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The Thrill of Cliff diving

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! This is another Jacob and Leah fanfic. jacob receives news about his imprint. but his only way to relieve himself of the pain and confusion is to...


5. Chapter 5

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Leah and I decided today we were going to hold a Packs meeting at my house, in the afternoon so we had the morning to get prepared. We decided to take a trip down to the Plaza, which consisted of a handful of tiny shops that held the bear minimal. Like groceries, hairdressing, obvious things.

Leah drove up at the grocery shop. So i decided to go into the ‘spare parts’ shop, since i had a project going underway in my garage, and i needed a few extra things. As we parted to go to the shops, i saw Embry at the flower shop counter with a bouquet big enough to fill a small room. He was gathering the flowers up when i met him.

“Hey, dude. What you doin’ in here?” i asked him once he saw me, entering the shop. I decided i was actually going to buy eight red roses for Leah, because her birthday is on the 8th of October. As I collected them, Embry followed me and explained why he had a bunch that could cover La Push beach.

“Well Jacob, since you were with Leah, i felt alone so i went to the beach and saw this girl, Jacob she is perfect; everything about her, she pretty much was the Leah for you- for me.” I looked at him with one eyebrow cocked slightly, as i paid for the roses. “That still doesn’t explain the flowers?” i said to him as i passed the dollars to the girl behind the counter; she smiled at me as she passed the change back.

“Well, she is coming over tonight, and i wanted to give her something.” He raised the flowers to enhance his point. I just laughed.

“What?” he asked, then letting a smile toy with his lips as we walked over to the spare parts shop.

“So instead of getting her chocolates or something, you got her half of the forest flowers?” i asked between fits of laughter. He looked down in shame and whimpered a yeah noise. I had my final laugh as i got to work quickly remembering parts of the car i needed. I had a quick rummage around all the shelves with Embry holding my roses. I found few pieces i needed. I decided that was enough for now. I took them to the dude behind the counter, i handed the money to him. He handed the bag, change to me, and wished my father well. I walked out of the shop with Embry behind me; i took the roses off him and saw Leah standing at the pole outside the shop, she had two bags at her feet. I watched her smile at me. I finally heard the constant clicking in my ears; i came back down to earth to see Embry waving his hand in front of me, and saying my name.

“Jacob, hey dude. It has been a week. You are still in a trance with her. Jeez what does she do to you?” He asked the floor as he moved a stone with his foot.

“Em? Shut the hell up!” i answered by the time we reached Leah. She leaned away from the pole and walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my waist to lean up and capture my lips in a missed, warm, gentle and tender kiss that i craved. I enjoyed it too much that i forgot that Embry was standing next to us. I wrapped my arms around her back and held her closer to me.

“Is this why you brought me over; to give me lessons on snogging the face of my girl?” i could hear Embry mutter as he shifted from one foot to the other. I laughed into the kiss but then pulled back to laugh more at Embry, Leah looked between Embry and i,

“Care to explain?” she raised her eyebrow. I thought she looked sweet when she did that. I never let go of her, when i looked her in the eyes and passed her the eight red roses. Her face lit up with the biggest smile possible. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek when i began,

“I met Embry in the flower shop, when i got you them...” i pointed to the flowers she was looking at, “... i then asked him why he had half the forest flowers in his hand. He then explained that he has a girl coming tonight. He didn’t know what to get her so he got her them. Aren’t they lovely lee?” i asked sarcastically. She laughed and nodded.

“She will be very lucky to go back with enough flowers to cover my front garden.” She laughed; Embry sulked. I picked up the bags at Leah’s feet and headed for the car, with Leah holding one hand, she was looking at the flowers when she asked me,

“Did you get me eight because my birthday is the eighth?” she looked up at me with the cutest angel face. I smiled proudly and nodded my head once. She just giggled as we continued to walk to the car. Embry walked up behind us,

“So, lee. Is he good?” so Embry! She turned around with a face of shock. I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath.

Do not rise to it. Do not rise to it’ i chanted repeatedly at myself. I managed to take control and listen to Leah’s answer, which was less pleasant.

“Why on hells earth do you care, call? You want to try him?” Why? I blocked everything out as soon as i heard Embry answer with,

“Well...” not the best to mess with his alpha or he will be doing double shifts.

