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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Hindsight is 20/20, right? What if Bella knew the events of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the first portion of Breaking Dawn before they transpired? How would the story change? Would it stay the same. Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazingly wonderful banner! A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makees


3. Secret Sharing

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Sleep continued to evade me. Dreams of Edward and the rest of my family constantly flashed before my eyes, like a much beloved movie. The resulting sleep loss was not worth my convoluted fantasies. How could I enjoy the real thing, if I was constantly falling asleep?

Waking up, I was sure of one thing. I had to tell Alice. In my dream she and I were best friends. She had to know. Besides, I was pretty sure she would soon be having a vision involving me – one that she wasn’t supposed to have. Best avoid all that, and come clean. Besides, she could hide things from Edward like no other.

I debated on whether I should tell Edward or not while dressing. In the end, I decided it was too risky. Knowing him, he would try to change the future events in order to save my soul. This would be to no one’s benefit.

School lived up to my non-expectations. Edward was in Denali…with Tanya, the succubus. My jealousy flared a little at that thought. How could anything seem exciting without him around? Mike walked me to class, just like the faithful puppy he was, and people had stopped staring as much. All in all, the first few periods of school were as normal as a second day of school could expect.

Hurrying through lunch, I stood up. “Where are you going, Bella?” Mike asked me, a little too interested.

“Oh. I need to talk to Alice Cullen for a minute. Someone asked me to give her a message.” I covered.

“Who?” Jessica asked, intrigued.

“I don’t know their name. Listen, I’ve got to go.” I turned toward the table in the far corner. Nervousness washed over me. Even though I intimately knew each member of the family, approaching them like this was difficult. I knew them, but they didn’t know that. The fact that my newfound friends were watching, mouths agape, did not help my case of stomach butterflies.

Approaching my family, I was immediately put at ease. Accidentally acknowledging Jasper’s talent with a nod and smile in his direction, I asked, “Alice, can I talk to you for a minute? It’s really important.”

“Yeah.” She sounded unsure. Emmett moved to stand, but she waved him away. “It’s fine Emmett. She can’t hurt me.” They laughed. I tried, and failed, to keep a straight face.

“Shall we?” I asked, pointing toward the small patch of grass that passed as a courtyard.

We stopped by a small sundial in the middle of the grass. “Alright. What’s so important?” She asked, pretending to be confused.

I began, using the speech I had created while sitting in class. “I know I’m going to sound crazy, and I might be. Anyway, all I ask is that you hear my story to the end. We’re going to have to ditch next period, if you don’t mind. There really is no short explanation for this.”

“Okay Bella. There’s a little stand of trees over there. We won’t be spotted.”

Once behind several spruces, she rounded on me, “What is this about?”

I sighed. “Before moving to Forks, I hit my head. While unconscious, I had a…a dream of sorts. It was of my life in Forks over the next year and a half. Right before I woke up, I was at my wedding…with Edward. You had orchestrated the whole event. You out-performed yourself, by the way. I know I sound insane, but you have to believe me.”

“You’re right. You do sound insane, but I’d like to believe you. Edward has been the odd man out for so long.” She paused, deliberating, “Did you know of our dietary restrictions in your dream?” She asked, phrasing the question carefully.

I laughed, “Yes. I know that you’re vegetarian vampires.”

“Well, that lends some credibility to your story. Besides, that explains the weird visions I’ve been seeing.”

“What weird visions?” I asked.

“For the past week, I’ve been seeing you as one of us. We were all becoming mighty worried about it. It was as if you had made up your mind to join us. Now, I see that is exactly what you did.”

“Oh. So you believe me?” I questioned, a little hesitant. What if they packed up, and left town? I’d never see them again! It had been a big gamble telling Alice. I prayed with all my might that it would pay off.

Alice stood in quiet thought for a few moments. “I’ll believe you on one condition.”

“Anything.” I replied.

“Let me stock your wardrobe with clothes that are befitting of a future Cullen member. Your jeans-and-a-t-shirt combination is going to have to be left in the past.”

“Fine, as long as you keep this a total secret.” I acquiesced reluctantly, grumbling slightly. Stilettos were inevitable anyway.

“Now, I’ll need to see how big you closet is. Can I come home with you? We can go shopping after school. It will be so much fun!”

She was really excited. How could I disappoint her? We both knew that she was going to win in the end. “Alright. You win this time. Meet you at my truck after school.”

We parted. Gym wasn’t as brutal as I’d expected. The fact that Alice knew my secret had lifted a great weight off of my shoulders. Shopping, on the other hand, quite terrified me. Why did I have to be her guinea pig? Couldn’t she find some other human to play dolly with? Oh well. Such was my lot in life.

