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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Hindsight is 20/20, right? What if Bella knew the events of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the first portion of Breaking Dawn before they transpired? How would the story change? Would it stay the same. Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazingly wonderful banner! A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makees


2. A Good Thing

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As I was about to board the plane, I looked at my mother. “Bella, you don’t have to do this.” Her last plea didn’t faze me. I knew from my dream that she would be taken care of. How had I ever done this without hindsight?

“I want to go.” This had been a lie in my dream, but knowing what awaited me in Forks made a world of difference.

“Tell Charlie I said hi.”

“I will.” I replied, slightly impatient. The sooner I got on the plane, the sooner I met my destiny.

“I’ll see you soon. You can come home whenever you want. I‘ll come right back as soon as you need me.” I knew that this wouldn’t happen. Our lives were going to go in two separate directions from now on. Why, in less than two years, I would be married. I inwardly cringed. My dream had lessened the fears I retained on the subject of marriage, but had not eradicated them.

“Don’t worry about me. It’ll be great. I love you mom.” I started to choke up. Usually, I wasn’t a sappy person, but I knew that this was one of the last times I would see my mother under pleasant conditions. I boarded the plane, saying goodbye to the sun forever.

Charlie had really been great about the whole process, I thought as I settled down into my seat on the plane. Everything was going off the way it should. I was registered to start school on Monday, and all my specifications had been met. This was going to work.

I welcomed the rain when landing in Port Angeles. While the wet droplets were not the most enjoyable thing to have in your socks, they signified perfect vampire living quarters. I could deal with the rain.

Charlie was waiting by the Cruiser. Giving me a hug, he said, “It’s good to see you, Bells. You haven’t changed much. How’s Renee?”

“Mom’s fine. It’s good to see you, too dad.” After loading my bags into the trunk, we were off.

On the way to the house, he informed me of my “surprise” truck. I rejoiced in my car. It was a good chunk of metal with many memories. A feeling of nostalgia washed over me.

As silence fell, I was overwhelmed with the urge to ask after Dr. Cullen. “Dad, I looked up the Forks Hospital staff list on the internet before leaving. You know me; it won’t be long before I’m in there getting stitches of some sort.” I laughed once, while Charlie grimaced. “Anyway, which doctor do you think is most qualified?”

Charlie let out a sigh. “That one is easy, Bella. Dr. Carlisle Cullen wins hands down. He could work for any hospital in the nation. It’s a good thing his wife, Esme, wanted to live in a small town.”

I was elated. They weren’t just a dream! They existed! “Oh.” It was all I could choke out. Honestly, I didn’t trust myself to say any more.

He continued, “Actually they have kids about your age. Three boys and two girls. All adopted. Good kids. They would make good friends for you, Bells.”

This was too perfect! Charlie was asking me to befriend my future family? “What do they look like?” I asked a little too innocently.

“The whole family is pale and very nice looking. Actually, they look like models. You’ll know them, kid. They won’t be hard to find in a high school that small.” We rode in comfortable silence for the rest of the journey. I was silently triumphant.

As we pulled up to the house, I thanked Charlie for the truck, telling him I loved it. I really did. Soon, my bags were up in my tiny room. It was good to be back in this room. While I knew that I hadn’t actually ever lived here, the dream…that kiss…had been so real. That was my life now.

True to form, Charlie left me alone to unpack. I was thankful for that. He needn’t be privy to my excited tension. In less than twenty-four hours, I would see him. I would see Edward! Albeit, he wouldn’t know me from Eve, but that didn’t matter. I just needed to see his perfect face. We would have all eternity to get to know each other. I could let events take their natural course, right?

I glanced up into my mirror. It was good to know that I would have a niche here. Even though my skin had no color, and I was the new girl, I would have friends. That was more than I had ever had back in the Valley of the Sun.

I could hardly sleep that night. My excitement fought against the prevailing drowsiness. Finally, I began to hum my lullaby softly. That, combined with the dull thudding of the rain, lulled me to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to fog. Perfect! He had no excuse to skip school. Before my dream, I had hated the dense white stuff, but now I greeted it with pleasure.

I ran out of the house, nearly tripping, to my truck. I started the engine of my truck, and paused for a second to admire it. Knowing that it would break down soon after graduation caused me to appreciate the old car more than I had hitherto done.

Driving to the school was routine. After parking, I found the front office, and entered. It was good to be back. I’d missed all the potted plants, and even Mrs. Cope, red hair and all.

She looked up, “Can I help you?”

“I’m Isabella Swan.” I replied, smiling slightly.

Her face lit up in recognition. “Of course.” Giving me a stack of papers, she continued, “Here are your schedule, and a map of the school.” After she was done, my map was highlighted perfectly. “Hope you like it here, honey.”

