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Chronicles Of A Ten-Year-Old Evil Genius (Or Stephie's Story)

This is not your average fanfic. You have been warned. This features Bella and Edward, but it is more about Stephanie Meyer. Actually, it isn't even really about Stephanie Meyer because I'm making all of this up. However, I hope you enjoy this story about "Stephie". Stephie is your average ten-year-old who just so happens to be evil. Her hobbies are: manipulating Bella and Edward, playing pranks on Bella and Edward, and basically anything that will annoy and/or creep out Bella and/or Edward. She also has a strange addiction to anything semi-cult. She collects wiccan artifacts, and even has books on black magic. Are you curious, yet? Join Stephie's daily adventures as she struggles to take over the world (and keep Bella and Edward from finding out). Also, since this is my first story, I would love it if you would review it. *hint hint*


3. Stephie Wants A Cupcake

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1208   Review this Chapter

“What is that smell? It that… cupcakes?” Stephie inhaled the smell of fresh cupcakes. “It is! Yay, cupcakes!” She began running toward the kitchen.

“Hold on a second, you pipsqueak. You just had ice cream. You can’t have any cupcakes until later. In fact, not until after dinner.” Edward had stepped in front of her, and was blocking the door to the kitchen.

“What?! You have to be kidding me!” Edward shook his head. “You meanie! I hope you get burned when you sneak a cupcake! You pig, you just want them all for yourself!” Stephie ran away to her room, furious. Edward shrugged, walked into the kitchen, and sat down at the table. He knew it wouldn’t be a long wait.

“How do I get into the kitchen without Edward noticing? By now he’s probably sitting at the table, right next to the cupcakes. He knows I’m going to try to sneak past him. Hm. What if I went underneath him? I do still have access to that tunnel that leads to the kitchen. I did build it last year in case there was ever a time like this. The question is, does Edward know about it? I guess I can try.

“Okay. So I need some rope, a pickaxe (just in case), a flashlight…” Stephie quickly gathered all the tools she needed, and opened the door to her closet. Unlike her room, her closet was organized and spotless, with everything in its place. Stephie quickly shoved aside her clothes, though, to find the small red button located on the back wall.

“Ah. There it is. Perfect.” Stephie pushed the button, and a small trapdoor in the bottom of the floor lifted up a few inches. Stephie gave a small giggle as she lifted the trapdoor, jumped the few feet to the ground, and closed the door overhead. She crouched, found her flashlight, and turned it on.

“Those cupcakes will be mine. You can’t stop me, Edward. No one can stop me now!” Stephie began laughing quietly, knowing that if she laughed any louder, the sound would echo through the tunnel. She began crawling forward, holding her head down so she wouldn’t hit it on the ceiling.

A few minutes later, she reached the other trapdoor. “Finally. Now, to take those cupcakes.” However, just as she was going to carefully lift the trapdoor, she heard Bella’s voice.

“Edward? What are you doing? Why do you keep looking through the doorway? There’s no one there.”

“I’m on the lookout for Stephie. She’s trying to steal these cupcakes. I expected to see her by now, so I’m kind of worried about what she has planned.”

“Oh. Would you like me to help?” Stephie couldn’t hear anything, but she assumed that Edward nodded, because she heard Bella pull out a chair and sit down. She attempted to lift the trapdoor a little, just to see where Bella was sitting, but it was suddenly too heavy to lift!

“Oh no!” Stephie whispered. “Bella’s chair must be right over the trapdoor! What am I going to do now? I have to get those cupcakes. I can’t live without them!” Stephie calmed down and attempted to think rationally. “Alright. All I have to do is wait. No big deal.”

Half an hour later, Bella and Edward still showed no signs that they would leave anytime soon. “Must… Have… Cupcakes…” Stephie whispered weakly. “Need… Sugar…” She attempted to lift her hand, but was unable to. She could only lean against the wall of the tunnel and hope that she was able to get sugar before she died. “Why won’t they leave? I need cupcakes.” Stephie sighed. It looked like Edward had won this time. “He must know about my tunnel. He must know I’m down here, wasting away.”

“Edward. It doesn’t look like Stephie is coming. Maybe she gave up?” Bella sounded bored. She hadn’t wanted to waste half an hour watching out for Stephie. She had hoped that Edward would give up on the cupcakes soon, but it didn’t look as if he would.

“I guess so. She’s never waited so long to make an attempt before. Maybe she really did give up. I guess she was satisfied because she already had ice cream.” Edward sounded hopeful. As much as he wished to teach Stephie that she should listen to him, he was also extremely bored. “You know what? I don’t think Stephie is going to come. If she wanted these cupcakes, she would have tried to take them already. Let’s go, Bella.” Edward and Bella quickly stood up, stretched a little, and walked out of the kitchen.

Stephie counted to thirty to make sure that they really were gone. “Finally. I thought they would never leave. It’s a good thing I’m more patient than they are.” Stephie lifted the trapdoor to find herself under the table. “I guess Bella scooted her chair over here so she could sit next to Edward. Well, it’s good thing she put her chair back.

“And now, for what I’ve been waiting for. The cupcakes.” Stephie quickly crawled out from under the table to find herself in the empty kitchen. After looking around one last time to make sure there were no witnesses, she greedily turned to the cupcakes. “Ah, my sweet cupcakes, you will bring me so much joy. I can’t wait to devour- hey, these are vanilla! My favorite is chocolate.” She thought a second, then shrugged. “Oh well, cupcakes are cupcakes, I guess.” Without any hesitation, Stephie began grabbing the still-warm cupcakes and shoving them in her mouth. “Mmmm. Mmms imm gmmm cmmcammme.” She could barely chew and swallow what was in her mouth before she shoved more in.

After a particularly big swallow, Stephie began to slow down. “I guess I shouldn’t eat too fast. I’m beginning to not feel good.” She wouldn’t stop eating, however, and soon the cupcakes were all gone. “That was good. But now I don’t think I’ll be able to get back in the tunnel. I should at least close it.” Stephie knelt and sleepily reached under the table, barely grabbing the trapdoor before she lost her balance and fell over. As she fell, the trapdoor slammed shut, making a loud bang.

Edward came rushing back into the kitchen. “It must be Stephie! She must be trying to-” Edward was speechless. Somehow, in the ten minutes he was gone, Stephie had snuck in, eaten all the cupcakes, and snuck out without anyone noticing. “Wait a second, what’s that? Is that Stephie under the table?” Edward knelt and pulled out a very green looking Stephie.

She smiled weakly. “Hey, Edward. I guess you found me. Please don’t be too mad. I just wanted some cupcakes. Besides, I’m not feeling too well.”

Edward looked at her. “I can tell. Did you eat all of those cupcakes?” Stephie nodded and Edward groaned. “Geez, Stephie. I told you not to eat them for a reason. You always go overboard and eat them all.” He stopped and looked her in the eye. “How did you get in here anyway? I would have seen you if you came through the doorway.”

Stephie opened her mouth to answer, but suddenly felt very sick. The last thing she saw before she fell asleep was Edward, covered in cupcake.