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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


4. Vampires? Or what?

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Angharad was bending down next to me and I was waiting for the bite in my neck. By now I figured out she was a vampire, not my friend, she was just waiting to kill me. Adrenalin was rushing through me, I shouted “YOU BLOOD SUCKING LEECH!!!!

She seemed paralysed, I thought, now is my only chance.

I through my arm under her chin. She fell on the cold ground ... Unconscious. I was trying to remember what killed vampires, a stake more likely wood.

I found a thick part of a branch which was sharp at the end. I positioned it over Angharad's heart, and what did matter of her death she's kill millions of people probably.

A voice came from below me, she was awake, “Not likely, I've never killed any people, and any way if you kill me you'll need to hide ~ in Mars.”

I was retaliating “Why did you kill deer then?”

More voices were behind me “You TOLD her!!”

Angharad talked back “ No I never do you think I would want Hunter Redfern to kill me or the council! Any way Bella here saw me killing that deer, because the pain was to much, think about it Amber, having to drink blood to live!!” Angharad turned to me “ Fine kill me, watch my skin turn yellow, watch me turn to dust as every person walk past, GO ON, save me a painful death of burning!!!!” By now tears were coming through her eyes as she layed on the frozen dirt. I was stricken by her words, I was speechless. I looked back and froze Amber was there, but a panther and a wolf, my breathing fast and short, I turned and ran but in front of me was a wolf , behind me was Amber, to the left, a panther, and to the right and blood sucking leech.

I turned behind me to Amber and asked “So what are you?”

She answered very casually “A Witch, oh and the wolf's Amelia and you can then guess what Aimee is, a Shape shifter. Come on we'll go inside and talk,”

I grew angrier, why did they keep this from ME.

Once inside Angharad was the first to talk, since Amber was working on something and Amelia and Aimee were still animals.

“Bella, I'm a Lamia, this needs explaining, I was born a Vampire and a descented of Maya, Maya was the first Vampire, but originally a witch, she had the powers to do magic and transform into animals, since I'm not a direct descented I'm dilute so I don't transform. Vampires are mostly made and can not age or reproduce, but though the lamia can but we also can stop ageing or start again when we wish.

“We need human, well any creatures blood that have oxygen, because vampire blood can not carry oxygen. All though we can also die from wood and fire but we can't change into bats. And sunlight can't harm us but only weaken our powers which are superhuman strength, speed and agility. We are also described as an unearthly beauty. Oh and you won't find any made vampire over 20 since they can't survive the transformation.

“Also there are like symbols, for Vampires it's a black iris.”