I smiled, leaving the office. I saw a bulletin covered trash can, and threw the map into it. I knew where everything was. Students had started to arrive. I scoured the parking lot for the silver Volvo. I wasn’t disappointed. There it was, sitting right next to Lee’s Ford. A sense of…right washed through me.

Sighing, I worked my way toward building three. I followed Lauren and Angela into the building, hanging up my coat. It was a strange feeling to know these people, while they hadn’t the slightest idea who I was. I would have to play the part of a stranger well.

Mr. Mason sent me to the back of the class, where I perused my reading list. This year was going to be easy. I’d already learned everything. Homework would be simple. That would mean I would have more time to spend kissing Edward. I smiled at the thought.

As class ended, Eric asked, “You’re Isabella Swan, aren’t you?” He still had acne, and was as helpful as ever.

It was odd to hear him use my proper name. I didn’t like the thought of correcting everyone for the rest of the week. It had been bad enough once. “Bella.” I replied.

“Where’s your next class?” He asked.
I paused, pretending I couldn’t remember, “Um, government with Jefferson in building six.”

“I’m headed toward building four. I could show you the way. I’m Eric.”

I smiled, “Thanks.”

He did most of the talking on the way to class, while I daydreamed about the Cullens. “Well, good luck. Maybe we’ll have some other classes together.” He sounded hopeful. To tell the truth, I really only wanted to have classes with one person on this campus, and it wasn’t Eric Yorkie.

Jessica walked with me to the cafeteria. Again, I daydreamed while she prattled. Knowing that she would ditch me once my unexplained popularity dwindled did not fill me with feelings of friendship. I would be cordial, but aloof. Befriending Angela sounded like a much more worthwhile plan.

As we walked through the doors, my mind snapped back into focus. Here, in this cafeteria, I would see the Cullens for the “first” time! I couldn’t eat. My stomach had enough butterflies to content it forever.

We sat with Lauren, Mike, Angela, Lee, Ben, and Tyler. As soon as I took my seat, I swiveled in my chair to look for my future family. Finding them at their usual table, I was overcome with déjà vu. They were sitting together, looking in different directions. I had to restrain myself from running toward them. That would not be the best thing, if I wanted to live, that is.

“Who are they?” I asked, keeping my cover.

Jessica gave me the official town story. I barley listened, knowing more that gossip could ever invent. I could barely keep my eyes off of them! The waiting for events to take their course was going to be torture.

Edward turned to me, trying to decipher my mind. Our eyes met for a fraction of a second. My heart leapt in joy. Oh, how I had missed him! He quickly looked away, a confused expression across wonderful his face.

Angela and I walked to biology together in silence. My heart was pounding - not a good idea, if you were planning on sitting next to a bloodthirsty vampire for an hour. As I passed Mr. Banner’s desk, Edward went rigid. I hated seeing him in pain. Reluctantly, I sat by him.

The lecture on cellular anatomy was not interesting in the least. I tried to take notes, but usually ended up doodling crude pictures of mountain lions and bears\. Even though I knew that my love’s muscles wouldn’t unclench, I still watched them to see if I was wrong.

Before the bell rang, I glanced up to find him glaring at me. It hurt. The last time he had had an expression like that on his face was in the presence of Jacob Black, my best friend.

As I gathered my things, Mike came up to me. “Aren’t you Isabella Swan?”

Edward’s supposed rival was looking at me, smitten. “Bella.” I corrected politely.

“I’m Mike.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Do you need any help fining you next class?”

“I’m headed to the gym. I think I can find it.”

“That’s my next class too.” His bright blue eyes lit up like a kid’s on Christmas morning.

As we walked, I tried to remain distant. No need for this boy to get his hopes up. I was taken. “So did you stab Edward Cullen with a pencil? I‘ve never seen him act like that.” He asked, out of the blue.

“No. I don’t know what was with him.”

“He’s a weird guy.” I bristled. “If I were lucky enough to sit by you, I would have talked to you.” I’d never noticed how annoying Mike was. Maybe Edward was justified in his obvious dislike.

I sat on the bleachers watching four, simultaneous volleyball games, contemplating all the injuries I would incur and sustain over the next year and a half. Gym was not my thing.

After classes had ended, I hurriedly walked to the front office. Edward was there, trying to switch biology. I smiled, knowing his endeavor was not going to work. I stared blankly at him until Katie walked into the room; bring with her a gust of air. Edward stiffened, made excuses, and hurried out of the room.

Turning her attention to me, Mrs. Cope kindly asked, “How did your first day go, dear?”

“As expected.” I replied. It truly had. Nothing had deviated from my coma-dream.

As I drove home, I began to ponder that if I knew the events of the rest of my human life, could I alter them? Hindsight is twenty-twenty, right? What if I said and did exactly the right things, then we could skip a lot of pain and heartache. That would be a good thing, right?