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The Thrill of Cliff diving

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! This is another Jacob and Leah fanfic. jacob receives news about his imprint. but his only way to relieve himself of the pain and confusion is to...


4. Chapter 4

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“Jacob, how long do i pack for?” I heard Leah shout from the bedroom,

“However long you like?” i answered, i was standing in the kitchen with a bottle of becks, staring out the window, watching the rain fall into the forest. I was thinking about what i was going to say to Bella, when i felt two hands slither around my sides. I turned to see Leah smiling the biggest smile i have ever seen on her face.

“Are you ok? You don’t look happy?” this put a dampener on her expression. I have always hated wiping smiles off people’s faces. I composed myself and smiled.

“Yeah, you are coming home with me tonight. I was just thinking about what i am going to say to Bella about her two timing, disgrace of a-“i was silenced, with Leah, forcing her lips on mine. I quickly followed by putting my hands on her waist.

Once she broke away, she rested her head on my chest, and tightened her arms around my waist.

“You can’t let her get to you, honey. She isn’t worth it.” She said into my chest reassuringly. She was completely right. I should not be so worked up over her. To think about it, i never really felt the emotions Sam felt for Emily when he told us about his imprinting. I may not have imprinted! Another thing for me to deal with. I am not going to worry about that right now, i am with Leah and Leah only.

“Right. Come on. Let’s get my stuff to yours. Then we can go to the beach and then the little restaurant up the road.” She said, standing away and going to collect her bag from the living room. I hadn’t noticed until now that she was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans with a pink v- neck vest top and wedges that were white with pink stripes. Those made her legs look longer in a way. She looked lovely. I poured my bottle of Becks down the drain and put the bottle in the bin. I met Leah at the front door, with her duffle bag. She locked up and we began to walk to my house. It took us all of five minutes at the max. She put her bag in my room while i waited outside, against the doorframe. She met me outside.

I took her hand and we wandered down to the beach. This time, i was her boyfriend, whereas last time i was her friend. We walked along the beach, hand in hand, and our shoes in the other. I focused on the sunset ahead of us, and the heat that was in my hand. I thought about my dream from last night, this was exactly the same place and time as my dream. But the difference was it was only Leah and i on the beach. I thought about the little girl that was playing with Leah, i was remembering the beauty of her and how much she resembled Leah in so many ways.

“Jacob? Please tell me what you are thinking?” i heard Leah asking me as she shielded her eyes from the sun.

“Just everything that has happened since that night.” I told her, i feel i have really been pushing her out, so now i am going to forget everything but her and i.

“Oh.” Was all she said, as if to back my thought of pushing her out.

“So. I am going to forget everything but you, babe. Me and You forever.” I told her wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her roughly on the lips, she quickly responded.

We laughed in unison as i raced her down to the water, as i got into it i could feel the heat circling my feet and calves, it was just the perfect temperature. We messed around with one another. I took her and dumped her into the water, but she grabbed my top and pulled me in with her, i swam down and caught her around the legs as i pushed through the surface i could hear her laughter fill the air of the silent beach. I pushed her off and she dived back into the water. We played around for about an hour. I caught hold of Leah and said we should head back, due to it getting dark. We walked out of the water, to find that only the moon shone in the sky. It looked beautiful, the sky was the ink blue like yesterday, but this time it was more beautiful than the eerie kind it was last night.

“Leah? Why don’t i make tea tonight too? Dad isn’t going to be home until two weeks at least.” I asked her as we stood and looked up at the moon; we were wrapped around one another. She kissed the side she was leaning on and said in the most tired voice,

“That would be lovely, honey. Thank you.”

“No problem,” i kissed her on the forehead before we turned to pick up our shoes and walked back to my house.

As i walked in to the house, i switched the lights on, and headed through to the kitchen, but Leah stopped me in the hall. She pushed me against the wall, and kissed me roughly. At first, i wondered what was up but i forgot about that thought as quickly as it came into my mind. I replied by running my hands up her side, her hands were against the wall next to my head, we broke apart, but she instantly went to my neck, she kissed up and down my pulse. As i revelled in this, she hungrily kissed every bit of flesh visible on my neck. I moaned her name. I could feel her hands playing with the hem of my t- shirt, thinking whether to take it off or leave it for another time. As she slowly stopped. She fell into me with her arms in a hugging position. We stood like this for a while until the doorbell rang. She looked up at me questionably but headed towards the door; i stopped her and said she should go into the living room, so i would answer it.

Once Leah was out of sight, i opened the door to reveal a furious Sam leaning against the porch post.

“What the hell are you playing at Jacob?” he shouted out, while he pushed past me to stand in my hallway. I closed the door and pivoted on the balls of my feet.

“One, hi Sam, two you don’t come in here and shout your odds and third what the hell are you talking about?” i stated my rules. As he stood there impatiently.

“You and Leah are a pair now? Yeah?” he said, pointing his finger at me. I just shrugged.

“And why do you care?” Leah spoke as she walked through to the hall and stood next to me. The acid in her tone leaked through thickly. She had the most disgusted look on her face. As she, looked Sam up and down.

“Leah. He will hurt you; like me. I still care for you Lee- lee. He has an imprint!” he stated the obvious as if it was shocking news.

“Well done capt’n Obvious, but i guess you didn’t hear that his ‘imprint’ did a you. She cheated. She is now just the enemy no longer the little imprint. News to you? You lost the right to caring about me and who i pull when you left me. I don’t want you knowing anything about my private life!” she spat the words at him, i just watched as he soaked it all in.

