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Bothersome Day

Bella has always had challenges. Now Renesmee has to face her own. Nessies eyes A random, hopefully funny little story with a picture included... which will hopefully make up for the fact that there's only 230 words... :S


1. Meeting Her Match

Rating 3.6/5   Word Count 231   Review this Chapter

Renesmee held gaze with his.

Her eyes narrowed.

His eyes widened.

One glance or blink would spell disaster.

This was a fight of fate.


Renesmee could feel herself slipping.

She might actually lose.

No she would not concede defeat.

But what if she did?

Fear chilled through her.

Why had she gotten herself into this?

But it was necessary. She must not show her fears.

She was a vampire child!

It was frustrating to be finally meeting her match.

So irritating.

Especially such a low match.

Her old friend no less.

Such betrayal.

Oh and she would have to kill her father later, an irksome task but it was another necessity…

“Nessie…What are you doing?”

Jacob could be so vexing at times.

Couldn’t he see she was fighting to save him?

For her family.

For the world, possibly.

And yet he questioned her?

Both opponents looked away at the same time.

Renesmee glowered at Jake and her adversery gave him a look that suggested a rather pleasant and important evening had been completely ruined by his appearance.

But if you had seen what the unfortunate Jacob Black had seen, who was about to become the unsuspecting victim of an atomic bomb known as Renesmee’s temper, you would have some questions too.

For there she sat in the deadly battle… a staring contest, between herself and a stray cat.

Nessie and Black cat