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To Kill

Victoria and James are on a hunting spree. And the story begins . . . (Rated TEEN for graphic violence.) Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

I own two New Moon cups. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight.

1. To Kill

Rating 5/5   Word Count 573   Review this Chapter

Her victim cowered against the wall.

A wall that was once white, now smeared crimson with the blood of his injuries.

Victoria heard him whimper in pain and fear. His self-preservation kicked in, and he wrapped his arms around his head instinctively. A scream came from down the hall.

James was obviously finishing fast this time.

The scream was loud enough for her victim's ears to detect ad he responded with a cry of his own. She had already hurt him severely. But he was a strong man and kept persevering. Victoria liked it. Hunting was just a game to her.

It had been so perfect from the beginning. Her victim – named Jack, from what she'd heard – and his roommate had been watching a horror movie, doing their best not to show that they were terrified of the vampires on their movie screen.

Victoria and James had spent a long time trying to find game. The perfect situation. The perfect humans to feed off of. They had gone several weeks without much feeding, searching for some kind of gruesome entertainment.

Jack and his roommate had been terrified when two real vampires had burst through their sliding glass door. They had screamed, and her and James had pounced.

Now she stalked towards him, sending him into near insanity with his fear. When she was close enough, he began to beat on her chest and her stomach. It only backfired at him and made his hands bleed and throb.

There were less and less struggles to be heard from down the hall. James's victim was being drained.

Jack reached for Victoria's face, trying to scratch at it, make her stop. She didn't even blink.

Victoria grabbed his hand and hers and squeezed until she heard the sound of his bones crunching. He screamed again. She laughed.

James entered the door to watch.

Victoria wasn't going to last much longer – the smell of blood was strong in the air – so she reached past his flailing arms and grabbed his hair. She wrenched his head to the side, exposing his neck.

She bit into the jugular.

When he was drained dry, she tossed him aside, like any other human, and let her mate take care of cleaning up.

James collected the two bodies and carried them out of the broken glass door they had entered through. With Victoria on his heels he ran the corpses out into the woods near there house and set them down. He would let nature take care of the rest.

Victoria snarled. James turned to see what she was so furious at, when he smelled it as well.

Another vampire had entered the words, and was nearing the area they were at. James did not move to protect Victoria. She wasn't very near and dear to him. Nothing truly was. It was his tracking he truly cared about. The game. So he let her stay in front of him. If the vampire was dangerous, they would attack her first.

But the vampire stopped several feet away from James's mate and seemed at peace, other than the bit of frustration in his eyes. He even smiled at the pair of vampires he had just come across.

And that's when the coven of two, became three.

Several years later the trio headed North. Toward the Olympic Peninsula. Towards Forks, Washington.