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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


7. Truth or dare

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Aimee babbled “Shape shifters had control of the world long before witches and vampires. Our leaders were known as "Dragons", beings that could change into the form of any animal as long as they have had physical contact to that animal. The witches rose to power and put the dragons to sleep, except for the smallest one. This one is the ancestor of most shape shifters. The descendants of this dragon have the ability to choose what animal they will become, but this choice is permanent. But I'm a descendant of another dragon who was in hiding so I can turn into any form and more after but I like panthers”

I looked at Aimee and she smiled and said “ Shape shifters are harmed by silver just like werewolves.

The symbol is a black lily,”

I looked at Amelia, she was staring at the front door traumatised, she turned her head to me “Maya is such a spazmatroid,” I talked back “What's wrong with Maya,” Angharad gave me a glare “She's awful, she has to kill to eat, I could never kill someone lucky I'm dilute, she's the devil,”

Angharad ran upstairs and walked down wearing only white, white top, jeans, jacket and knee high flat boots, she said to Amber “Come on go hurry up I don't wanna wait here al night,” Amber next went upstairs and walked down wearing all black, skinny jeans, top, jacket and doc martens, with black eye shadow but also wearing a hat, she was beside Angharad.

Angharad reached down to pick up a beanie hat, which was white, and slipped it on her head, Amber opened the door and Angharad said “See ya tomorrow, possibly.”

They walked out and faded away, Ash shut the door behind them.

Ash said “They can't say what there doing all Angharad told me that she had to go,”

He took the question out of me.

Amelia looked up and said “Why don't we play a game to pass the time or something,”

Ash gave a cheeky grin “truth or dare,”

Aimee said back “No no no last time I played truth or dare with a vampire I nearly had my head chopped off, and the vampire was Angharad,”

Ash said “Come on I won't try and kill you, play,”

Aimee said “Who's going first? Well then, I'll pick, Amelia,”

Amelia laughed “Thank god you picked me, you think of rubbish dares,”

Aimee frowned and walked into the kitchen, and came out with a blender filled with gunk, Aimee smiled “Chilli peppers, spouts, mushrooms, you name it and drink it I dare you to,”

Amelia grabbed the blender and tipped it into her mouth, she said “this ain't so bad,”

Ash counted down “Three, two one and..”

Amelia gave yelps and put her hand over her mouth she ran into the kitchen and came out with her face and hair wet. I laughed I couldn't help it.

Amelia talked “So Bella if you think thats so funny, I dare you to drink toilet water,”

I froze up “What about truth?”

She said “Just do it I didn't get a choice,”

I grabbed a glass and followed me into the bathroom, I scooped up some water and held my nose, I lifted the glass and poured it down my throat, it was disgusting.

I spoke “Now my turn, Ash I dare you to prank call Mr. Bracks, the English teacher,”

He grabbed the phone and dialled the number from the phone book “Hi I'm from the Texas pizza party place, so we wanted to check up again Mr. Semore. Butts and was that 15 pizzas or 50,?”

It was on speaker phone and he said “I didn't recall phoning for pizza and I don't Semore Butts.”

We sniggered and put the phone down, Ash said “Aimee I dare you to..um never mind I'll let you off. But could you get me a drink?”

Aimee's eyes narrowed and she said “fine”

She walked out the door, and into cling film, she bounced off hit the door and a bucket filled with paint landed on her.