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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Hindsight is 20/20, right? What if Bella knew the events of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and the first portion of Breaking Dawn before they transpired? How would the story change? Would it stay the same. Thanks to MRSBellaCullenBlack for the amazingly wonderful banner! A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makees


5. Crash!

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 2010   Review this Chapter

Waking up, I had to wonder whether I should play hooky or not. I didn’t need to look out the window to know that ice and snow covered the ground. The responsibility that came with this knowledge of the future weighed more than I would have thought. What if I did something wrong?

I had to go to school this morning. This was a turning point in our relationship. I had to constantly remind myself that just because I knew the end of the story didn’t mean I could skip past the details; the foundation of my relationship with Edward. The future was never completely certain. Things could change.

Skipping carefully down the stairs, I poured myself a bowl of cereal and some orange juice. After eating, I carefully picked my way down the icy driveway, only slipping once.

Driving to school, I prepared myself for the pain that I knew I was going to be inflicted with. It was all for the love of Edward; definitely worth it. Still….

I parked in the spot from my dream. Getting out of the car, I moved to the back of my truck, waiting. Right on time, Tyler’s van came squealing around the corner. Bracing myself for the pain, I cringed. My body was screaming for me to move. I knew I couldn’t.

Seconds before impact, I felt Edward’s all too familiar arms encircle me, shoving me out of the rain. My head cracked on the icy ground, but I didn’t mind. Edward was holding me. How could anything hurt when he was around me? Our eyes met. His displayed shock and fear; mine radiated trust.

The screaming started. “Bella? Are you all right” My personal angel asked.

“I’m fine.” More than fine. I tried to sit up, not really wanting to.

“Be careful. I think you hit your head pretty hard.” Yes, I had. My head hurt more than it had in my dream.

“Ow,” I complained.

“That’s what I thought.” He was restraining laughter. I wanted to kiss him, but that would probably get me killed.

Figuring I should let him know that I had seen speed, I asked, “How did you get over here so fast?”

“I was standing right next to you, Bella,” If I hadn’t known him so well, I wouldn’t have seen the desperate look in his eyes. He was scraping a story together, quickly. Too bad the lie was wasted on me.

I pursed my lips and tilted my head, not believing a word. Right then, I heard the crowd of worried people, moving the van.

“You were over there,” I suddenly blurted out. “You were by your car.”
His eyes widened. “No, I wasn’t.”

“I saw you.” I insisted.

“Bella, I was standing with you, and I pulled you out of the way.” His golden eyes unleashed their full power on me. Instantly, I began to become dizzy.


“Please, Bella. Trust me.” He was almost begging now.

“You’re going to tell me everything.” It wasn’t a question. I knew he was going to tell me everything, sooner or later.

“Fine.” He snapped, not really meaning what he said.

“Fine.” I responded patiently.

Unfortunately, I had to relive the hospital experience. Chief Swan arrived, and panicked. I knew he would. “Bella!” He yelled.

“I’m completely fine, Char – Dad. There’s nothing wrong with me.” I knew there wasn’t. Yes, I was going to have a headache later tonight, but there would be no lingering complications.

Edward rode to the hospital in the ambulance with me and Tyler. In my dream, I had been upset that he had been allowed to ride up front, while I had to lie in the back. Now, I was upset because I couldn’t talk to him, see him.

The Emergency Room went smoothly. The only downside was that Tyler sat in a bed next to mine. Listening to sayings like “Bella, I’m so sorry!” for a couple hours got terribly annoying. I told him the cover story Edward wanted propagated, and closed my eyes, assured that my duty was done.

Adonis himself came into the room a little later. “Is she sleeping?” He asked. We both knew full well that I wasn’t.
I immediately opened my eyes. Tyler began to speak, “Hey, Edward, I’m really sorry-“

Putting his hand up, Edward replied, “No blood, no foul,” He smiled, flashing his perfect, razor sharp teeth. I had to work hard to stop a chuckle. He continued, “So, what’s the verdict?”

“There’s nothing wrong with me at all. I could have told you that,” My tone turned teasing, “Why aren’t you strapped to a gurney like the rest of us?”
He didn’t smile. “It’s all about who you know. But don’t worry, I came to spring you.”

At that moment, Carlisle came around the corner. It was so good to see him! How I missed him and Esme. They were truly my second parents.

“So, Miss Swan, how are you feeling?” Carlisle asked politely.

“I’m fine.” I answered, trying not to smile. He didn’t know that I would someday be his daughter. No need to seem too friendly.

“Your X-rays look good,” he said. “Does your head hurt? Edward said you hit it pretty hard.”

“It’s fine.” I replied with a sigh.

He probed my head. He hit a sore spot. I winced. “Tender?” Carlisle asked.

“Not really. I’ll be fine.”

Edward lightly laughed. “Your father is in the waiting room – you can go home with him now. But you come back if you feel dizzy or have trouble with your eyesight at all.” Carlisle informed me, silencing Edward.

“Can I go back to school?” I asked.

“Maybe you should take it easy today.” Carlisle advised.

“Fine.” I groaned.

