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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Hindsight is 20/20, right? What if Bella knew the events of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the first portion of Breaking Dawn before they transpired? How would the story change? Would it stay the same. Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazingly wonderful banner! A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makees


11. Sun and the Forks Vampire Population

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Waking up to the sun shining brightly, I threw open my window, and breathed in the air. Carefully treading down the stairs, I proceeded to throw a couple pop-tarts into the toaster while my dad poured a bowl of cereal.

Noticing my mood, Charlie said, “Nice day out,”

“Yes,” I replied. Charlie flashed me one of his smiles that revealed his more youthful side. I couldn’t help but smile back. I was still on a high from being one step closer to Edward, and the sun had made my day that much better.

Leaving just after the Cruiser, I rushed out the door into the not-so-warm, vitamin D filled sunlight. Soaking up the sun, I spent five minutes rolling down my truck’s front window. The rain-free air was worth the effort.

Arriving at school early, I sat down on the seldom-used picnic benches, and proceeded to check my Trig homework. After a few minutes of blankly staring, I gave up and began to doodle and daydream.

“Bella!” Mike called out suddenly.

“Hey Mike,” I replied as the short-clad boy walked toward me.

“I never noticed before, your hair has red in it.” He said, catching a loose strand between his fingers.

I smiled uncomfortably. It was just a little too intimate. “Only in the sun.” I replied, trying to shake the moment off. He tucked the lock behind my ear, while I grinned uncomfortably, hoping he would take the hint.

“Great day, isn’t it?”

“My kind of day,” This was mostly true. Edward and Alice wouldn’t be in school today, but the sun so rarely shown. I could live without them for one day…maybe.

“What did you do yesterday?” Mike asked, a little too nosey.

“I mostly worked on my essay. I cleaned the house a little, too. Normal stuff.” I shrugged. I’d thought about Edward a lot, too, but I didn’t think he needed…or wanted…to know that.

“Oh yeah. That’s due Thursday, right?”

“Um, Wednesday.” I smiled slightly. This was another reason I loved Edward. His assignments were always perfect. He was so much smarter than I. It was intimidating sometimes.

“Wednesday…that’s not good. What are you writing yours on?” Mike raised his eyebrows, clearly looking for a starting point.

“Whether Shakespeare’s treatment of the female characters is misogynistic.” I replied succinctly.

A glazed look entered Mike’s eyes. I’d lost him. “I guess I’ll have to get to work on that tonight. I was going to ask if you wanted to go out.” He tried to look up at me from underneath his lashes, like Edward. It wasn’t working.

Pity shook me, yet at the same time I was disgusted with the idea of going out with anyone besides Edward. I’d have to let him down easy. At least I had Jessica as an excuse.

“We could go to dinner or something, and I could work on it later.” He seemed to take my silence as encouragement.

“Mike, I don’t think that would be the best idea,” looked down at my notebook. I had known this was coming, but that didn’t mean I liked it. Why couldn’t Mike and I just be friends?


“I think, and if you ever repeat what I’m saying right now, I’ll cheerfully beat you to death, but I think that would hurt Jessica’s feelings.”

“Jessica?” Mike queried, completely taken off guard.

“Really Mike, are you blind? We all know she likes you.”


The bell was about to ring, so I made my excuses, carefully climbed off the table, and headed for my first class. In Trig, Jessica asked me if I wanted to go to Port Angeles that night with her, Lauren, and Angela for some prom dress shopping. I readily agreed.

Walking into the cafeteria, I was painfully aware of the empty space that Edward and Alice left. Even though I knew they would not be there, I still glanced at the “Cullen table” out of habit. My euphoric mood lessened ever so slightly. I knew it was childish, but I missed them all the same.

Sitting next to Angela, she and I talked a little. She brightened when she heard I was coming to Port Angles that night. Angela was so nice. I determined to befriend her better than I had in my dream. I needed a normal human girlfriend in my life.

Entering biology, Edward’s presence was missed all the more. School really was dull without him. Gym’s lecture on badmitten uplifted my day slightly, and the coach didn’t finish, so I would get one more day before being armed with a racket. That pleasure was saved for the day after tomorrow.

Leaving school, I arrived home and began dinner. Jessica called not long after I put the steaks in the oven to broil. Canceling our plans tonight, she jubilantly told me that Mike had asked her out after lunch. Rejoicing with her, we chatted idly for a few more seconds before saying our goodbyes. Hanging up the phone, I felt a wave of boredom wash through me. My homework was done, the house was clean, and dinner was cooking.

Checking my email, I wrote a quick message to my mother, and focused on homework for half an hour. Taking a blanket out of the closet, I grabbed my well-worn Jane Austen collection, and went outside to bask in the sunlight.

Lying down carefully, I rolled onto my back and balanced the book on my knees. Flipping through the pages, I couldn’t concentrate on any of the stories. It might have had something to do with the fact that my future husband’s name made several appearances in each novel. Finally, I lay back, closed my eyes, and let the sun kiss my face. I woke to Charlie’s car door closing. Hurrying inside with a now-damp blanket, Charlie and I exchanged pleasantries.

Finishing dinner, Charlie and I sat down and began to eat. Saying little, we both did the dishes and watched TV together after everything was put away. We ended up watching a monotonous sitcom neither of us enjoyed, but the time together was worth the sacrifice. Charlie seemed happy, and it could have been baseball…I had to count my blessings. Major League Baseball had ceased to hold any inkling of entertainment for me after my dream. How could a measly human game compare to vampire baseball?

“Dad, Jessica and Angela are going to look at dresses for the dance in Port Angeles tomorrow.” I began. Lauren had had to bow out, which made the trip seem all the more pleasurable. “Do you mind if I go with them?”

“Jessica Stanley?”

“And Angela Webber,” I sighed, a slight smile playing around my face. Charlie had probably known their great-grandparents.

“But you’re not going to the dance, right?” His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“No Dad, but I’m helping them find dresses. You know, constructive criticism?”

“Well okay. It’s a school night though…”

“We’ll leave right after school, and be back early. Dinner will be fine, right?”

“Bells, I fed myself for seventeen years before you came. I can survive one night.”

“I don’t know how you survived, Dad.” I joked lightly.

The next morning, it was sunny again. Good for my mood, yet bad for the Forks vampire population. I had known I wouldn’t see Edward until tonight, but that didn’t make the sting of it any less potent. It physically hurt to be separated from him. Barriers were coming down tonight, and my heart was racing in anticipation. Going through the motions of the day, I tried to brighten my mood and calm my heart so I could at least try to be normal.

After school, Jessica followed me home in her white Mercury. Dumping my backpack in favor of a ridiculous purse Alice forced upon me; I rushed out the door, and climbed into the front seat of the car. Picking Angela up, we hit the highway, and raced toward Port Angeles.