzzled at my strange question,

“Of course it is. It just makes you smell so amazing. I don’t think i want you to move?” i explained, while she giggled at my explanation.

“Well, sorry. But i am starved so i have to go and get something to eat. Come on.” She says while climbing over me and pulling my arm with her as she walks towards the door. I sit up and get out of bed, instead of moving i pull her closer to me, into a hug. She wraps her arms around me tightly as i kiss her hair.

“Come on.” She says as she pulls away to stand behind me and pushed my back, towards the door. She had the strength of a child, even though she was also a wolf. I just laugh as she struggles. I turn and take her in a bridal style lift and walk through to the kitchen and place her on a seat at the table.

“What, would you like, babe?” i asked her, leaning on the breakfast counter. She made out she was thinking, by putting her finger to her chin and looking into space.

“Em? What are you having?” she eventually asked, looking at me. I was going to have a bacon butty.

“My very own Bacon Butty!” i said proudly, sticking out my bare chest. Of course, it was the only thing i could make in the morning other than a mess. Leah rose from her seat and came to stand behind me,

“Well, i’ll have one of them.” She said before she began planting little kisses across my shoulder blades and in between. It made my skin shiver, but pleasantly. She moved around to my front but continued the kisses. I looked down at her and smiled. She looked up with beautiful, big, brown eyes. She leaned away. But quickly resumed to her assault.

“Well, do you want a butty or what?” i asked her after she finished. She ran her hands down my back, with the softest touch.

“O.K.” She moved away, back to the table. I had to recover myself before i began to get all the stuff ready. As i had the bacon on and was buttering the rolls, the phone let out a shrilling ring at the highest pitch. It sounded out of place in the quietness of the kitchen and our breathing. I was about to turn and go answer it, but i then heard the noise stop and Leah answering with a hello.

She walked through with the phone in her hand against her ear as i set down the butties on the table. She sat down, next to me. Just as i was about to take a second bite, she handed the phone to me.

I cleared my mouth before i answered with,


“Jacob, is that you?” the voice sounded, frantic. It was so easy to say it just had to belong to my father.

“Hey, dad. What’s up? How is Charlie?” i didn’t give him any time to answer.

“Nothing much. Charlie is still asleep. Why did Leah answer the phone? Jacob it is half past nine in the morning on a Sunday?” he sounded less frantic. Now that he knew, he was talking to me.

“Leah... stayed over, last night. Dad we are kinda a thing now.” I said, looking at Leah, who was finishing her butty.

“Ok. Are you being safe?” just like my dad, always got to the point.

“Dad, please. It wasn’t like that. Ok?” i said hurried, hoping Leah, couldn’t hear the other side. She looked at me and smiled slyly. She stood up and put her dishes into the sink. I had to remind myself that my father was on the other end of the line, so i couldn’t say anything to inappropriate, but hell, did Leah look good in my pyjamas.

“OK, Jacob i trust you. Please just do be safe. OK?”

“Fine dad, i will. See you in two weeks. Love ya.” I was rushing him off the phone.

“OK. See you, son.” The phone went back to the buzzing noise. I hung up. I let out a sigh, when i felt Leah rubbing my shoulders, then running her hand down my front as she leant forward to kiss behind my ear.

“What did he say to you?” i asked her, as she continued to kiss the side of my face.

“Well, he started off with, asking if it was you, i said no. I told him it was me and he sounded shocked because he went oh! He then asked why i was here instead of telling him i said ask Jacob. That was when i passed the phone to you. What did he ask you? Because you went rather red towards the end.” I pulled her round onto my lap, she sat comfortably straddled, she began to play with the curls at the nape of my neck as she listened to me,

“Well he was frantic and asked if it was me, i said yeah, i asked him about Charlie, he is still asleep and dad is bored. He asked me why you answered the phone, because it was half past nine on a Sunday morning. I told him you stayed over, he jumped to conclusions asked if i was being safe...” we both laughed at him, “... i said it wasn’t like that, he made sure i knew he trusted me, and i rushed him off the phone with, ‘fine dad, i will. See you in two weeks, love ya.’“ We laughed at my dad.

“My dad would have been exactly the same with Seth. Honestly.”

“Right.” I said putting her back on the floor and getting up, “i am going to take a shower. Then we can go and get you clothes if you want?” i said as i put my plate and hers in the dishwasher.

“Ok. Clothes, d’ you mean to wear or bring over?” she asked. Of course, i meant both.

“Both.” I smiled as i crossed the room and stood in front of Leah, i leant down and kissed her, she wrapped her arms around my neck and i could feel her playing with the curls at the nape of my neck. I broke away for air. She let her arms drop and smiled at me.

“Ok, i will get back into the dress and wait for you.” She nodded as she walked over to get the keys for the back door; i noticed that her pink dress was hanging on the line outside the window.

“Ok, see you in ten.” I said as i walked through to my bedroom. I straightened out my covers and grabbed a fresh pile of clothes. I checked my phone, to see there was a text.

‘Jacob, Is lee at yours? She didn’t come home last night?’ It was of course from Seth. I quickly replied with a simple ‘yeah.’ Then went to put the shower on.

I got into the shower and let the hot water flow over me, it felt very comforting.

I walked out of the bathroom after ten minutes and put my PJs in the pamper. I walked through to the living room to see Leah sitting on the sofa, slumped watching the T.V. i think it was a replay of Friends, she was watching.

“Hey, are you ready?” i said as i sat down next to her and pulled her into a comforting embrace. She rested her hand on my stomach as she watched the T.V.

“Can we just finish watching friends, it has about five minutes?” she asked looking up at me.

“Sure. Oh, i got a text from Seth. Asking where you were. He asked if you were here, i just said yeah. Ok?” i remembered the text. She just nodded. I smiled as i watched Ross make a mess in a bathroom.