Meeting back at my truck, I climbed in, and started the engine. Stopping by the grocery store was an adventure in and of itself. Alice had never taken the time to notice that you could shop for food, as well as clothes. I had a hard time keeping her from buying out the store. Even though human food was revolting to vampires, she still enjoyed eyeing the brightly colored packages.

Soon we were home. After unloading the newly acquired groceries, I took Alice up to my room, and while she re-organized my closet, I answered a very worried email from my mother.

With that task finished I looked up. Alice had separated my clothes into two piles. The “donate” pile was considerably larger than the “keep” pile. That’s Alice for you. “Charlie will be home in exactly thirty seconds.” She declared. My how I had missed her psychic ways!

“We should get downstairs then.”

“You get downstairs. I’m going to run home, and grab a car. I had no idea your truck was that slow. Rosalie should really do something about that. Does she in the future?”

“Hey, my truck isn’t that slow!” I paused, “Rosalie and I don’t get along very well….” I trailed off.

“That would make sense. We will have to fix that. With the right introduction, she’ll love you.” Alice declared. “Now, I’m going to run home. If we want to get back from Seattle in time for school, we’ll need to hurry. Oh, that reminds me, I need to call in a few favors. You know, keep the shops open until we’re done. Neiman Marcus has a new Prada line in stock. I’ve been dying to see it. You would look fabulous in Prada.”

“Alright. We can take a fast car. Since Edward is gone, try to get the Vanquish.”

She laughed. “Now I know you’ll fit in. You’re devious. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Bella.”

As Alice jumped out the window, Charlie walked in the front door. “You there, Bella?”

Walking down the stairs, I asked, “Alice Cullen and I want to go shopping tonight. We won’t be back until late. Is it alright if I stay at her place?”

“Sure. Just remember that it’s a school night. I don’t want you falling asleep during Biology.” We both laughed. That was the last class I’d fall asleep in. How could I fall asleep when Edward was sitting next to me?

“We won’t be out too late. Promise. Can you fend for yourself tonight, or do you want me to whip something up?”

“Bella, I’ve fed myself for seventeen years. I think I can manage. Go. Have a good time with your new friend. I’m glad you’re adjusting well here, kiddo.”

“Thanks dad.” Soon, Alice was at my door.

“Let’s go.” She urged.

“Bye Bella. You two have fun.”

“We will, Chief Swan. She’ll be safe with me.” Climbing into the sleek, black car, we were off. Alice blasted music in Edward’s custom stereo, while the black pavement melted behind us.

Walking into a designer boutique, Alice was welcomed by a thin woman, trendily dressed in black, “Miss Cullen, so good to see you. May I start a dressing room for you? Do you need anything?”

“Anna, this is my future sister-in-law. We are here to revamp her wardrobe. Now, the new Prada and Chanel came in yesterday if I’m not mistaken. Let’s start there. We have a lot of work to do, and not a lot of time. We still have to hit Fendi, and Gucci.” Alice was the quintessential shopaholic, a fact that the store clerk seemed all too aware of.

“Of course.” Turning to me Anna asked, “Miss…”

“Swan,” I supplied.

“Miss Swan, might I suggest a little Chanel no. 5 for you?”

“Whatever. Alice is making me do this. I was perfectly happy with my old clothes. Chanel is inevitable.”

“You could go sit in the dressing room.” She suggested. Two hours, and thousands of dollars later, we left. By midnight, we had replaced my wardrobe with Alice approved articles.

While riding back to Forks, I fell asleep. Soon, Alice was waking me. Charlie had just left for the day. It was safe to go inside.

Getting ready took longer than usual. The outfit was conservative for Alice, but that didn’t mean much. At least she had left the Manolo platform heels safely resting in their box. I chewed on my nails at the thought of those death traps. Would Edward like my new French runway look? I hoped he did.

How I missed him! His voice was a drug to me. Alice relieved some of the ache, but nothing could stop up the pain I felt when he wasn’t near. He would be back at school on Monday. I just had to keep telling myself that. It was the only way to make it.

Alice and I had discussed how we would explain our friendship at length. We decided that she had had a vision of us being best friends. Even though I was human, she couldn’t resist. She had supposedly orchestrated the entire message I was supposed to deliver, thereby gaining an introduction. It was ingenious.

The rest of the week flew by. Alice and I ate together, and she even transferred gym periods to be with me. It was good to have someone share in my secret.