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The Story of an Imprint

This a story about Quil and Claire and how they face the hardships of the imprint and Claire's destructive family life. Set in Claire's POV about 13 yrs post BD.


1. Chapter 1- Flashback.

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It seems like I’ve been driving for hours. My eyes were starting to burn from all my crying. I wiped them vigorously hoping they would stop but they continued. I looked at the clock, 11:00pm, Quil was still on patrol. I needed to talk to him; he had to explain how everything had gone wrong for me. I needed my best friend now more than ever. I stopped at the stop light took a deep breath and looked down. My dress was ripped in several places. I flinched at the pain of the memory.


Greg, my boyfriend of 3 whole weeks, and I walked to my car after we went to the movies. I was trying to impress him because he was 17 and I was only 15. My mom would kill me if she knew I took the car without permission, but she was out of town until Sunday besides my twin sister Cassie always took the car. He got in the drivers side because I told him I didn’t want to drive.

“Where are we going now?” I asked when he started the car and headed the opposite direction from both our houses.

“Well…you don’t have to be home anytime soon so I was wondering if we could go to the park and talk for a little bit?” he said. I really didn’t care what we did as long as I didn’t have to go home to that stupid party my sister was throwing which was going to get us both in trouble.

“Ok” I said I might as well enjoy the freedom while I can.

He parked the car underneath the streetlight and turned it off, but left the radio on. I laughed at the song; it was one of my favorites: Misery Business by Paramore. Greg sighed and leaned over to me. He kissed me and I willingly kissed him back. He pulled back as I was really starting to get into it.

“What wrong?” I said a little out of breath.

“It’s just…the stick shift is in the way” he said pointing to it.

I laughed and jumped in the back seat. He got in the back with me. He grabbed me and pulled me to him and we began kissing again. I was really getting the hang of this making out thing well at least he seemed to think so. After about 10 minutes his kisses got more urgent and rough and then he tried to pull me on top of him. I had a dress on so I resisted. As his hands pulled me to him my feet pushed off the floor sliding me back in the opposite direction. He wasn’t getting the hint, so I broke the kiss.

“No” I whispered.

“Awww come on Claire. I just want to be closer to you.” He said laying his head back on the seat.

“Greg can’t we just make out like this?” I told him. I wasn’t ready for anything more well at least I thought so.

“Fine. I just thought you were more mature.” He said shaking his head. He leaned into me but I pulled back.

“I am mature. I just…” I didn’t know what I was doing. He was 17 and I knew he had plenty of experience and he was here on a date with a 15 year old who had none.

“It’s okay Claire, let me take you home.” He said climbing back into the front seat.

I stopped him and pulled him back down and started kissing him. He pulled me on top and I willingly did, but I pulled my dress down as far as it would go. I continued kissing him. He moved his hands down my back and I broke the kiss to get air. As I pulled in air he kissed down my neck and over to my collarbone and down to my cleavage. I gasped as he lightly thumbed my breast. It felt good. I pulled his mouth to mine and started kissing him roughly. His hands grabbed my hips making them grind on top of him. What the fuck is he doing? I stopped and jumped off his lap.

“What are you doing?” I told him fixing my disheveled hair.

He sighed heavily. “Claire…it’s what teenagers do? You can’t say you didn’t like it?” he said.

“I did but…”

“But what? You trust me right?” he interrupted.

“Yea but…” I was still trying to wrap my head around it. Did I trust him?

“So relax and stop thinking about it so much” he said as he leaned and kissed me.

He hovered above me as I kissed him timidly. The kiss started like before and I started to relax. He kissed my neck and collarbone and lightly rubbed my breast again. I threw my head back and gasped. He came back up to kiss me again. I could feel his hips pressing lightly against mine, but I was trying not to think about it so much. I felt him pull the strap down on my dress and I heard a rip as he pushed my dress up. He kept kissing me which was a distraction to what his hands were beginning to do. His hands brushed more urgently against my breast dipping into my dress to feel them. I moaned as he thumped my bare nipple. I let him keep going because it did feel good. Hell better than good; it felt great. He pulled away from my mouth and started kissing my chest his tongue smoothly licked over my nipple sucking it lightly. I moaned again. Now I see why my sister liked it so much. His hands started moving up my dress grabbing my underwear I gasped. And grabbed his hands stopping them.

“No” I shouted. But his hands still tried to pull them down.

“Greg I said no” I shouted again. He sighed.

“Come on you’ll like it.” He said as he dipped his hand passed my underwear and stuck his finger inside me. I tried to get up but his hand kept me down as he kept pushing his finger inside me. My hands were grabbing his trying to stop him, but my strength only stopped him from going in further. I let my hands go and he trusted 2 fingers inside me. I yelped and his other hand had my shoulder pinned down as he continued to finger me.

“Stop” I yelled but he didn’t so I thrust the back of my palm up his nose. He fell back to the door and I jumped up and opened it, so he would fall out. I locked the door and jump in the driver’s seat and took off leaving him there.