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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


11. Cullen's

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Angharad’s and Ash’s head look at me then each other then me again I grew the courage and spoke up “I’d better go,” I pointed towards the door, Angharad’s head still flicking toward each person confused, I headed out the door and shut it behind me. I saw a silver Volvo pull up the side of the road from the window a voice said “Bella, want a lift?”

Oh my god, he was stalking me,

I’ve seen this Edward guy



He was a vampire, I opened the car door and slid in, I faced him and said “Do you know someone called James?”

He eyes still on the road, “Um a last name will help,”

“Well, tall black hair, blue eyes very pale skin,”

“Vaguely why?”

“He’s not good at keeping secrets,”

“What do you mean?”
“Don’t do that! He spilled everything, does this give you a clue?” I brushed my hair away from my neck and talked in a different tone “Hello Mr. Vampire do you want my neck to be a three course meal, obviously I may die but you don’t care ’cause you kill people for fun,”

The screeched to a halt, no cars were coming, Edward turned his slowly and when his expression came it looked confused “What?”

“I know you’re a vampire!!!!”

“Oh okay, well this the part where I ask if your scared, so are you scared?”

I laughed “Yes I am, no no just joking,”

He looked confused “Bella, has anyone ever told you, to never I mean NEVER be a comedian,?”


I looked up at his vampire features, pale skin – check,

Gleaming teeth – check,

And over-all beauty, - double check.

Vampire is written all over him.

He started diving again I asked “So why are you stalking me?”

He didn't stop driving but just stayed silent until a few words came “All in good time, all depends,”

Wait Master Yoda, What does that mean,”

“Read the words you'll figure it out,”

Read the words, So master Yoda.

He reached over my lap and opened the door, “see you at school. Good night”

I got out the car and said “see ya,”

I closed the door and ran to my porch Edward stayed in his car not moving, my head was hurting, my mind felt foggy,

“Mummy, why are you leaving, Where you going?”

“Bells don't worry, I'll be back soon okay, be good for daddy now,”

Mummy went to the car and got inside, I ran after her and hid in the back, it was a long drive, half way through they found me,

“There's a kid back there,”

A cloud of fog came and they were putting their hands over Mummy's mouth, her kicking was scary, me next, I struggled to get the door open, Mummy lay on the front seat, tears weld up in my eyes, I was screaming and pulling at the door, I opened it and fell out into a clump of bushes, limping my way home, lost in the woods,

I turned my body against the wall but had not strength, I fell forward on my face.

“BELLA , BELLA WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!”

“You idiot, Bella wake up you idiot,”

“Why won't she,”

“This is all your fault,”

“Me how!”

“She was on her porch and fainted, it's none of our faults OKAY!”

I was awake I could see everyone, Bella your not awake, I'm ordering you open your eyes and sit up.

Who are you?

At this point in time you don't need to know just wake up.

I sat up and looked around, I was in a white unfamiliar room surrounded by, Angharad, Ash, Amelia, Amber, James, Jake, Edward and six unfamiliar pale faces. Through the door, Charlie rushed in.


He was rushing in dabbing a damp cloth over my fore head “Are you okay, no bumps or cuts or a temperature or a fever anything?”

“Dad I'm fine,”

I got off this couch and widened my arms for balance

Good girl, you did it.

There was 3 males and 3 females I didn't remember.

There was a girl, shorter than me with black hair and colorless eyes just black. In fact they all had colorless eyes. One girl she was so beautiful, long blonde hair, And the other was calm and had brown hair, she reminded me of Mum.

There was 2 muscular boys, one with light brown hair that made me feel so uncomfortable and the other with wild blonde hair, he made me smile for no reason just... Well there was also a another with sort of a powerful look, like he had respect a Dad, more than a king or something with short blonde hair. He reached out a hand and said “Hello, Carlilse Cullen, and this is my family, Edward as you know and Esme my wife,” He he gestured toward the calm mum, “This is Alice and Jasper,” The short black haired girl walked over to me grabbing the one with the wild hair, “And this,” Carlilse kept talking “Rosalie and Emmett,” The beautiful blonde stepped forward and so did the one that made me feel uncomfortable.

I stuttered “Hey,”

Alice smiled and me.

Don't trust them any of those Cullen's there nothing but trouble, they want to kill you.

Angharad was clenching the table until it broke, she said sharply “This is for staking me you rotten bitch,”

She brought her leg up and kicked me like she did to Ash earlier, I flew into grand piano in the corner of the room, it didn't hurt at all,

I'm glad I stopped the pain for you, I don't want you to be hurt,

“Bella I am so sorry, her lies, she's taking over you, don't listen to her,”

Trust ME, she tried to hurt you, listen to me

I can't not trust my friends

“She's stronger in you it's literally killing me, Maya would you shut your mouth and leave her in peace,”

The voice didn't come back “That was Maya?”

“Who else,”