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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


3. I know

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The boy introduced himself “Hi I'm Edward Cullen, what's your name?”

I hesitated and said “Bella, well Isabella Swan but people call me Bella,”

Amber, Amelia and Aimee were giggling and Angharad was concentrating on something whilst staring at Edward.

Edward asked me “Um so were do you live?”

“I live in Forks oh and those are my friends, where do you live?”

“Just outside of Forks and my Dad is Dr. Carilse Cullen, I think we go to the same school,”

“Oh yeah I've seen you around.”

I turned my head to see how everyone was getting on but I just saw Angharad in front of me staring at Edward like she was staring at Amber earlier. All Edward did was nod.

Amber, Aimee and Amelia came of the boat and we were ready to go to Ambers house for a sleepover.

The bus home was longer than before, but on the way we stopped at the supermarket and Angharad bought stuff for pizza.

When we were home I phone Charlie, he was my Dad and told him I was going to be at Ambers.

Everyone else had stuff here and Angharad brought spare pyjamas for me, she always knew everything.

Angharad said “You can put a film on I'll make the pizzas I know your favourites so I'll start making them”

Amelia replied “Don't you like scary movies?”

Angharad answered to that in a flash “No!”

She went into the kitchen and Amber put a film on.

All the way through it there were screams and tension.

A few minutes after the film ended Angharad called “Dinner!”

She brought in four at a time which was more than I could. She placed all our pizza's on our laps, she was right it was our favourites.

After we all finished Amelia cleaned up and I was just turning the television off when Angharad said “I'll just be outside,”

Everyone else nodded as she stepped out the door. I just remembered I needed to talk to Angharad alone about what the staring was about, I followed her outside with a torch.

Amelia screamed “NOOO don't go,”

I ignored her as I followed Angharad into the woods. I was freezing and goosebumps were travelling up my arm.

I had no idea were Angharad was going or why, but I got closer I saw a figure kneeling in front of a deer. I got the torch firmly in my hand as I turned it on. I was scared. The creature turned around , the eyes were a blue-green sort of colour and there skin was chalky white with massive canines. And blood was covering the creatures mouth, the deer's blood. The creature, I realised was... Angharad. Her eyes looked away. I screamed and ran through the freezing bitter night, dodging the trees as I ran in there way.

As I'm clumsy, I ran and tripped as Angharad, wide eyes slowly walked until she was above me. I knew to much like this was going to be slow and painful death...