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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


10. So i'm not what i think I am

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“Well, um see um I um well...” Angharad stuttered and stood up.

The boy said “who are you anyway?”

Angharad turned “I'm Angharad, that's Amber and that's Bella,”

His eyes widened “You mean Angharad, Amber Agents, spies

Angharad nodded, “Yeah,”

Amber walked in and Ash behind her, he walked up to Angharad and hugged her. I saw Angharad's leg lift behind her and kicked him in the shin, Ash hopped away “What the hell?”

Angharad sighed “Not 10 minutes really Ash” She turned to face him then sat down.

Angharad said “So and you are?”

The boy looked at Angharad “James, what am I here for,”

Angharad looked at Amber, Amber stood up and walked to James and gently touched his hands with her eyes closed and head turned away, as soon as they touched they pulled back.

James looked up “This is way beyond cool,”

Ash sat next to Angharad and lifted her onto his lap, Angharad lent back to his chest, “Any way,” She said “Which school do you go to?”

James said “Forks high same as you, every morning I see you getting on the bus laughing, I could you be like that after seeing all those awful things, and always laughing,” I stared into space then flicked his head between Angharad and Amber “But Amber you just do nothing, listen to your music but depressed, I can tell, and you Bella? Jealous, annoyed, bored, low self-esteem and lack in confidence,” He shook his head gently “Sorry, it just comes out sometimes.” But he was right I was all those things, and the same with Amber and Angharad.

I blurted out “So what are you?”

He turned to me, I never really noticed how deep his eyes were, it was a confused look with wide pupils, “Vamp you?”

I heard a voice in my head say day breaker. Now before he gets suspicious.

“A day breaker,”

He narrowed his eyes “You human?”

The voice was back, say yes


“Oh, but I've noticed that Edward guy stalking you around school, I can't believe you've never noticed him, he likes you, not many girls actually none expect you any way, stupid vampire, that explains it he's not one of us, indestructible, never sleeps, god he must be tired. And his eyes change but they have limited powers not us,”

My head was boiling but I tried to keep my mind off that subject, “Ash?”

His head flicked his head to me, dark green eyes blank, “Yeah”

“You were there when Angharad got staked,” Angharad leaned over clenching the skin by her heart,

Ash said “Uh uh,”

I didn't know what to say “Um what happened to me?”

James looked shocked “Who staked you?!” He paused “MAYA! Oh no god she's back,”

Ash said “Your a wild power, you let off waves of anger in one burst, powerful anger, one of the strongest things on earth, only torments who you want so be careful, oh and also you reincarnate, you've had different lives since people have just existed, but you don't remember any I'm not letting you know, only a few people are like you, see now you should build your confidence your one of the strongest creatures on earth, Us, weird vamps, witch vamps, you-wild power, shape shifters, werewolves then witches, oh then a long long long way down is human. Pathetic creatures but still I can live with them.”

I was shocked and surprised “Not weak?”

Angharad laughed the same laugh she always did “We've never realised, oh sorry I wrote all those comments of you being weak and pathetic human in my diary,”

Ash stopped her half way and peered over her shoulder “You have a diary?”

Angharad stood up and shuffled backwards “No I just um better go home,”

Ash replied “To write in your diary?”

Angharad narrowed her eyes and pulled Ash and dragged him out the door “See ya I'm going home,”

The door slammed and I said “I better follow see you tomorrow Amber,”

Amber shouted “I'll stay bye”

I walked out the door and ran to Angharad's house, the door was open, I peeped inside, Angharad was fighting Ash but laughing at the same time, Ash was fighting back, Angharad kicked him right in the middle of the chest and he flew into her wall, Angharad Ran over and helped him up, but some how Ash was lying on the floor with Angharad sitting on him giggling, I spoke up “Hi,”

There heads turned to me simultaneously and there eyes turned like cat's.