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As I held her I realized how Alive I really was. It took both of my girls to show me that. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

A Breaking Dawn missing moment. Edward holds Renesmee as Bella changes. I own the Twilight movie and many, many magazines. I do not own Twilight. Stephenie Meyer owns it. Surprising? Yeah . . . .

1. Show me that I'm alive . . .

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“Edward.” I looked around to see Esme standing at the door, holding a little bundle in her arms.

I was sitting by Bella's feet. She still had a bit of blood on her. Alice had just taken a break from cleaning her to see Renesmee.

Renesmee. My daughter.

“I believe someone's been looking for you,” Esme continued. Looking for me?

Esme handed me the little bundle. As I took it I realized that a loud, fast heart beat accompanied it. Along with a tantalizing scent that was neither human, nor vampire, but a combination of both. It was only the second time I held my daughter.

I unwrapped her from the blanket as my other family members – excluding Jasper. There was still blood – entered the room. She was flailing her arms in an adorable way. She had seemed confused when I had first seen her, but her expression had cleared when she saw me. Her face lit up into a smile.

I felt my mouth drop open. She was beautiful. Renesmee's kind of beauty was completely innocent. She was just a baby, but could capture anyone's heart in a matter of seconds. Her beauty matched her mother's, but it was a different kind of beauty.

I ran my fingers through her soft hair. My hair. Not my curls, but my color. My breath became shaky, and I realized that I was sobbing. My family's thoughts filled with worry, so I smiled to show them what kind of sobbing it was. Metaphoric tears of joy.

Her wide eyes were brown, matching her mother's. They were wide, they were curious, they were gorgeous. Of course they were;they were Bella's.

She began to smack her lips together, making a sweet smacking sound. She clanged her teeth together and inhaled. She began to turn towards Bella's body, but I turned her back. She shouldn't see her mother that way.

When she faced me again her lower lip began to tremble,and I began to panic. I had only had her for a few hours, and I was already a horrible father! Instinctively I grabbed her into my arms and softly pressed her to my chest.

“What's wrong, baby?” I cooed. I laid her back into my arms and saw her smiling again. Ah, she liked the sound of my voice.

“It's okay, sweetheart,” I said. “What is it?” I ran my pointer finger across her cheek and she turned her head and bit it. I gasped – not in pain, but in surprise. The rest of my family did the same. She then began smacking her mouth again, as if she wasn't expecting her teeth not to puncture my skin. She got over that quickly and just began to suck on my finger softly. I knew she needed something.

“She's hungry,” I murmured. That was it. Alice immediately ran downstairs and began to fix a bottle for her. She was too young to hunt. She was so small . . . .

Alice was back in less than a minute. She handed me the bottle and I put it to her mouth. Immediately she replaced my finger with it. I cradled her in my left arm while I fed her with my right. I rocked her back and forth slowly. I hummed a nameless tune to her. I wasn't even paying attention to the notes I hummed. I just watched her.

Bella was still motionless on the table in front of us. I worried about her often. But not now. It was as if Renesmee was a sign that we would make it through this. That we were truly meant to be together. She and I had been through so much together. We stuck together through hell and high water. Now I added another to my list.

I had never known until now the protectiveness of a father. But now, holding her, she suddenly doubled how protective I was of my loved ones. Now I had two people that held the Masen family name. The two most important people in my world. She also increased my self-preservation – so had Bella. I now had another reason to keep myself alive. For her. For them.

Alive. I finally felt alive. I wasn't wronging Bella by loving her. I wasn't wronging the world by existing.

I was alive. And it took both of my girls to show me that.