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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


8. Stakes

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Aimee looked up at us and frowned.

She wiped the paint off her face went into the bath room.

We sat in the living room in silence, I heard footsteps in the other room and Aimee cam in with a clean face but in silence. We just sat on the two sofas doing nothing.

Knocks came to the door frequently but were quiet. We sat there for about 10 minutes when...

A crash came, a figure fell through the door followed by another. One stood up, white clothes shredded with scars over her face, legs arms and her back. Angharad and Amber. Amber wasn't as bad but again has blood stains. Angharad stood there traumatised, Amber got up walking around not speaking but she said “ I can't see,” water was seeping down her cheeks “Please help,”

A balanced figured landed in front of me and zoomed round the room, the next second I found myself tied up along with the others tied to chairs and Maya was beside Angharad, she clicked her fingers and Angharad fell on the floor. 2 thugs came in through the door and held Angharad's arms and legs down. Maya said “I want her to be awake during this,” She clapped he hands once and Angharad took a deep breath in and struggled to get out of the thugs clutches.

Maya talked in a fowl voice “I know one of you are it so no lying,”

Angharad was screaming at us “Don't do anything okay!”

Maya was laughing “Oh shut up! Really I shouldn't of kept you awake although you wouldn't of felt this,” In a flash she showed a stake and stabbed it right next to Angharad's heart. Angharad screamed so loud it echoed through my hears. Ash was struggling to get out of some wooden handcuffs, shouted at Maya, everyone was. My head felt so heavy I didn't have the strength to do anything, Maya pulled up again and said “Nothing well the heart great you let your friend die!” Maya stabbed Angharad in the heart, Angharad was screaming, like it was right next to my ear.

I screamed anger welled inside me and blue light emerged from my body, I fell to the ground. The world was numb and fuzzy for about 10 seconds, I looked up and the thugs and Maya were gone, Angharad was lying on the floor eyes open with holes in her chest. Ash was over her crying, he lifted her in his arms and got in Ambers car, Amber got in the front and we squeezed inside.

I said “Amber are you still blind?”

She replied “it wore off when Maya went.”

We were driving to the hospital, I was next to Angharad in Ash's arm, I heard vaguely Angharad say “Thanks Bella I could be dead by now” I smiled but didn't know exactly how I saved her though.

She faced the ceiling and closed her eyes.

The car came to a halt as everyone poured out the car. Angharad was put on a bed and zoomed into a hospital room.

For hours I waited and nothing happened until a doctor can out and I went into the hospital room and saw Angharad lying there so vulnerable.

I topless man rushed through the door, he was tall and muscular “What where, Angharad?”

Amelia walked over to him “Jake, it was Maya luckily Bella was the um you know?”

Jake nodded.

Angharad was lying there, blood tubed up to her arms, she was more pale than usual, sickly pale, it made me feel sorry for her.