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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


2. Shopping

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Eventually we arrived at the bus stop in Port Angeles. The main reason for the shopping trip was to get a full outfit for the midsummer's night ball at school. Obviously no boy has asked me yet, but loads have asked the others. Angharad is gaining the courage to ask one of her friends which happens to be a boy she likes~ Mark Carter, he's a good choice, but Angharad has known him for ages and doesn't know how to ask him. But it's obvious that she like likes him, but she's never been that interested in boys. Mark has dark brown hair which is almost black and bright blue eyes and is handsome, a perfect match since they are totally opposites, Mark's so shy. Amelia any way has already got a date Jacob Black, lucky her. Jake is so handsome like nothing I've ever seen. Shopping with Amber is so fun she has this massive do's and don't s about fashion. Walking up the high street Amber nudged me and said “Do you want to come for a sleepover tonight to like see the outfits?” I replied with no haste “Sure” We walked into a shop and before we went into the shop Angharad handed me another $25 and said with her hands cupped over her mouth “You'll see” We walked in and I saw a dress it was light pink with white swirls I ran straight to it and the label said 10 $45 made in china And I looked at Angharad and I said “you so know me” She replied quietly “not exactly” I looked at her confused. She walked over by Aimee and picked a size 8 white dress with a red ribbon round the waist, she smiled and waited for Aimee to finish picking. Aimee grabbed the dress next to Amber which was plain violet. Her and Angharad walked to the changing rooms, I quickly followed. I was first to finish changing, I looked in the mirror and twirled, I saw Angharad behind me and I moved. The dress on Angharad made her seem that much slimmer and the white dress blended in with her chalk white skin, and Aimee soon came out, the purple dress really suited her. They both went in and came out fully dressed in there normal clothes. I didn't see Amber's or Amelia's dresses or them in them. We all found shoes and I was left with about $19 out of $75. Instead of going home we walked round the park and everyone hired a boat to share. Not me though I hate the water, so I found a place to sit with the shoes and dresses. I looked around at the plain landscape full of wildlife and found a seat, I asked the man “Um excuse me could I sit here,” The man looked up and it wasn't a man but a boy around my age 17 my friends will turn 17 soon to this year. But the boy looked like an angel and started making conversation with me.