“I... didn’t know Jacob, i am really sorry to hear that. Leah please listen to me...” He stuttered, as his eyes reluctantly left Leah’s distressed face. That told him he was no longer welcome. She looked at him then spoke,

“Sam, if i have to listen to you, i have to give the time of day; i don’t have enough patience for that. I should really say sorry right now, but i really am not.” Leah took a step back, and wrapped her arms around me, she rested her head against my chest, and I rub her back. Sam watches the exchange with eyes as big as melons.

“I don’t want any sympathy; i didn’t even love her. She was just the strain that i tried to break free of since it happened.” As I explained, I was rather shocked by how I was able to say that and it was the truth. I felt Leah relax and soften by my words of truth.

“How... you ... so you moved onto Leah?” he finally spat out. Regaining his composure from before. The venom of his words was deep. However, not enough for me care.

“Well, Sam if you are not happy about it, then there is the door, go back through and never come back!” Leah shot at him. He took the advice and walked past me, bumping my shoulder.

“Oh, Sam. No i did not just ‘move on to Leah’ i have loved her since we were six. For your information, you got to her first, screwed up then i rescued her. Bye now.” I closed the door in his face. I turned to Leah, she looked at me,

“Is that all true?” She asked looking up at me, “the bit about since we were Six?” i just nodded my head,

“It was actually earlier than that, the day i started school was when i knew you were going to be my girlfriend.” I felt a twinge of heat flood to my cheeks. She laughed, as she kissed me.

“Well, another thing we have in common. Before i met Sam, i vowed to Seth- of all people, i know - i was going to be your girlfriend, someday soon. He has managed to keep it quiet.” She laughed at the memory, which made me smile.

“c’mon. Let’s go and watch a love film.” I say, putting my arm around her and guiding her to the living room, i fell on the sofa while Leah picked out the DVD. She picked out an old film, ‘Under the greenwood tree.’ A film my mom loved. Leah put it into the DVD player, pressed play then came and sprawled out next to me. She sat with her front on top of me while I was flat on my back. I was watching the T.V. screen when i felt her fingers running up and down my chest, when they suddenly came to a stop; i looked at her peaceful face to see she had fallen asleep. It was mid way through the film, so i decided it was time to stop it. I got up, put the disc back into the case, and placed it on top of the DVD player. I went around putting everything off at the plugs. When i came back to get Leah, she was still asleep but mumbling something softly, i caught the end of it, ‘... don’t talk crap, Sam. Get a life!’ That was my girl. She was dreaming about kicking Sam’s ass. I lifted her, took her through to my bed, and laid her down. She fell back into the deep sleep, she was in before. I got a pair of PJ bottoms and went through to the bathroom to clean up. As i changed, i thought of Leah and what she said today, ‘another thing we have in common,’ we had so much in common right now. I brushed my teeth, washed my face then picked up my clothes from the side of the bath, and put them in the pamper as i walked back to my room. I slipped into my bed, next to Leah and placed my arm around her. She subconsciously backed into me and sighed. She was happy so, i was too.

I dreamt once again about Leah, but this time we were small kids, no one else was there but her and me. She was walking and talking to me. We were talking about today. The day we were going to get married, the day she was going to have the kid she always wanted. I watched us as if i were an adult. I listened to what was being said. I then really watched them. They were playing in the sand, building a castle and the mote. They were not talking seriously, they were joking. But who knew that what they were saying was actually coming true and happening in a parallel universe, thirteen years later.

“Jacob?” i saw the little Leah look up at me, but her mouth wasn’t moving, in my dream i was turning around in circles but there was no one else but the three of us, “Jacob?” my eyes were tightening as the dream disappeared. I woke up, to see Leah sitting next to me; she was holding my hand and smiling.

“Love, it is something like midday. You might want to get up.” She said. I smiled at her, as i pushed myself up onto my elbows and kiss Leah. She really got into the kiss as she pushed me back onto the pillow. She broke free and blushed, i laughed as i stroked her face gently. She giggled.

“Ok, i will get up on one condition,” i decided, it was going to be a lazy day.

“What?” she looked sceptical at me.

“We can laze about the house.” I finished. She looked at me and laughed.

“Well, ok. As long as i can get changed into my sweats?”

“Well, that is the whole reason of a lazy day! Leah have you ever had a lazy day?” i asked her. She looked at the floor and shook her head with a guilty expression on her face. I gasped as a joke.

“Well, we can sort that!” i said as i rose from the bed and grabbed her around the waist to pull her back onto the bed. She laughed as i pulled her through the air. We both landed on the bed, she ducked her head underneath my arm and cuddled into my side, i let my hand flop onto her ribcage. We lay there for a long time. Before i realised it, the day had passed so quickly without me realising, i was woken when i heard my doorbell rang continuously. I got up and went to answer it, as i opened it; Seth was looking at me with a face like fizz.

“Hey, kid? What’s up?” his facial expression made him look upset, but his stance made him look ready to fight.

“Leah! She never came home last night again!” he fumed; i looked at him with wide eyes.

“Well, she has been staying here for the past couple of nights, and will be staying for the next too.” I explained his face suddenly released the tightness to reveal the soft Seth that we all knew.

“Thanks Jacob. You would think she had the decency to tell me?” he stated. Just then Leah came wandering through, rubbing her eye with her fist, she looked so cute.

“Did you not get the note i stuck to the fridge under the picture of dad and i?” she asked leaning against me.

“No?” he said with a frown.

“Oh, well you know where i am now.” She smiled. I gave him a smirk of understanding.

“Lee, please don’t be mean.” He said to her. She gave him a quick hug and an apology.