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my long lost lover

When Bella jumps off the cliff Jacob couldn't save her and is too late but a Vampire by the name of Esmeralda changes her. Now 5 years later Bella is in the most pain she has ever experienced, and leaves for the Volturi to beg for death but ends up becoming one of the guard. But what happens when Edward comes back searching for his long lost lover.

okay I own none of this not the characters or some of the quotes and even some part of the storythat all belongs to the wonderfull Stephanie Meyers and this is my first attempt at fanfiction so sorry if it stinks

1. Chapter 1

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I remembered jumping, I remembered practically killing myself to hear his voice, but worst I remembered his words, I remembered where he kissed me, and I remembered the pain. I still felt the pain 5 years later even as a Vampire. But there was no escape from the hole in my no longer beating heart it was shattered and broken. I often wished that Esmeralda hadn’t changed me to let me die on that faithful day at La Push beach. The day my best friend was too late to save me but the woman I met and now thought of as a sister wasn’t. I love Esmeralda with the little part of my heart that is still there and she cares for me in the same way. The scene replayed in my head fuzzy but still existent; the jump, the flash of Victoria’s vibrant red hair, his face, Jacob crying over my broken body begging me to stay with him, Sam taking him saying it was too late, and then Esmeralda’s serious face, the vivid horrible burning that scorched every bone in body, and then the thirst the thankful escape from the pain.

“Bella are you all right you look like you’re about to fall apart again,” Esmeralda asked interrupting my reminiscence. Esmeralda was as beautiful as any other Vampire with platinum blonde hair that nearly reached her waist that fell like white waterfalls. She had a basic Vampire body her eyes black from lack of feeding. Esmeralda was kind and caring with a great sense of humor and also very intuitive. She like Edward, Alice, and Jasper had an extra talent hers was that she could make you believe her. She was apparently a phenomenal liar when she was human. It was a pity it didn’t work on me she could have stopped the pain ages ago.

“I was just thinking about him,” I said pathetically I couldn’t say his name it made me feel a pain that if I was still human she was sure I would die from.

“Bella If you keep thinking about him it’ll hurt more,” she said plainly. We were sitting in Esmeralda’s kitchen in our apartment although it was never used it was a good place to sit and talk. The apartment was small and cozy my transformation did not make me desire luxury items any more than I did when I was human. My bed room’s walls were unpainted and all I had in there was my couch and a computer station where I could finish my work at home.

“It really is a pity that your talent doesn’t work on me Esmeralda,” I said gracefully sliding off my barstool. One thing that had improved in reincarnation was my balance and my mental capacity. “We need to hunt, or else we might end up eating someone at school,” I said attempting humor and failing miserably. “Come on I’ll race you,” Esmeralda took off at inhuman speed and I followed swiftly after, beating her to the forest by a solid 5 seconds.

“How do you do that?” Esmeralda said after losing.

“I learned how to run from the best,” I chuckled darkly.

Esmeralda loved the Vegetarian life style; she could act human and not have to feel guilty about eating some random man on the street. I searched for the scent of the nearest predator, ignoring the unappealing Elk crossing my path I crossed the scent of a grizzly and let my senses take over. I was running with unmatched speed when I struck the animal, I tackled it and it swatted pathetically at me then Roared I roared in return successfully scaring a bear, I jumped it yet again and it tore my T-shirt to shreds I faintly thought that Esmeralda would kill me this was one of her shirts. I bit into the Animal draining every last drop of blood staining not only my pants but the last remaining remnants of Esmeralda’s t shirt. I started walking back when I heard a far too familiar sound; it was the sound of footsteps too quiet to be animal or human I knew immediately it was one of my kinds. “Show yourself!” The scent of the upcoming Vampire was familiar but I couldn’t remember where from. The figure stepped out of the shadows and surveyed me briefly.

“Bella? Bella is that really you?” The voice was Female and I recognized her beauty instantaneously. Rosalie Hale, the Rosalie who was envious of my mortality and hated me for what seemed no reason at all. Rosalie came barreling towards me and pulled me into an embrace that scared me. “Bella your alive! I can’t believe it!” She said still completely wound around me. The embrace seemed as though we were friends before she became immortal. “Em!” she called in the direction of her husband. Rosalie released me and Emmet came hurtling through the trees snapping a good 5 fully grown cedars in half. Emmet pulled me into a bear hug that if I was still human was certain would’ve broken about a dozen bones.

“Um Emmet…” I paused tapping his shoulder. “Would you mind putting down on the ground then explaining this irrational behavior?” I asked politely

“Sorry It’s just we thought you were dead,” Rosalie said her voice all of a sudden serious. “Carlisle and Esme even lost faith, but Alice and Edward didn’t stop believing you were alive hiding somewhere. Here you are not exactly the Isabella Swan we remember but still Bella,” she said enthusiastically. I cringed at his name but the confusion was killing me where did they come from? Why was Rosalie so warm? Then they vanished. Great I thought now I’m going insane.

“Bella where are you?” Esmeralda called. She saw me sitting on a Rock and sat next to me. “I see you ruined my shirt, I should kill you but the look on your face has me worried. What happened Bells it looks like you saw a ghost,” She said in her good natured way. I laughed without humor as I always had ever since I was changed.

“Is it possible for vampires to go insane?” I asked Esmeralda just looked at me with her forever 20 year old eyes filled with wisdom of 200 years. “I saw Emmet and Rosalie but it wasn’t in the sense I saw their face I saw them, I smelt them, I felt them. Then they just vanished. It was a very confusing encounter Rosalie who hated me as a human treated me like we were long lost sisters and well they told me that Alice and him are looking for me while the rest think I’m dead. It was weird and kind of scared me,” I stared blankly at the ground I was confused and hurt and then I thought about the scene that if I could still sleep would haunt my nightmares more crystal clear than any of my human memories, more vivid than my changing, and by far the most painful of any human memory I have. It will be like I never existed… The pain burst out. It shattered my side causing me to fall to the ground I grabbed at my sides holding them together, it felt like someone was running a rusty knife along my body and I felt Venom seep out of my eyes from the sobbing. Then it got impossibly worse I screamed it felt like someone was cutting me open with the rusty knife and then pouring burning metal inside of me. The Pain far more excruciating then ever I turned over and Venom Tears spilled all over the forest floor. The slight binding I had made for my sides seemed to give way making me hold them together. I laid there sobbing and falling apart then quietly Esmeralda picked me up and ran back to the apartment, her good natured face full of pity for me. I closed my eyes hoping that the pain would stop but it never did it never ceased all of the night the next day the fallowing day the pain just went on and on it was unbearable it continued for weeks until finally it came to a halt. I could no longer endure it I asked several times for Esmeralda to kill me she simply shook her head and said “Bella I can’t do that you’re my sister and I love you, I won’t kill you I’m sorry.” I emerged heartbroken and more like the undead then I had ever been as a vampire.

“Bella,” she said staring at my dead face. “Bella I won’t do it, I care for you too much,” Esmeralda said. I want death I want a relief from the pain or the empty feeling. They were both horrible there was one escape death. Tragically the only way to kill a Vampire was either by werewolf or another Vampire and somehow I doubted that Esmeralda would willingly kill me but Jake might, it was worth a shot. I escaped to my room and logged onto my computer I searched for flights from London to Seattle and then I would run the rest of the way. I quickly paid for the tickets with my debit card the flight left at two in the morning and that was perfect.