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What else?

I didn't just put in vampires and werewolves, but other magical creatures but with most of the twilight characters.


9. Soulmate

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I walked into the waiting room as her near by relatives poured in.

Edward was sitting on a sofa by himself I asked “Hi, so what are you doing here?”

He looked p “Me?”

I nodded and he said “Well for starters, Carlisle is my adopted dad and Angharad's a close friend”

I felt even sadder now “Adopted?”

Edward looked away then turned his head toward me, “Barley knew them, died when I was young, all my brothers and sisters are adopted as well, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett.”

There was a gasp in the hospital room and Edward stood up.

I rushed in there and Angharad got up and walked out, she rushed and picked her clothes up and changed in the bathroom she ran out and reached for a book, wait a laptop and slipped her shoes on.

I ran after her, I followed her out the door and to the bus stop, I managed to just catch it along with Amber but only saw Angharad leave and open the door to her house, she always hid a key in the flower pot so I fished it out and barged in.

She turned her head and opened the laptop, a voice spoke Angharad are you okay, seriously?

Angharad spoke “Yeah I'm fine, you found Ambers?”

The voicespoke back yeah we just need to check AMBER!!!

Amber trudged over “What”

Angharad smiled “We found your soul mate,”

Amber screamed “Seriously” She grabbed the laptop and sat down on the couch. “Where?”

Actually he's 6 doors down,

Amber was giddy, and stood up “Lets go.”

Now your going now.

Angharad stood up, and she opened her door. “Come on,”

I quickly followed her out the door, and down the street, Amber raced ahead and knocked on the door, and a boy opened the door, he again was pale, and tall with black hair that covered his bright blue eyes, I looked down to his feet and he was wearing all black, I looked back at his chest, his bare arms and chest wear muscular with a perfectly even face.

The boy talked “So what you here for?”

Amber shoved back and Angharad said “Well does this make any sense?”

She took out her necklace and showed him, it was an iris.

He looked up and said “Come in,” His voice was calm.

I stepped inside on the cream rug, all round the house was black, just parts though, I took my shoes off like the others and walked into the living room.

This room was completely different, white sofas and pale cream walls, a massive flat screen t.v and ornaments everywhere.

Angharad started explaining “Well see this, is a Night world tracking device,” She held out a game console thing “It has every Night world person saved in here with there soul mate, simply you wipe your index finger here and it locates your soul mate, watch...” She slid her finger down a screen and a world map appeared, showing the USA then, Forks, then right outside this house, Angharad sighed, “Someone please open the door,

Amber went.

The boy said “So what does this have to do with me?”