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What a Wonderful Christmas

A short Christmas story. Bella and Renesmee recieve a gift from the whole family.

Short and sweet story. I own two copies of Twilight. Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. Lucky.

1. Gifts

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Everyone gathered around the Christmas tree. The celebration was beginning and the family was excited.

Alice was on Jasper's lap to the left of me, and Rosalie and Emmett were to the left of them. To the right were Esme and Carlisle.

Beside me were my girls. My wife, Bella, and our daughter, Renesmee – she looked about seven, now.. Nessie hummed along to “Jingle Bells” as it played in the background. Bella played with her hair.

“So, how do we start this?” asked Emmett. Bella laughed at his excitement and I smiled at the sound of it.

I pitched in: “Youngest to oldest?” I suggested. Nessie looked up at me and smiled, knowing that I said it only so that she and her mother would go first. Agreements were murmured and a little gift was passed to Renesmee.

The box was wrapped in silver wrapping paper and shaped as a long rectangle. I was just as excited and curious as the rest. Bella was shielding everyone's thoughts from me. The gift was from Carlisle, though, that I knew.

Nessie tore through the paper so eagerly I was afraid she would break it. Although she wasn't as strong as the rest of us, her fingers could easily crush the little box if she wasn't careful. The box inside was white and it easily opened for her to reveal a necklace with a gold chain and a pink diamond studded heart.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Renesmee cried. She gave the necklace to her mother and she put it on as Renesmee held her bronze hair up. When it was clasped she looked down at it and began to thank Carlisle again and hug him. Carlisle's face lit up.

Renesmee also received much designer clothing from Alice, a pink bracelet from Esme, a few new Disney DVDs from Emmett, decorations for her room from Rosalie, and a watch from Jasper.

Renesmee screamed when she opened Bella's present. It was a gorgeous purple and white crystal tiara. I had gotten Bella a tiara for our anniversary – only one of my gifts – and Renesmee had loved it when she saw it. Mother and daughter hugged each other tightly. This was obviously her favorite gift so far. Next was my gift. Bella had given me the idea when she told me to give Nessie something with my compositions on it.

I had gotten a company to custom make a music box for me. On the top of the box it was white with Renesmee written on it. Inside it was pink lace and played the lullaby I had made especially for her. Nessie's mouthed popped open when she saw it.

She opened it slowly and recognized the song at once, humming along with it. I noticed when her lower lip began to tremble.

She threw herself into my lap.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she sobbed. I rocked her back and forth, rubbing her back.

“It was my pleasure, angel,” I murmured back to her when she had calmed down. She sat down beside me, but still leaned into my side, her hand holding her mother's. Everyone was looking at us.

“Bella,” I said, starting a new round of gifts. Shoes and clothes from Alice – no surprise –, a mood ring from Jasper – it was also studded with diamonds –, a custom made diary from Esme – it had her name and a love quote on every page –, Rosalie had also given us room decoration – I loved them. It was to make our room even more like our honeymoon –, a necklace from Emmett, and a charm bracelet from Carlisle. Renesmee had made her a card – well, made both of us cards, deciding to give them to us at the same time – that showed our daughter's amazing creativity. It was filled with beautiful sayings and photos of the three of us or just her and Bella. Bella seemed as if she would be crying if she could.

After everyone was done, Esme quickly grabbed all the ruined wrapping paper and threw it away. As Bella was getting up, I pulled her back down. There were just two more gifts left to give.

“What is it, love?” she asked. She had gotten into the habit of calling me by different endearments.

Esme returned from throwing the paper away and handed me two boxes – one for Bella, and one for Renesmee. They both looked confused, while the rest of the family looked eager. Bella looked around at their faces. She laughed a nervous laugh. Nessie now leaned on her.

I set them both in front of them and they both lifted the lid off of them. They gasped in unison.

Renesmee clipped her charm bracelet on her wrist. Each charm was the crest our family wore. She lifted her arm up and jingled the charms together. She smiled at the family.

Bella's was a ring. She slipped it onto her finger and admired it. She whispered her thanks to the family and kissed me once on the lips. Nessie said her thanks as well as hugged everyone in the room. We all laughed.

What a wonderful Christmas it was.