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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


1. On our way

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Somehow I woke to not my alarm but my phone ringing, it was the second Saturday of the month and not holidays so me and my friends went shopping in Port Angeles it was sort of a tradition starting when we were in 3rd grade when we all met and obviously Ambers mum took us then. Amber was sort of the fashion diva from the age of 9 to 16, she had long blonde hair, which I liked but she wanted to dye it all different sorts of colours and green eyes which suited her, but the one thing that stood out she was pretty beautiful well most of my friends were. I eventually answered the phone a very familiar voice from the other line which was Angharad but more of a shout,

BELLA! Where are you?! The bus is here and,” The voice calmed down “You slept in again didn't you.”

A bit afraid I fell whilst trying to put on some jeans as fast as I could “Yeah,”

Well you better get down here, lucky for you there are so many people are going to Port Angeles,”

I hung up the phone slipped on a top and some shoes grabbed my bag and jacket and I locked the door behind me after shouting “I'M GOING NOW DAD,”

A mumble came from the kitchen.

I ran to the bus stop and sure enough there was many people on the bus and a annoyed Angharad in front of me. But she shoved me gently and handed me $50. I refused and said “No worries I've got a pur...” I searched my bag and said “I must've left it at home.” I took the money “I'll pay you back”

I was the last on the bus and I then sat next to Angharad, she lifted the edges of her mouth in what seemed to be a smile. Angharad would either chat for the whole ride or stay quite, this time she was quiet but she glanced back at Amber occasionally, like they were mind talking.

I just stared out of Angharad's window most of the way.

Angharad, would most people would say was beautiful in sort of a hypnotizing way, so when you looked at her she would hypnotize you. Her skin was warm and smooth but the colour white chalk, her aurben hair was shoulder length and it never seemed to grow. And like Amber she had green eyes but a bit more bluey. She was probably the strongest, imaginative and just a bit weird but could be quite aggressive at times.

Unlike Angharad, Amelia had brown hair that was long and with light blue eyes, it was almost like a dog? But Amelia was gentle, smart, not funny and friendly but also beautiful.

Aimee was the tallest and the best singer, she's done loads of concerts and performances, but she also had brown hair the longest in fact and hazel/brown eyes. She was kind and friendly can be mean and she does a type of martial arts and she is as well beautiful. An all rounded person.

All they're names begin with A but mine B that's right boring old Bella Swan, always the runner up and not at all beautiful or different, I'm like from those movies where people are all clones and have no feelings.