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The Story of an Imprint

This a story about Quil and Claire and how they face the hardships of the imprint and Claire's destructive family life. Set in Claire's POV about 13 yrs post BD.


2. Chapter 2

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I was arriving at my Aunt Emily’s now she would call Quil for me. I jumped out the car and knocked on the door. Emily opened it and took one look at me and hugged me.

“What happened, Claire?” she asked quietly. I started crying as I thought about what had happened. She pulled me into the house and sat me down in the dining room.

“Can you call Quil for me please?” I said wiping the tears.

“Sure sweetie. Sam.” she yelled he came into the dining room and looked at me.

“What happened?” he yelled.

“Sam, get Quil here now” she said. He stepped outside.

“Now sweetie what happened?” She asked again.

I knew I could tell her anything. I sighed.“Oh auntie I don’t know how it happened it was just kissing then he was trying to do other stuff and I told him to stop but he wouldn’t” I blurted out as I hugged her.

She gasped. “HE RAPED YOU!!!” she yelled.

Sam came barging in, shaking mad. “Where is he?” he snarled.

“Not technically” I said looking down.

“Sam, give us a minute. Where’s Quil?” she asked.

“He’s on his way but its going to be about 20 minutes he’s close to Seattle.” He stated and walked out.

“Now what do you mean by not technically?” she asked me when Sam was gone.

“He stuck his fingers in me.” I whispered.

She gasped. “I KILL HIM MYSELF.” She yelled then she looked at me and calmed down. “Sweetie Do you hurt anywhere?” I thought about it. I was so full of shame and adrenaline that I hadn’t stop to think about if I was hurt.

It feels a little sore and my legs do too” I told her blushing with shame.

She grabbed my hand and towed me to the guest bathroom. “Come on I just want to make sure you’re not seriously injured.” She said. She sat me on the toilet and looked at my legs. “You got scratches on the inside of your thighs.” She told me angrily. She looked at me for an explanation.

“It’s probably from me trying to pull his hands away.” I told her though I had no idea if that was really how they got there.

She took a deep breath to calm her self. “Here take a shower it will make you feel better and then I’ll treat the wound.” She handed me a towel and stepped out.

I took a shower but it didn’t make me feel better only Quil could make me feel better. I got out and wrapped the towel around me. Auntie Em came in and treated my wounds and handed me some clothes I always had clothes here. We walked into the living room and she cradled me into her as I began crying again. Quil came flying in the house I ran to him and hugged him.

“What happened, Claire?” he asked me. I didn’t answer I just needed him to hold me. “Claire?” he said after a while. I pulled back to see him. He wiped the tears from my eyes.

I sighed and pulled him outside. I sat on the porch swing and he sat next to me. “Quil, I…” I didn’t know where to begin, but I knew what he would do when I told him. “You promise not to go crazy?” I asked him. Quil was so protective of me and I knew that he would react worse that Sam had. He nodded. I took a deep breath.

“Ok well I was on a date with Greg and we went to the park after the movies and we started kissing and well…he did things to me that I didn’t want.” I whispered.

Quil was already off the swing and down the stairs walking to my car.

“Where is that…that well whatever he is he won’t be for long?” he snarled looking for my keys.

“Quil you promised not to do this.” I yelled getting up from the swing and following him.

“I know Claire but you can’t drop something in my lap like that and expect me not to react this way. Where the hell is he? And where are the keys?” he said damn near ripping the door off.

“Quil can you listen to the whole story before you try to kill him?” I asked.

“Try?...” he scoffed. “…He’s dead!” he snarled. I knew he would do this. I stepped in front of him.

“I came here for your comfort...not this” I yelled the tears were streaming down.

His shaking stopped. He took a couple of deep breaths and hugged me. “I’m sorry Claire. I just lost it. I’m so sorry.” He whispered. I felt better now.

“Ok so the whole story?” He asked. I sighed and walked over to the front of the car.

“He didn’t…well we didn’t have sex if that’s what your thinking” I hesitated. I knew I could tell him this without being embarrassed but I still felt that way.

“Go on Claire.” He said.

“Well we were kissing in the back seat and he pulled me on top of him and at first I didn’t want to but then I gave in. Then he started trying to make me grind on him so I jumped off. He told me that was what teenagers did and I didn’t want him to think I was immature or something so I kissed him again and he started kissing me in others places and at first I liked it; it felt good but then he lifted my dress up and tried to pull my underwear down. I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t then he…he, he” I stopped. I didn’t know if I could tell him the next part; it was so mortifying.

“You can tell me Claire.” He said softly. I smiled he knew me so well, but then I frowned.

“He stuck his finger in me…I tried to pull back but he had me pinned down. I was pulling at his hand but it wouldn’t budge. Then he pushed 2 fingers in me and I shouted for him to stop but he wouldn’t then I hit him in the nose and kicked him out the car and drove off.” I said wiping the tears again.

Quil was taking deep breaths trying to keep calm; trying not to phase. “Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?” he asked once he was calm.

“Em says I have some scratches on my thighs. Probably from me trying to yank his hands away from me. Quil tell what I did wrong?” I begged.

He looked appalled. “You didn’t do anything Claire? Why would you say that? That monster did everything wrong?” he told me.

“I mean if I would’ve stopped the first time this would’ve happened. But no I had to prove that I could be mature. I just didn’t think it would mean we would have sex.” I squealed.

Quil was shaking his hand angrily. “No, No, No, Claire it didn’t matter that you didn’t stop. When you told him to stop he should have. That’s the bottom line. He did something to you that you didn’t want. He was wrong.” He said his fists were shaking again.

I exhaled and hugged him.“Thanks Quil” I whispered.

“No problem” We stayed like that for a minute then I pulled back.

“I better get home. The party should be over by now.” I told him

“Party?” he asked as he walked over to the drivers side.

“Yeah Cassie had a party...what are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m driving you home. Get in.” he said. I walked over to the other side and hopped in the car.