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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Hindsight is 20/20, right? What if Bella knew the events of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the first portion of Breaking Dawn before they transpired? How would the story change? Would it stay the same. Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazingly wonderful banner! A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makees


16. Jessica Asks A Few Questions

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“Good luck today, Bella! You’re going to need it.” Alice jumped out my window, heading for the woods.

Anxiously awaiting my knight in shining armor, er, vampire in a silver Volvo, I was a nervous wreck. Where did we stand? Last night had left me with more questions than answers. Sure, I knew about vampires, but that didn’t mean I understood what was going on in our relationship. Was this how Edward felt about my closed mind? It was a wonder he hadn’t been driven to insanity in the dream.

Going outside the as soon as Charlie’s cruiser pulled out of the driveway, I saw the silver Volvo. Edward. I smiled, a few of the tense knots in my neck melting away under his gaze.

“I thought you might like to ride with me today,” he explained, flashing a glimpse of the grin I loved.

“I’d like that a lot,.” I replied, climbing into his car. I breathed deeply. The Volvo smelled like him. I shivered.

“Is it cold? I can turn up the heat,” Edward’s hand reached for the controller while backing out of my driveway, “Where’s your jacket?” Disapproval covered his tone.

“No, I’m fine, really. My jacket is in Jessica’s car." I had accidentally left it with her.

“Ah. Then you should have used my jacket…” He trailed off, turning to raise his eyebrows at me. He knew exactly where his jacket was, on the floor next to my bed, where it had fallen. I should have been embarrassed that he had seen and knew, but I wasn’t.

“Yeah…” Silence.

“What no twenty questions today?” Edward asked, breaking it.

“Do my questions bother you?” I asked, truly wondering.

“Not as much as your reactions do. It’s like you’ve known about this stuff your whole life. You should be running away from what I am. Instead you take everything so coolly – it’s unnatural.” A line creased his forehead, trying to figure out why I was different.

“I’m not running. I know you aren’t going to hurt me.” I nodded my head, as if that simple gesture made the statement truer.

“I’m dangerous, Bella. I’m even more dangerous to you, because of your blood. Can’t you see that?”

“No. I can’t.”

He sighed, “This isn’t good. You’ll get yourself killed, and then I…”

“I what?” I asked sharply, knowing I wasn’t going to like the answer.

“Then I won’t be able to live with myself,” he lied smoothly. Stupid vampire.

“The solution is simple then, isn’t it? Just make sure I don’t killed,” I replied, trying to turn the topic into a joke.

“That seems to get more difficult every day. It’s like you’re a magnet for accidents,” Edward shook his head, smiling despite himself.

“I think you’re up to the challenge,” I joked as we pulled into the parking lot. Edward opened my door for me, like the gentleman his mother taught him to be back in the early nineteenth century.

Turning, I saw Jessica Stanley with my coat. I had called her right before going to bed the night before, asking that she bring it the next day. She looked slightly guilty for talking to my dad last night. Well, she should feel sorry about that.

“Bella, I brought your coat. Here you go.” Jessica’s eyes were glancing from me to Edward and back again as fast as they could, trying to deconstruct our relationship in five seconds or less.

“Thanks so much, Jess,” I smiled, taking the coat.

“You’re wel-welcome,” Jessica replied, accidentally looking into Edward’s eyes. An occupational hazard of all girls attending a school with vampires in their midst.
“Hello Jessica,” Edward said politely, choosing to acknowledge her staring.

“Hi Edward,” she replied, seeming to fall deeper into the trance.

“Well, see you later, Jess. I don’t want to be late for first period,” I said.

“Yeah. See you in Trig, Bella,” Her tone was full of meaning. I knew I was going to have to answer her questions in class, but knowing what her questions would be helped me be a little less nervous.

“Ah,Trig,” I sighed, while Edward and I walked to class.

“She’ll be waiting to ambush you,” he informed me.

“I know,” I said, sighing again.

“How do you know?”

I was caught, “Maybe you’re not the only one with mind reading capabilities,” I joked.

“Very funny, Bella.”

“Seriously though, a little help would be nice. What does she want to know?”

“That’s not fair. I can’t help you like that.”

“No what’s not fair is you knowing something and not sharing. You’re part of this too, you know.”

The post-leaving me Edward would have pulled me in for a long kiss right about now, effectively ceasing the argument, but this Edward merely sighed, and acquiesced. “She wants to know whether we’re secretly dating, if you asked me to meet you in Port Angeles, and how much you like me.”

“Yikes, what should I say?” I asked, chewing on my fingernails. I knew what I was going to say, of course, but I didn’t want to declare our relationship without his input. It seemed rude.

“Well, you can say yes to the first, if you don’t mind…” Edward raised his eyebrows at me, waiting for a response.

“I think we both know I don’t mind.”

“Yes, well….As to the other questions, I’ll be waiting to hear the answer to that myself.”

As I was about to reply, we arrived at the door to my classroom and Edward spun on his heel and walked away. I watched in amazement. Sometimes I still couldn’t comprehend that this amazing creature was mine. What had I don’t to deserve him?

I sat next to Mike who looked like a puppy whose favorite toy had just been chewed up by a pit bull. “So you and Cullen, huh?” he asked forlornly.

“Yeah,” I replied, not really in a mood to deal with Mike right then.

“I don’t like it.”

“Do you have to like it?” I asked, looking him in the eyes.

“No. But he looks at you like you’re something to eat.”

I laughed nervously. At this point Mike was completely right. Well, Mike was just going to have to get used to our relationship. It was going to last forever, after all. I turned to face the teacher, effectively ending our conversation.

Walking into Trig an hour later meant I came face to face with Jessica. There was no one to save me. “So Bella,” Jess began “what happened last night? Tell me everything!”

“There’s nothing to tell, Jess. We ran into each other in Port Angeles, went to dinner, and he took me home.”

Her smile faltered. I hadn’t supplied the juicy gossip she had wanted. “Did you tell him to meet you there? Was it like a date?”

“No. We just met up accidentally,” I shrugged, trying very hard to not seem pleased at this much orchestrated event.

“Do you have plans to go out again?”

“We’re going to Seattle on Saturday for the Chanel Trunk show. Does that count?”

“Um yes! And he’s going shopping with you. He must like you!” She sighed.

“Yeah. Shopping,” I sighed, too. It was Alice’s revenge for not allowing her to go to the show with us.

“Wait, has he kissed you yet?” Jess asked urgently.

“No. It’s not like that…” I trailed off; sort of hoping my forlorn tone registered in her mind and got through to Edward. I really missed kissing him. It was difficult to remember that we couldn’t. It took all my concentration every day to not run across the cafeteria and kiss him.

“Do you think Saturday –“

“I doubt it,” I replied, pursing my lips, hoping he would still kiss me despite all that stood in our way.

“So…do you like him?”

“Yes,” I nodded, knowing “like” didn’t cover a quarter of what I felt for Edward.

“How much do you like him?” Jessica pressed.

“A lot. More than he likes me.” This was true no matter how you looked at it. I had woken up in Phoenix knowing I loved him and would do anything for him. I had years of love, while Edward was still getting used to the idea of me.

She opened her mouth to say more, but I cut her off, “Mike was asking about you in English this morning.”

“Really, what did he say?” She nearly screamed. The rest of trig and Spanish was spent discussing the minutia of Mike Newton.

At the sound of the bell I nearly jumped out of my seat. Edward would hopefully be waiting right outside. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought.