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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


5. More complicated

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Amber started talking as Angharad trudged upstairs “Being a witch or a vampire is awesome these two creatures are basic and only used for protection, 2nd class, were as in me and Angharad are 1st oh and we're cousins technically,” She chuckled. Silence, crushed by a thud as Angharad jumped of the top banister and landed with perfect grace.

She ran to the door opened it, pulled someone in and closed it, she then hugged the person in about 3 seconds. She eventually pulled away.

The boy was tall and lanky with deep blue eyes and blonde hair, and like Angharad has pale skinned. He started talking “I got of the train and started walking to the hotel, I felt her following her! I started running her since it was closer, I thought a least someone would be here, she ran after me, I turned back when I got here she turned and ran off.” He turned to me “Hi I'm Ash,”

I nodded “I'm Bella, but who?”

He paused and stood still “Maya”

More silence.

I broke it “I thought she was good,”

Angharad spoke “I missed that part out, she killed Thierry, and he went out of control he killed whole tribes, his soul mate.

I said “Soul mate?”

Amelia answered “Your other half, partner, people who are made for each other and once met hate to separate.”

Angharad guided Ash to the two seats left on the black couch. He sat then she did. Angharad leaned on him and brought her feet up so she was more or less a ball.

I asked “Angharad are you and Ash...”

She didn't look at me but just nodded

I talked back “I thought you liked Mark?”

She smiled “As a protective big brother but I'm a lot stronger he knows about us he's in circle daybreak.”

I was confused Aimee helped “A group of Night world people and humans around the world who are trying to combine us together. We are all apart of it.”

Oh okay... People who want Night world and humans, sounds dangerous..

I was talking to Amber now “How are you cousins?” I looked at Angharad.

She said “You know Maya,” I nodded “Well me ancestor was Hellwise Hearth-woman, Maya was her sister and also a Hearth-woman, children of Hecate witch queen, but I'll explain that story another time, I'm just sooo tired, is anyone else?”

Angharad stuck her arm and said “ME, were can I sleep, because if Aimee turns into a dog, she and Amelia can sleep by the fire place.”

Amelia and Aimee looked up but Aimee was still a panther and Amelia a wolf.

Amber pointed “Third door on the right upstairs the spare room.”

Angharad wined “Ash help, I cant carry all my stuff,” He laughed and grabbed her suitcase putting his spare arm around her.

They walked upstairs. A few minutes later Ash came down the stairs and sat down, Amelia walked out the room and can back out as what looked like a human “Now my turn,”