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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Hindsight is 20/20, right? What if Bella knew the events of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the first portion of Breaking Dawn before they transpired? How would the story change? Would it stay the same. Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazingly wonderful banner! A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makees


4. Love Hate Relationship

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Monday morning, people greeted me in the parking lot. I was easing into my niche. After the Wuthering Heights pop quiz, I went outside, knowing what I would see, yet hoping I was wrong. I wasn’t. Snow covered the ground.

“Ew. Snow.” I couldn’t help saying it.

“Don’t you like snow?” Mike asked. Despite my attempts at only friendship with him Mike continued to be smitten.

“No. That means it’s too cold for rain.” Duh!

Right then, Eric threw a big pile of mush at Mike’s head. As he bent down to reciprocate the favor, I declared, “See you at lunch. Once people start throwing wet stuff, I go inside.”

Even though Alice and I were best friends, we had decided that I should sit with the human population at Forks High. It would raise a lot of suspicion amongst her siblings if I sat with them. Besides, Edward was coming back today. She had to prepare him for the fact that his Singer was her new best friend. Part of me didn’t think he would take too well to that. I smiled at the thought.

Once my mind began to think about Edward, it was very hard to turn it into more serious courses of thought. I daydreamed through the next two periods. I didn’t feel too guilty. After all, I knew all the answers from my unconscious-dream.

Jessica and I walked to the cafeteria together. She laughed at my apparent utter dislike for snow, but if it kept her from throwing it at me….

Glancing at the Cullens’ table, I saw Edward. He was back! My stomach was suddenly filled with butterflies. The idle prattle at the table centered on a planned snow fight later this afternoon. I knew that it would melt before these plans were formed into actions, but I was too busy to pretend to be interested. How could a human snow fight be even slightly interesting when the love of my existence was sitting across the cafeteria?

I remembered a story Edward had told me from my dream. It was the winter of 1968. They were living in a small town in Michigan. On Christmas Eve morning, seven feet of snow covered the front lawn, and the pond had a thick layer of ice covering it.

Boredom seizing them, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, and Edward divided into teams, building snow forts. While Jasper’s team fort looked like a mini Alamo, Rosalie’s came right out of a fairy tale book. Snowball throwing ensued.

When all was said and done, Esme had made them change in the garage, preventing water damage to her newly restored floors. Ever since, it had been a Cullen “kid” tradition to stage a snow battle on Christmas Eve.

Edward had promised that the Christmas after we were married, I would be a participant in this historic event. I sighed in longing. Couldn’t the next year and a half speed up?

“Bella, what are you staring at?” Jessica asked. I hadn’t noticed that while I was recollecting, I had been staring at the Cullen table. Edward looked up, trying to read my mind. It was a hopeless cause. I dropped my head, afraid he would hear my heart rate increasing.

“Edward Cullen is staring at you. Is that why you’re being so nice to Alice? It won’t work. Most of the girls here tried to become the ‘little sister’s best friend’ when they first moved here two years ago. It obviously didn’t work.” Jessica continued.

“That’s not what I’m doing at all, Jess. I actually enjoy spending time with Alice. She’s really nice.”

“Really? She seems kind of weird, if you ask me.”

“Not at all. She’s wonderful.” I defended. How dare she accuse me of using Alice to get to Edward? Who would do something like that? She would, I suddenly realized.

“Oh.” We remained silent for the rest of the lunch hour. By the end of lunch, it was raining.

Mike complained all the way to building four. I sat down, unsurprised, but still saddened to see that my table was as of yet empty. Mr. Banner distributed microscopes and slides. Today we would be studying mitosis. A fascinating process, made more interesting still by the fact that this would be the “first” time Edward and I would hold a conversation.

I sensed Edward before the sliding chair made a noise. “Hello.” He said in his wonderfully musical voice. Looking up, I was nearly dazzled. He continued, “My name is Edward Cullen. I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself last week. You must be Bella Swan.”

“Good to meet you, Edward.” I paused, wishing he could close the space between us. I really wanted a kiss right now. I started to lean in….No! I had to let things take their natural course.

“Now everyone, quiet down.” Mr. Banner started class, explaining that we were to identify the four stages of mitosis from the mixed up onion root tip slides. This was going to be easy. We had twenty minutes. “Get started.” With that final admonishment, we began.

“Ladies first, partner?” Edward asked.

He was smiling his crooked smile. My heart stopped. “Or I could start, if you wish.”

“No. I’ll go ahead.” I would have shown off, but knowing that my partner held countless college degrees deterred me.

“Prophase.” I declared, confidently.

“Do you mind if I look?” He asked. As I tried to remove the slide, his hands caught mine. I stiffened, shocked. I’d missed…craved the feeling of electricity coursing through my body at his touch. If this second could last for eternity, I would be content.