We finally made it to the car after what seemed a yearlong trek. I loaded the bags onto the back seat, as Leah gave Embry some last words of encouragement that were not too encouraging; in fact, it might make him want to die. I said bye to him and got in to the car.

When we arrived at the house, i helped Leah into the house with the bags. We took them into the kitchen and we began to unpack them. As i unloaded the burgers and beer to put them into the fridge, i felt Leah run her hand down my back, leaving shivers in place of the trail, i turned on my heel and grabbed her into a tight embrace, i looked into her eyes and saw her properly. She had the look of love and care playing around in the black middles. I caught her lips with mine, i moved with her as she pushed her arms up and around my neck. We moved together as if we were dancing. We reluctantly broke apart for the essential air that she took from me, but i moved to her neck and kissed up and down every bit of skin. I rubbed up and down her back, keeping her close to me. I could hear her sing a familiar song that i recognised,

“No matter what I do, all I think about is you, even when I’m with my Boo; you know I’m crazy over you.”

I smiled into her neck as i continued kissing her, i moved my hands so they cradled her back, i kissed down to her collarbone and back up. I moved back up to her lips, and continued what we had. I could hear her continuing her song but humming the tune. I broke away from her to see her eyes open lightly and her smile.

“You don’t know what you mean to me.” I smiled at her as she wrapped herself around me, into a hug. She felt so perfect around me so i held her there.


He pulled me into a tight embrace after i ran my fingers up and down his spine; i looked into his eyes and saw what he really meant to me. I could see him and me in fifty years time on the beach in the same position. I was going to be with this guy for the rest of my life. I forgot about everything but him when he caught my lips and danced with me. I pulled my arms free and put them around his neck concentrating on his touch. We broke apart and he moved to my neck, i instantly thought of a song that explained everything about me and how i felt,

“No matter what I do, all I think about is you, even when I’m with my Boo; you know I’m crazy over you.”

I could feel Jacob smile against my neck as i sang the lines. I thought about him, as he moved his arms so they cradled my back and moved his lips down to my collarbone he kissed along it then came back up to my lips, i didn’t stop the song once his lips were back on mine, i hummed the tune. He released my lips to look at me. I opened my eyes slowly with a smile across my face. I looked at him and his smile could light up half of La Push. He was so happy; he had love dancing in his eyes.

“You don’t know what you mean to me.” I say as i remember the most important line of the song. I wrap my arms around his waist and hold him tight enough i can feel his touch everywhere. Even though he was just wearing a t- shirt, his temperature is too hot. But i liked it. I could feel his arms tightening around me as his rested on my head.


“Guys, we have some news; you might already know but we want to make it official...,” i said, as i stood in front of five oversized guys, that all had beers in their hands except Seth, who had a soda. Everyone was looking at Leah and I. We made no love contact, so they couldn’t make any assumptions, as i was going to confirm our relationship i felt Leah’s hand slip into mine, everyone’s eyes slipped to the contact and a smile appeared over all of their faces except Sam’s.

“... We are dating.” I said, as i looked at her face, that had a beautiful smile on it. She smiled even wider when i said the words. The room erupted in to cheers and a chant that i didn’t understand until i felt Seth’s hand push my back into Leah, ‘Kiss her, kiss her!’ She laughed as i caught her lips in a kiss. The room was filled with big cheers and hooting. I hadn’t noticed but i had my hands on her waist and hers on my face. When we broke apart, i caught eyes with Quil who, i thought had the biggest smile on his face as he took a swig of his beer.

We sat down and everyone congratulated us. I had a few slaps on the back and punches in the arm. Sam through the whole event sat forward with a frown permanently scratched into his face. Once the dust settled and everyone broke into their own conversations, i decided to go over to Sam.

“Sam, are you ok?” i asked as i took a sip of my beer. I looked at him; he looked lost in thought.

“Why?” was all he said, not even looking at me. I did not really have to think about that; it was simple; i have loved her since i knew the meaning of the word.

“Well, i have loved her since i was a kid. Sam i didn’t do this to get at you, i didn’t even think about you when i confessed to Embry; she wasn’t even there, she overheard.” I pretty much told him how it happened.

He looked up from the floor, “Do you really and truly love her? Would you die to protect her?” he asked in his dark voice.

“Yes, Sam i nearly did die for her. In the fight against Victoria.” I justified. He nodded his head, looking back to the ground.

