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Chronicles Of A Ten-Year-Old Evil Genius (Or Stephie's Story)

This is not your average fanfic. You have been warned. This features Bella and Edward, but it is more about Stephanie Meyer. Actually, it isn't even really about Stephanie Meyer because I'm making all of this up. However, I hope you enjoy this story about "Stephie". Stephie is your average ten-year-old who just so happens to be evil. Her hobbies are: manipulating Bella and Edward, playing pranks on Bella and Edward, and basically anything that will annoy and/or creep out Bella and/or Edward. She also has a strange addiction to anything semi-cult. She collects wiccan artifacts, and even has books on black magic. Are you curious, yet? Join Stephie's daily adventures as she struggles to take over the world (and keep Bella and Edward from finding out). Also, since this is my first story, I would love it if you would review it. *hint hint*


2. Stephie Plays Dollie: Part 2

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Bella knew to be worried whenever she heard Stephie laughing. She had experienced enough of Stephie’s pranks to permanently fear her horrible little laugh; nothing, however, could have prepared Bella for the sight that greeted her when she opened the door to Stephie’s room.

Inside there was Stephie, laughing her maniacal little head off as she grasped two dolls that looked exactly like Edward and Bella. Needless to say, Bella was more than a little creeped out. She took a deep breath to calm herself, and asked Stephie, “What are you doing?” She knew she had asked the wrong question as soon as Stephie looked at her.

“Hello, Bella,” said Stephie with a mischievous smile. “I was just playing with my dollies. Would you like to play?” Stephie offered her the Edward doll as Bella stared at her suspiciously.

“Of course you were,” said Bella disbelievingly as she took the doll. “Where did you get these dolls, Stephie? Did you make them?” Bella was apprehensive about hearing the answer, but she was more nervous not knowing where they came from. For all she knew, Stephie could have an internet store that sold hundreds of Edward and Bella dolls to strangers all over the world!

“I made them,” Stephie said with an angelic smile. “They’re cute, aren’t they? Right now I’m working on a Jacob doll. Would you like a doll for yourself?” Bella looked at the doll in her hands; it was rather well-made. Bella was tempted to say yes, but then she remembered that it was Stephie offering it to her.

“Why are you making these dolls, Stephie?” Bella held up the Edward doll. “Why would you want to make dolls of people you know?” Bella heard steps approaching and hoped it was Edward.

“Because it’s fun. It’s my new hobby. I plan on making a Stephie doll as well, except that there will be a few changes. First of all, she’ll be older.” Bella stopped listening to Stephie as she wondered what she should do. Should she just take the dolls? Should she tell Stephie not to make any more dolls?

“-and lastly, she’ll be queen of the world.” Stephie was now smiling triumphantly as she imagined the beautiful doll she would make of herself, and how she would use it to take over the world. Bella became anxious at the thought of Stephie ruling the world. She could barely imagine the horror of it; everyone in the world subject to the whims of her twisted ten-year-old mind. It was too horrible!

Suddenly, Bella took the other doll from Stephie. “Stephie, don’t make any more dolls,” she told her. Stephie stared at her as though she were crazy. She couldn’t believe that Bella had just taken her dolls.

“Give them back,” she demanded. Bella shook her head and her them up out of Stephie’s reach. Stephie began jumping, attempting to grab back her dolls. She was too short, however, to reach them.

“Give them back! Give them back right now!” Stephie began yelling at the top of her lungs. Edward came rushing in the room to find Bella holding a pair of dolls identical to the ones he had taken away from Stephie earlier. He turned and glared at Stephie. She knew she was in trouble, and began pretending that she was innocent.

“Edward, Bella took my dolls and won’t give them back!” Stephie acted put-out. Stephie began pouting while glaring at Bella. Edward, however, wasn’t fooled.

“Stephie,” he said, taking the dolls from Bella and showing them to the pouting girl, “what are these? Didn’t I confiscate these from you earlier?”

“You did?” asked Bella. “She implied that she had just made them.”

“Really?” asked Edward. “Did she tell you that they’re voodoo dolls?” Bella shook her head. “In fact, I bet the ones that you gave me earlier were just fakes, weren’t they?” he asked Stephie. She wouldn't look at him as she shook her head. She knew he didn’t believe her, but she wasn’t just going to admit it.

Edward sighed. He knew how stubborn Stephie could be. He shook his head as though it couldn’t be helped. “Fine. Stephie, if you stop pouting, I’ll take all three of us out for ice cream.” Her face lit up and she stopped pouting immediately.

“Are you sure, Edward? You know that’s just spoiling her.” Bella wondered why he was offering to take them out for ice cream. He usually didn’t like to spoil Stephie.

Edward led her a small distance away and told her, “I wouldn’t do this normally, but I think she did have good intentions when she started making those voodoo dolls, even though those intentions might have gotten twisted along the way. I don’t feel right punishing her this time, not when she tried to be nice.” Bella nodded. She understood what he was saying. It was rare when Stephie did something that wasn’t for a selfish reason.

“Are you ready to go, Stephie?” Edward looked back at the girl. She was rummaging through a large pile of what appeared to be clothes and shoes.

“Almost. You go on outside without me, and I’ll catch up once I’ve found my hat.” Edward agreed, and he and Bella left to get the car started.

Stephie quickly found the hat she had been looking for. She paused for just a moment to glance at the corner of the room before she put on her hat with a satisfied smile.

“Not yet,” she thought. “Just a little bit longer until I’m ready to use the other dolls. I just need to wait a little longer until I’m ready to assemble my minions.” The last thing she saw as she closed the door to the darkened room was a glimpse of a doll’s hand, barely peeking out from beneath a loose floorboard…