“Prophase.” He agreed, while writing the answer down. My, how I loved his handwriting. It was something that could only be developed in the World War I era. And so our little game continued.

When we had finished, it took all of my will power to keep from looking at his perfect face. “You look different.” I ventured.

“How so?” Edward questioned, surprised.

Uh-oh. How was I going to answer this? “You’re eyes just seem lighter.”

“Oh.” He turned away hurriedly. Why had I opened my big fat mouth?

Mr. Banner came over to see why we weren’t working. Looking at our lab sheet, he asked, “So Edward, didn’t you think that Isabella should get a chance with the microscope?”

“Bella. Actually, she identified three of the five.”

Our teacher looked at me, astonished, “Have you done this lab before?”

“Not with onion root.” I smiled. I had in my dream, but I wasn’t counting that.

“Whitefish blastula?” He asked.


“Were you in an advanced placement program in Phoenix?”


After a short pause, he declared, “Well, I guess it is good you two are lab partners.” Walking away, he mumbled something else. I would have to ask Edward what he said when we were finally not hiding secrets.

“It’s too bad about the snow, isn’t it?” Edward asked.

“Not really.” I didn’t want to pretend to be normal. He had to fall in love with me. Not some made up version. Besides, he would see through my falsities.

“You don’t like the cold.”

“Or the wet.” I added. It wasn’t completely true. I loved certain cold things…like him.

“Forks must be a difficult place for you to live.”

“I thought it would be. Your sister has made my adjustment easier though.”

“If you thought it was going to be difficult, why did you come here then?” That was Edward. He always got to the heart of the matter.

“It’s complicated.” I couldn’t come outright and tell him that I moved here so he would fall in love with me! He’d probably call the funny farm.

“I think I can keep up.” He pressed, a knowing smile playing around the corner of his mouth. I didn’t think he could with this one.

I met his eyes, and had to tell him something. I decided to stick to my original story. “My mother remarried.”

“That doesn’t sound so complex.” You have no idea…. “When did that happen?”

“Last September.”

“And you don’t like him.” He declared. It wasn’t a question.

“No Phil is fine. Too young, maybe, but he’s nice enough.”

“Why didn’t you stay with them?”

“Phil travels a lot. He plays ball for a living.”

“Have I heard of him?” Edward asked, smiling.

“Probably not. He doesn’t play well; strictly minor league. He moves around a lot.” Why any of the Cullens followed major league sport teams was beyond me. They could spin circles around every single one of the Hall of Fame players.

“And your mother sent you here so she could travel with him?” He assumed.

“No, I sent myself.” To be with you. I mentally added.

“I don’t understand.” He would one day.

“She stayed with me at first, but she missed him. So, I decided I should spend some quality time with Charlie.”

“But now you’re unhappy.”

“Who said I was unhappy?” How could I be unhappy with my personal angel here? “I miss Arizona, but I chose to come here. It’s the right decision. So that’s all.”

Edward continued to stare. “There’s another reason for coming here. I’m not sure what it is, but I can see it in your eyes.” I’d forgotten how perceptive he was!

I sighed. “Am I annoying you?” He asked, smiling that crooked smile of his.

“No. I’m just so easy to read. My mother calls me her open book.”

“On the contrary. I find you very difficult to read.” We both smiled at that.

“You must be a good reader then.” That was an understatement!

“Usually.” He smiled, showing those perfect teeth. I smiled warmly in response.

Mr. Banner called our attention then. I turned, happy that we had finally spoken. I only wished we could hold hands…kiss now. I didn’t want to wait. Looking at the tension in Edward’s muscles, I knew it would be a while before anything of the sort happened.

At the bell’s ring, Edward swiftly rushed from the room. I stared while Mike picked up my books. “That was awful. They all looked the same. You’re lucky you had Cullen for a partner.”

Mike didn’t know how lucky. Still, to think that I couldn’t do the work was unacceptable. I’d never noticed his underlying chauvinistic nature before. “I didn’t have a problem with it.” I paused, adding, “I’ve done this lab before, though.”

“Cullen seemed friendly enough, today.” Jealousy dripped off of the words.

“Yeah. I wonder what was with him last Monday.” I replied, wishing he had been friendlier.

In gym, Mike covered my position while I daydreamed about Edward. While I pulled out of the school parking lot, I watched Edward. Because of my lack of attention, I nearly hit an old Toyota. Luckily, I missed. My car would have creamed the other one. Thank goodness for good brakes!

As I exited the parking lot, I could see Edward laughing. I blushed. If I didn’t love him with every fiber of my being, I would hate him.