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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


6. Maya returns

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“There are two kinds of werewolves, mine and the other, the other type always have to kill when they eat since they need to eat organs, gross huh, but mine don't we eat normal human food and grow although we can stop ageing and the other type are harmed by sliver. Oh and the symbol is a foxglove,”

I asked Amber “So what's a witches symbol?”

She replied “oh it's a dahlia and it's a violet for lost witches, and iron is poison to us.”

I turned to Aimee who had now walked out the room and came back as a human form. She open her mouth to speak when a scream came from the top of the stairs and I saw Angharad roll down them. She reached the floor still close to the ground pushed herself against the wall terrified, tears were rolling down them as fast as she rolled down the stairs. A long scar was fading away travelling from her forehead to the bottom of her neck, whimpering she said “No no no please,”

I tall girl made her way gracefully down the stairs, she had long black hair and eyes, that if you stared at long enough you would see they fade into each changing colour.

I heard Ash say in a low growl “Maya.”

Maya laughed “So, scared of ME?!”

He replied “Yes in fact I am”

He made his way over to Angharad and helped her up. Angharad said “Why are you here shouldn't you be finding your soul mate, alive for, what since 10,000 bc and you still haven't found him, and me alive for what 17 years and I've found mine, not very good at seeking the obvious.”Angharad smiled cheekily, Maya scowled.

Amber was concerned “Angharad, I don't think you should annoy her.”

Maya shouted back “The witch is right you shouldn't you can't imagine what I could do.”

Angharad smirked “Um I think I could and by the way I want to show you something one of two things, my foot in your face or the door, choose one.”

Maya narrowed her eyes and walked out, Angharad shouted “Oh and don't try to come in as a bat or anything else bye bye,”

I sighed “Thank god she didn't notice me,”

Everyone laughed Amber cleared a tear from her cheek, “oh she noticed you and you should of heard what she said,”

Confused, I said “So what did she say,”

Amber replied “I'm not telling you.”

Angharad laughed harder and Amelia said “Ash really, her?”

Angharad growled and punched Amelia, proper hard,Amelia flew back into the wall, Angharad walked into the kitchen “I didn't do it.”

I followed her “Oh Angharad please don't ever come in my house.”

Amber was serious “Common pay up, I can't live that big chunk of my wall missin',”

Angharad reached into her pocket and pulled out a big watt of cash.

Amber said “Thank you, know for the wall,”

Angharad glared “Don't push your luck, now Aimee will tell you, about shape shifters