“Jacob, i am sorry. I am happy for you both. I will learn.” He said as he rose from the seat. I looked up at him one last time as he walked over to Leah, he said something, she smiled, then he walked away. Leah came up in front of me and sat on my lap. She looked into my eyes and smiled, she could see something, what i didn’t know. She kissed me before speaking to me.

“What was Sam saying, because he came over and congratulated us.” She asked as her arms wrapped around my shoulders.

“I just told him, and he finally accepted what i said.” I said turning to look at her, she smiled and kissed my cheek.

The night passed without any flaw. The guys began going home about 10. The last to go was Quil and Paul. Quil still had his big grin on his face when he said congrats and bye, Paul had a smile bigger than i thought his lips could handle. They said goodnight and left. It suddenly went quiet, and i let go of a heavy sigh. Leah giggled while she wrapped her arms around my back. She kissed each shoulder blade and between them,

“You alright?” she asked me, running the tip of her nose lightly across my back, stopping randomly and planting a gentle kiss there.

“Yeah, just really tired.” I said, letting my head fall back and my eyes close. I was enjoying the sensation she was leaving on my back. She moved around to face me and hugged me. I did nothing but secure my arms around her.

“Let’s call it a night.” She spoke after awhile. She let go of me but my hand and walked through to my bedroom. She grabbed her pyjamas and went to change in the bathroom, within half an hour we were both asleep together. Letting the night take us and keep us for as long as it liked. I dreamt again about Leah and the little girl.


After half an hour, since grabbing my pyjamas from the pillow on Jacobs’s bed, i was in bed, cuddled as close as i could get, falling into a deep sleep. I dreamt of Jacob and a young girl that resembled characteristics from him and me. She had the same colour of eyes as Jacob but the shape of mine. She was gorgeous. I watched from the sidelines as he played around with her, as i was getting into the dream, i felt something rubbing against my arm. I was looking around to see no one there but me sitting on the sand. The rubbing continued, and Jacob and the little girl began to disappear. My eyes fluttered against the light that they met with once Jacob and the girl had fully disappeared. Instead of seeing no one there again, i was met with a smiling, face of an angel; my Jacob.

“Hey gorgeous. Did i wake you?” he asked me rubbing my cheek closest to him. I smiled up at him and shook my head a little. I turned so i was facing him on my side; i leant on my arm as i asked him,

“So what are we going to do today?” he looked at me,

“I was thinking about maybe going over to Bella and telling her about us.” I looked at his expression; he looked unsure. I rubbed his arm that was resting on his side.

“That is a good idea. Do you want me there too?” i asked; i really hope he didn’t want me there. I don’t think i could handle the Cullens now.

“Well, if you want to. Because i would totally understand if you want to stay here on the rez.” He said looking past me out the window to the forest.

“Well, i will skip that then. I could go hang out with Seth. See what he is up to. Y’ know.” I pushed his shoulder back so he was flat. I caught his lips in a passionate kiss. He seemed to catch on quickly and we danced like yesterday. I felt his hand rise to my shoulder; he ran his fingertips down my back, as they went it left a hot trail of shivers. I broke away from him and gave him a smile. I heaved myself up away from him. He moaned as i got off the bed and grabbed my clothes from his drawers.

“Do you have to go now? I was enjoying that.” He said as he turned over so his face was now in the pillow. I laughed as i walked through to the bathroom to go for a shower.


She moved away from me after her amazing kiss. I didn’t want her to leave now. So i watched her get her clothes from my dresser.

“Do you have to go now? I was enjoying that.” I moaned as i turned over, so my face was now in my pillow. I could still feel my lips tingling. I could hear her laugh as she headed to the bathroom. I heard the water of the shower begin to flood through the water pipes. I decided to get up now and go get breakfast. I trudged through to the kitchen; i looked at my hair in the mirror that hung above the table that stood next to the sofa. It was all over the place so i ran my fingers through it. I eventually settled with toast.

I was sitting at the dining table, eating the toast as i thought about the girl in my shower. Every time i thought about yesterday, and her singing that a smiled appeared on my lips. I lifted my eyes off the grains on the table, when i felt a pair of thin hands running around my ribcage and a trail of kisses across my shoulders.

“What you thinking about?” she asked against my shoulder, the heat of her breath against my shoulder was exhilarating.