“Do you want to stay?” Carlisle asked.

“No, no!” I insisted, trying to get up. “I’m fine.” I assured.

“Take some Tylenol for the pain,” He suggested.

“It doesn’t hurt that bad. Thank you.”

“It sounds like you were extremely lucky,” Carlisle replied, signing my chart.

“Lucky Edward happened to be standing right next to me.” I replied archly, glancing at Edward.

“Oh, well, yes.” Carlisle agreed. His eyes flickered to Edward. I tried not to smile. Why would I be smiling at all their inside jokes before I knew their true nature?

“I’m afraid that you’ll have to stay with us just a little bit longer,” Carlisle informed Tyler, breaking the awkward silence.

I looked up at Edward, wanting to talk to him, but not wanting to as well. “I’d like to speak with you alone, if you don’t mind.” I requested.

Angry, he walked down the hall while I followed. He turned, “What do you want?”

“You owe me an explanation.” I pressed. I knew I wasn’t going to get an answer, but I had to follow the chain of events as closely as possible…at least until he fell in love with me. I had to be myself. At least the myself I had been when I was still an unknowing human.

“I saved you life – I don’t owe you anything.” Even though I knew he would love me…soon, his words still hurt.

"I’d like to know why I’m lying for you.” I exclaimed.

“Bella, you hit your head, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” He quipped.

“There’s nothing wrong with my head. We both know that.” I declared.

“What do you want from me, Bella?” He glared.

Your love “I want the truth. I want a reason for lying. Don’t try to deny it. We both know I am.”

“What do you think happened?” He snapped.

I could tell him what I know happened, but that would be a good way to get killed. I decided to stick with an unknowing human story, “I only know that you weren’t anywhere near my car, and you lifted Tyler’s van. I know what I saw. Don’t you dare say I hit my head.”

“You think I lifted a van off you?” His delivery was perfect. I only wished I could be as skilled as he was at this art. I would need it in roughly eighteen months. I nodded in response.

“No one will believe that, you know.”

“I won’t tell anyone.” I wouldn’t.

“Then why does it matter?”

“It matters to me. I don’t want to lie – so there’d better be a good reason why I’m doing it.”

“Can’t you thank me and get over it?” He asked.

“Thank you.” I blurted.

“You’re not going to let it go, are you?”

“No.” How could I let it go? He was my life, and this was a key interaction between us. Besides, I had to keep this conversation as close to my dream as I could. My life depended on it. If Edward didn’t fight for me tonight at the Cullen family meeting, I might have an “accident” soon.

“In that case…I hope you enjoy disappointment.” We scowled at each other.
Now for the key question, “Why did you even bother?”

He paused. I was expecting his answer from my dream, “You’re Alice’s best friend. She would be devastated without you.”

And then he turned his back on me and walked away. I was shocked. I had an answer. He had an answer. What did this mean? Was this going to mess the whole dream up? What if he was content with that answer – that he did this for his sister? I couldn’t believe that. I would sink into depression. I didn’t want that.

Sighing, I walked into the waiting room. Charlie was there. As he started to move forward, I held up my hands, “There’s nothing wrong with me,”

“What did the doctor say?” He asked.

“Car- Dr. Cullen saw me, and he said I was fine and I could go home.” Mike, Jessica, and Eric were coming toward us. Not really wanting to speak to my so-called friends, my father and I hurried from the hospital.

When we got home, Charlie spoke again, “Um…you’ll need to call Renee.” He sounded penitent.

Not really surprised, yet wanting to ensure it wouldn’t happen again, I exclaimed, “You told Mom!”


Calming my mother down was easy. I knew where all her buttons were. She begged me to come home, but no way was I leaving Forks. Not now. Not ever.
After we hung up, I found that my headache had intensified. Three Tylenol did the trick. I had one more call to make before going to sleep.

I dialed the number. It rang once. “Hello.”

“Alice. Can you come over tonight?” I asked.

“Um, now’s not really a good time.”

“Yeah, I know; family meeting. Can you come early tomorrow morning?”

“That would be great! We can properly dress you! You are in desperate need of Couture.” Her voice went up a few octaves in excitement.

She sucked in a breath- no doubt to speak of designers and collections- but I cut her off, “I’ll see you tomorrow. I need a few answers, and I’m sure you’d like some, as well.”

“Yes. I would, Bella Swan. What was that stunt this morning? Do you know how close you came to dying?!” Alice whispered.

“Alice, trust me. I know what I’m doing. This is one situation where I can bet against you, and win.” Hmm, there might be possibilities in this avenue of thinking….

“Alright Bella. I’ll trust you. See you in the morning. Be ready for some major makeovers!”

“Night Alice.”

“Night Bella.” The line clicked.

I lay down on my bed, thinking of all that had happened today. To see the events of my life play out again, and not only see them, but change them was amazing…and terrifying. Reliving them, I could see how Edward and I had grown together over these first few weeks. So many triumphs had occurred…so many boundaries set up…so much had been learned. It was all new! And I loved it.

I drifted off to sleep, and once again dreamed of Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, my future loving husband.