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The Secret

Cadyna has overcome vampires and battled beasts. She has fought for her place and now she's comfortable something else will uproot her. She has a secret. A secret she is protecting at all costs from everyone, especially the two boys in her life. Undying love of a vampire or the undeniable imprint of a werewolf? OMG! ALEC LOOKS SO HOT! Part five of the Cross-Breed series. Yes, you should read the others first.

This takes place about a month or two after Only one will survive.

1. new friend

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My life is a psychiatrist's fantasy. I lead a complicated life, full of magic and mystery, betrayal and trust. But it's the subject of my family that would make me seem insane. My mum is a vampire; my dad was a shape shifter. My step dad is a vampire, my best friend is a werewolf, and a shape shifter has imprinted on me. And now, I had a huge secret to keep. I woke up, same as everyday and went downstairs. The house I lived in was huge and full of people. Well, creatures. Werewolves, shape shifters, vampires. Not a human in sight.

"Morning Cadyna" said Holly, handing me a plate of eggs. I waited until she wasn't looking and then tipped the eggs in the bin and got toast. Then I headed outside.

"Aren't you going to sit down and eat that?" asked Esme, bemused.

"No. I've got stuff to do"

"Don't you ever stop? You have the entire summer to get the garden sorted"

"Well, I want to get it sorted sooner! Plus, I still have other stuff to do this summer"

"Hey, wait five minutes and I'll be able to help," said Embry as he gulped down his bacon.

"No. I'm fine" I hugged him and grabbed a piece of bacon from him.

"If you wanted some bacon, you could have asked," said Esme.

"No thanks" there was a loud barking outside and shouts from Alice.

"Esme! That dog got into your vegetable patch again!" Esme sighed and picked up her broom.

"I'll get it Esme," I said. I slipped outside and saw the cause of the commotion. A large black dog with shining white teeth was growling at Alice. Alice was holding a carrot and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Cadyna, have you been feeding that dog again?" asked Alice.

"Sorry. It's cute"

"Well, can you teach it not to dig the vegetable patch? If I have to replant it one more time I'm going to go mad" I seized the dog, which had been barking its head off since it saw me, by the scruff of the neck and pulled it away. I led it out to the front porch and sat down.

"Come on buddy. We talked about this! You can't keep digging up the vegetables! I try and feed you as often as I can!" he licked my face and grinned.

"How can I stay mad at that face? Here you go" I handed him my stolen bacon and he happily munched it up.

"You're a good boy really, aren't you?" I patted his head.

"You know, if this goes on for much longer, Esme will probably bite you" he sat there, wagging his tail, completely unrepentant.

"Okay, I'm taking you for a walk" I get up and start towards the forest. I need no lead, the dog follows me obediently.

"I need to think of a name for you. How about...Shadow?" the dog sniffs.

"Okay, that is a bit more of a girl's name. Umm...Blackie?" the dog barks.

"Okay, do I get another go? Demon" the dog leaps up and licks me.

"Fine, Demon it is. So...where's your family Demon? Don't you have anyone? You can be part of my family. It's big already, what's one more?" we reached a clearing with a fallen tree crossing over a stump, making a little shelter.

"Alright, Demon, I want you to stay here. I'll bring food for you but please don't go and raid the vegetable patch again. Dogs shouldn't eat vegetables," he whimpered.

"I'll bring some stuff and make it comfortable for you, I promise" I stroked his head and left him. A new friend. Albeit a furry one!