“Just... oh... you.” I said truthfully, looking at her face that was resting on my shoulder looking at me. I quickly moved in and gave her a kiss. She smiled. We broke apart when i made the motion i was going to stand up.

“What was that for?” she asked, lifting her eyebrow expectantly. I moved over to her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“For being you of course.” As i turned and headed to the shower.


As Jacob was in the shower i was getting my breakfast and i decided to put on the radio, as i was pouring my pineapple juice into my cup, my song came on; Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly. I sang along at the top of my lungs forgetting about my breakfast, just swaying if i were in Jacobs arms around the kitchen. I closed my eyes and listened to the music, not realising where i was going as i bumped into Paul, standing next to Jacob, who was in a towel-dripping wet, watching me, with a smirk on his face.

“Right, so. Yeah. Guys what are you doing today?” Paul asks missing me blush, while i was turning the radio down.

“I am going to Bella’s and telling her about the imprinting stuff.” Jacob said. Paul looked at me.

“Why?” before i said anything i wanted to know what the catch was.

“Well, we were going to have a barbeque tonight at the cliffs and i have been sent around us all inviting you.” He said turning back to look at Jacob. I grabbed my juice from the counter. I sipped at it. As the guys spoke between one another. I watched the drops of water drop from Jacob’s hair, i watched as it fell onto his arms that were crossed over his well-toned chest.

“Leah? What do you think?” I heard Jacobs voice, softly ask me, i quickly turned to put my glass in the sink answering with a clueless,

“Huh? Think about what?” i heard him whisper to Paul,

“Intoxicated by my presence.” Paul sniggered, but composed quickly thinking i could not see him.

“Going to the barbeque tonight?” Jacob continued,

“Yeah, why not?” i said turning to see Paul leaning against the wall.

“Yeah, sure.” Jacob said turning to Paul. Paul smiled as he pushed off the wall and started walking to the door with Jacob in tow.

“Cool. Nine tonight on the cliffs. Have you seen Rachael?” there was the real Paul. One of Jacobs’s older sisters, Rachael, was crazy for him, as was he. I could not quite hear his answer as by this time, they were at the front door. I did not know what was going until i was being pulled into a wet hug, from behind.

“Were you amazed by me back then? Because you were very red when i asked you the question?” he noted, while his big arms were around my waist. I smiled as i buttered my scone.

“Well, they are impressive; please remember i haven’t seen you like that in this light.” I said explaining my blushing; he rolled his eyes. He gave me a kiss and let go of me to go and get dressed. I suddenly felt cold without him holding me.


I was running human form to Bella’s house, with Leah in tow. She decided to come after all. She thought against having to sit with Seth, and decided she could do without that. We arrived at the door a couple of minutes later, before we went in, i gave her a quick kiss on her perfectly, flushed lips. She smiled encouragingly at me as i knocked the door. As my fist hovered over the door after the first knock, it opened quickly. Renesmee answered with a frown over her face; i felt nothing. I WAS FREE!

“Hey, Renesmee is your mom here?” i asked as i walked in the door with Leah close of my heels, i could sense that she didn’t want to be an arm’s length away from me. Which i didn’t mind. I saw Blondie and Emmett sitting on the couch, Emmett was lying sprawled across the sofa, with Blondie leaning against him on the side; a bit, like when Leah and i watched ‘under the greenwood tree.’ I also caught sight of pixie sitting on her war dudes lap as he stared blankly at the T.V. pixie was resting against his chest reading a magazine. Her head rose when she saw Leah and i walk in.

“No. Mom and dad are at the cottage, developing an idea for the cottage?” Renesmee explained. I heard Emmett snigger then a thump against his shoulder.

“Are they actually...” i asked him, he sniggered again and nodded while winking his eye at me.

I heard a muffled giggle from behind me; i turned to see Leah, pressing he lips hard together, i rolled my eyes at her.

“Can we stay until they come back?” i asked Emmett.

“Yeah sure. What did you come over for?” he asked as i sat on the other armchair with Leah sitting on my lap, “You broke the imprint!” he exclaimed as he saw Leah sitting comfortably on my lap. I smiled and nodded. Just then, the back door opened and Bella walked through with Edward behind her. She smiled when she saw me.

“Jacob, Leah... what are you guys doing here? You haven’t been in awhile?” she asked me, while also looking at the now nervous Leah.