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An Old Acquaintance

Edward and Bella go out on a date in Phoenix after Bella is discharged from the hospital. They run into one of her old high school friends. We see a little bit of jealousy from Edward and a lot of teasing banter between Edward and Bella.


1. Chapter 1

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"You don’t have to do this," I sighed as Edward carried me from his Volvo and into the tiny coffee house about a block away from home.

"Let me at least get the door," I insisted as I kicked it open with my good leg, still in his arms. "I got it."

"With a little help from me," he added lightly.

"I know, but then what am I supposed to do when you're not around?"

"I'm not going anywhere," he answered, more seriously.

He walked into the sitting area and placed me gently on one of the chairs. He sat across from me, carefully propping my broken leg on an empty seat.

This was my first outing since I'd been discharged from the hospital, and I'd insisted on showing Edward my favorite coffee house in Phoenix before we made our way home to Forks.

"I think I'm entitled to a little overbearing protectiveness," he stated matter-of-factly. "In case you forgot, my girlfriend became the target of a tracking vampire. She narrowly survived with her life, so I'm afraid you’ll just have to put up with me."

"I think I can manage that," I smiled.

"So, what can I get for you, my lady?" Edward offered, revealing some of the chivalry of his youth.

"You know, I am perfectly capable of ordering for myself," I said teasingly.

"I know you are," he said. "But you're barely out of the hospital, love, and you can't be pushing yourself too hard. If I were you, I'd milk the recuperation process for all it's worth," he said in his own teasing tone.

"Fair enough," I conceded. "My favorite was always the vanilla bean latte, so I'll just go with that."

"Are you sure you don't want to try something different?" Edward asked.

"I'm sure," I said confidently. "I find something I like, I stick with it."

"All right then, coming right up," Edward winked and made his way to the back of the coffee line. I looked at the other people there and then back at Edward. The rest of them seemed so very ordinary; like me. Standing in line, Edward reminded me of a Renaissance angel amidst the commoners.

I was sinking deeper into my daydream until a voice pulled me from my reverie.


I looked up and saw a good-looking boy with tanned skin and spiky, sandy-blonde hair. He looked like the sort of guy who enjoyed surfing and spending time in the sun. I recognized him almost immediately.

"Luke," I said, slightly surprised. "Hey. How are you?"

"I'm good," he smiled pleasantly at me. "I'd ask how you are, but apparently you're not," he eyed my bulky walking cast. "What happened?"

"Oh, uh," I said uneasily. "I had a little accident. It's kind of embarrassing."

"I'm guessing you're still a klutz?" he sounded like he was remembering some prior incident.

"You could say that."

"So, you visiting your mom or something? I'd heard you'd moved to Washington."

"Yeah, I'm visiting my mom for a few weeks, and then I'm heading back to Forks."

"Wow. I could never live there. I can't stand the rain."

"Well, it's definitely not Phoenix, but living in Forks has its advantages."

"You know, I'm glad I ran into you," Luke looked a little too eager. "I'm not doing anything tonight. Maybe, do you want to go out, catch up?"

At this point, Edward, who had been standing off to the side facing away from Luke, was approaching the table.

I saw him and then turned back to Luke. "Um…that's really sweet of you to offer, but I'm actually dating someone."

Luke looked up and saw Edward, and I could tell by the look on his face he knew there was no competition.

"Luke, this is Edward, my boyfriend. Edward, this is Luke, he's an old acquaintance."

"E…Edward. Uh, nice to meet you, man," Luke stammered nervously, clearly taken aback by Edward's presence.

"Likewise, Luke," Edward replied easily.

"Well, anyway, it was nice to see you again, Bella. Take care of that leg."

"Thanks, I will. It was nice to see you, too, Luke."

He smiled awkwardly, nodded once and then exited the coffee house. Edward placed my latte in front of me and sat down.

"You didn’t tell me about Luke before," he said flatly.

"That's because there’s nothing to tell," I said nonchalantly. "Like I said, he's just an old acquaintance."

"That's not what it looked like from where I stood," Edward didn't meet my eyes.

"Well, what did it look like, then? I chuckled. The very idea of Edward being jealous of anyone was laughable to me.

"He kind of seemed like an ex-boyfriend, to be honest."

"Edward," I said, waiting for him to look up. "Luke is just a guy from my old high school. I wouldn't even call him a close friend. We had a few labs together, that's all."

"But he asked you out. Why would he do that if he was just an old acquaintance?"

"Probably because he asked me out once before, and I politely declined. Maybe he thought that in time I would come around, but no such luck."

“Why didn’t you want to go out with him?”

"Well," I said, returning to my teasing tone. "Luke's a nice guy, but he's not really my type."

At this, Edward smiled his crooked smile in recognition. "Oh, yeah? And what's your type?"

"Well," I began, inching myself closer to him. "My type has tousled auburn hair, burning golden eyes and...a perfect pair of lips," I illustrated my point by kissing him.

Edward looked appeased.

"Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, if I thought the boys in Forks were competition, I can only imagine what it must be like in Phoenix."

"There is no competition," I stated simply. "None of those boys, here or in Forks, are you."

He seemed to contemplate this as I chuckled to myself.


"I wouldn't have believed it, but I think jealousy makes you even more irresistible."

Edward smiled and then looked pensively at the door Luke had exited.

"What's on your mind?"

"Well, I was just thinking about how many others like Luke there must be."

"Edward,” I chuckled again. “I can't give you a list of every guy I've ever spoken to, and even if I could it wouldn't matter. I only have eyes for you."

I looked at the table. "It's kind of like this latte."

He looked at me curiously.

"You heard me say that I stick with what I like, right?"


"The same goes for boys. I'm a one-man woman, Edward, and I'm positive that I've found him. In fact, I've never been more positive about anything in my life."

Edward smiled as if he could read my mind and know the truth of my words.

"Well, then,” he said, brushing my hair behind my ear. "I guess that's all I needed to hear. I won't mention Luke again."

"Who?" I asked.

He laughed now and pressed his lips to mine again. We kissed like this long enough for the people in the coffee house to notice, but I didn’t care. In my old life, I would have been uncomfortable with this kind of public display of affection, but not anymore. Not when the one I’m kissing is Edward Cullen.