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The Story of an Imprint

This a story about Quil and Claire and how they face the hardships of the imprint and Claire's destructive family life. Set in Claire's POV about 13 yrs post BD.


3. Chapter 3- Why am I such I wimp?

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When we got to my house I couldn’t hear the music so I jumped out. Quil followed. When I got in the house I groaned. There was trash everywhere and Cassie was on the couch passed out. I shook my head as we walked into my room. She was always the party animal of us two. Luckily I had locked my room it looked the same as it did when I left. I went and changed into some PJ’s while Quil sat on the bed. As I got changed I looked at the scratches Aunt Emily had seen. They were definitely from my nails, but they didn’t hurt anymore. I sighed and walked back into my bedroom. Quil was snoring, I laughed quietly everybody in the pack had that talent. Awake one second and snoring the next. I turned off the light and layed in bed next to him falling asleep to the sound of his snoring.

I woke up the next morning and Quil was already gone. I looked on the pillow that he was sleeping on and there was a note. Had patrol, see you later. I sighed and walked into the living room. When I walked out my room Cassie was in the hallway picking up trash. I laughed and walked passed her to the kitchen.

“You could help you know.” She muttered.

“Your party, your guest, your clean up. My only duty is not to tell Mom.” I said as I poured me a bowl of cereal. “I’m taking the car to La push at 10 so if you need a ride somewhere you better be ready to go.” I told her.

She threw the cups in the trash and plunked down in the chair across from me. “You took the car last night. I get it today” she tried to argue.

“Nope you had the party so that’s why I took the car beside I have to get to La Push to babysit for Em. If you need to go somewhere call one of your boyfriends.” I laughed. Cassie was very popular with the boys, so was I, but I never put out so they usual drifted to her.

“Fine, how did the date go?” she asked.

I rolled my eyes. “Terrible” I said.

“Claire?” Cassie yelled.

“I don’t want to talk about that... that pushy bastard!” I shouted.

She looked at me to gage how serious I was being. “What did he do?” she stood up looking for the keys. If I wasn’t so mad I would’ve laughed she reminded me of Quil.

“Calm down Cass. I gave him a broken nose and I pretty sure it took awhile to get home too.” I said laughing. She looked confused. I sighed and began my tale about last night.

“I’m going to kill him!!” she shouted.

“You’ll have to beat Quil to it.” I commented. I got up and washed my dishes. She still looked mad. “Look, it’s over now he got what he deserved and I’m fine. Don’t give yourself a heart attack Sis.” I said rubbing her shoulder before going into my room to get dress for the day.

I drove to La Push, stopped at the store to grab some snacks for the kids. Sam and Em had their own little liter. Sam Jr. was 11, Chris was 8, and Mya was 4. I parked the car and hopped out. The door was opened so I walked in. I sat the bag on the table.

“I’m here Em?” I yelled.

The kids came flying out and hugging me. “Claire” they yelled.

“Hey kids” I picked Mya up and kissed the boys.

Emily walked out and hugged me. “You okay?” she asked.

I nodded as I took the kids outside to play.

“I’ll be back around 4” she called out as she left out the front door. I played with the kids until it was time for their nap. Once they were all down I went into the front room to watch some TV.

The boys came barging in “I don’t care it was his shift” Embry yelled.

I shushed him. “The kids are sleep” I whispered. Him and Paul went into the kitchen and grabbed some food. Embry sat down next to me and handed me a bottle of water. “Thanks” I told him.

He settled in and watched TV with me. After about an hour I went and checked on the kids. They were still sleeping; I would give them one more hour before waking them. I looked in the fridge for something to make them when they wake up. “You guys eat up everything around here.” I told Embry; Paul had left with Rachel about 10 minutes ago.

He shrugged. “I heard about what happened. Hope you know Quil still gonna kill him.” he said.

I sighed. “Yea, I figured. I don’t know what I’m going to do bout that.” I said sitting on the counter. I didn’t mind that the pack knew what had happened last night I had accepted the pack mind concept a long time ago. I started thinking about last night and I shuddered, thinking of how crazy it had all turned out. Why did I have to be such a punk about everything? Cassie was having sex why couldn’t I?

“What are you thinking so hard about?” Embry asked.

I shrugged. “I’m such a wimp” I cried out.

“Yeah you are!” he laughed.

I jumped off the counter and smacked him. “Thanks a lot for pouring salt on the wound.” I said.

“Oh come on Claire I was just playing. What are you talking about anyway?” he asked.

“Why can’t I have sex” I whispered I pulled myself back up on the counter.

He sat up straight in shock. “Ugh, maybe you should be having this convo with Quil. He’s better at this type of stuff than me.” he said nervously. I groaned. “Claire, just so you know. You’re not a wimp for holding out, that’s the smart thing to do.” He said sincerely.

I sighed. If having sex was a pleasurable as everyone says then maybe I wanted to be dumb…for once I wanted to be the careless one. “Thanks, Em. I just…” Emily came in with bags in her hand. “Your home early” I said hopping down from the counter and helping her.

“Yeah I decided to not go to Port Angeles.” She said. Embry got up and helped too. “Thanks for watching the kids” she said as I headed out the house to the car.