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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


12. Voice

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“Um Maya, okay,”

I'm not Maya Got it,

Go Away

But I'm here to...

Just leave me alone


Help? With what?

Just do as I say!




Angharad's voice sounded like a stranger's “Oh Great she's back Bella don't listen or I seriously will kill you,”

She's lying over and over- lies of poison, it hurts me.


My voice rushed out “Oh Great shut up Angharad can't you see it hurts,”

A puzzled look emerged on her face “Hurt who,”


My voice repeated every word “Angel”

I looked round everyone circling me with confused looks “Who?”

Angel I'm Angel

My eyes narrowed “Angel”

Amber took my shoulders and looked behind her facing Carlisle “I think she's got amnesia,?”

Carlisle stood in front of me “Not amnesia, she's being possessed”

Possessed, that's so idiotic.

“I think,” Ash paused

Amelia said “No-one cares okay Ash,”

Angharad pushed Ash out the way “Hey!”

Amelia stood up to her but she was still shorter “Yeah, and um I could so kick your ass!!”

Angharad looked down, their height was just a little difference “Really?” She held out her left hand “A werewolf,” She held out her right hand “Or a night world vampire spy that's been trained for 5 years most days, hum lets see, who would win,” She lifted one eyebrow

Aimee butted in “Amelia, she has got a really good point there, I'm mean you would never beat a Vamp but a fully trained one, brought up with violence,”

I said “But you control the violence so well,”

Angharad flicked her flaming red hair “Speciality but anyway Amelia can you kick my ass?”

She looked back up with her eyes narrowed, “I'll try,”

The words stuttered out of my mouth “I don't think you should...”

Angharad walked backwards “See you in the wood,” Then her pale body dissolved into thin air.

Amelia rushed off, Edward stayed behind as the rest of them followed.

His voice was angelic “So, voice troubles?”

We started walking toward the wood,

“Yeah, I guess but not in a bad way,”

“What? Not in a bad way?”

“Yeah, I guess,”

“Oh, oh okay,”

“Well, I don't exactly know,”

We walked out the door and Edward closed it slowly,

“So,” I chattered, “What do you do- a job or anything,”

“Um, I don't- I , I mean us earn enough money,”

I looked at the tall mocking building behind me, I flicked my head back “How?”

“Well, our type of Vampire, don't have as much power as like Angharad but get one power and um evolve it over the years, me for example I mind read,”

I said challenging “What am I thinking,”

“honestly I have no idea, I can't read your mind,”

“Really, so what other powers,”

“Alice, she sees the future, and Jasper can control peoples feelings,”
“Oh,” I was impressed but when I heard my voice didn't.

Hey- you like him- DON'T!
What, Angel- go away.

No, listen don't, he doesn't though he thinks your stupid, idiotic, dumb,

I didn't mean to but I said “Shut up I get it!!!”

He looked at me confused, “What?”
I breathed out in what seemed to be a small laugh and looked away.

A wind shot passed, the wind was talking “If your gonna come, hurry up”

It giggled slightly and shot away.