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Chronicles Of A Ten-Year-Old Evil Genius (Or Stephie's Story)

This is not your average fanfic. You have been warned. This features Bella and Edward, but it is more about Stephanie Meyer. Actually, it isn't even really about Stephanie Meyer because I'm making all of this up. However, I hope you enjoy this story about "Stephie". Stephie is your average ten-year-old who just so happens to be evil. Her hobbies are: manipulating Bella and Edward, playing pranks on Bella and Edward, and basically anything that will annoy and/or creep out Bella and/or Edward. She also has a strange addiction to anything semi-cult. She collects wiccan artifacts, and even has books on black magic. Are you curious, yet? Join Stephie's daily adventures as she struggles to take over the world (and keep Bella and Edward from finding out). Also, since this is my first story, I would love it if you would review it. *hint hint*


1. Stephie Plays Dollie: Part 1

Rating 5/5   Word Count 572   Review this Chapter

“Bella walks into the room unsuspectingly. ‘Edward’, she says with surprise, ‘what are you doing here?’

Edward looks at her and says, ‘I’m here because I wanted to give you something.’ Edward starts walking towards her.

Bella is puzzled. ‘What do you mean you want to give me something?’ Her heart starts pounding as Edward pulls her into his grasp.

‘Bella, I love you’, he murmurs as he gets closer to kissing her, ‘and I want to show you how much.’ Edward then-”

“Stephie, what are you doing?” Edward asked. He stared at the girl before him, holding two dolls that looked suspiciously similar to him and Bella. She was startled to see him, and hurriedly kicked away the book at her feet in an attempt to hide it. However, it slid right to Edward’s feet.

“Nothing,” said the girl, trying to hold the dolls behind her back. She knew he had seen them, though. As Edward bent to pick up the book, she gave up trying to hide them. She changed her tactics, and said, “I was just playing with my dollies. See, no harm done.” Edward, however, knew better than to believe her.

“If you were just playing with your dollies, then why do they look like voodoo dolls,” he asked with a serious look on his face. He crossed his arms and looked at her expectantly.

“Voodoo dolls? I don’t know what you mean,” said Stephie, as she shrugged in an attempt to look innocent. “These are just regular dollies. Although I did make them myself,” she added demurely. She put on a modest face while clutching them to herself as though they were extremely precious.

“Stephie, why would you be playing with dolls? You’re ten. You even said yourself that dolls are too childish for you.” Edward waited for her to respond. He glanced at the title of the book and wasn’t surprised to find that it was How to Make a Voodoo Doll.

“So I’m reminiscing, shoot me! Maybe I’m not ready to give up being a child!” Stephie retorted in an attempt to distract Edward. He glared at her, and showed her the title of the book.

“Stephie, just hand me the dolls,” said Edward in an exasperated tone. He was tired of her meddling. “You can’t just mess with other peoples’ lives like this. You have no right to try to mess with my love life.”

“But Edward,” Stephie whined, “you don’t even tell her you love her. I have to do something, you cold-hearted jerk! And if voodoo is the only way, so be it!”

“Stephie, do me and Bella a favor and stay out of our love life!” With that, Edward snatched the dolls out of Stephie’s hands and stormed away. He slammed the door behind him as Stephie began yelling in protest.

Stephie pouted until she was sure Edward was far away. She opened the door quickly just to make sure that no one was around, and shut it again. Then, in the blink of an eye, Stephie pried up the loose board at her feet and pulled out the real voodoo dolls. She began smiling mischievously.

“I knew you would fall for those decoys, Edward. My plan worked out perfectly. I got to practice using the dolls, and you’ll never know that those weren’t the real ones.” Stephie started laughing an awfully maniacal laugh for a ten year old.

Just then however, someone opened the door and walked in…