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The Secret

Cadyna has overcome vampires and battled beasts. She has fought for her place and now she's comfortable something else will uproot her. She has a secret. A secret she is protecting at all costs from everyone, especially the two boys in her life. Undying love of a vampire or the undeniable imprint of a werewolf? OMG! ALEC LOOKS SO HOT! Part five of the Cross-Breed series. Yes, you should read the others first.

This takes place about a month or two after Only one will survive.

4. Preperations

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The next few weeks were hell. Well, Esme and Alice were having the time of their immortal lives what with Alice buying ten million maternity outfits and neutral baby clothes. Esme was decorating the spare room so it could be a nursery for the baby. I'd tried telling them that we had months to do this but everyone seemed convinced I'd suddenly sprout a huge belly at random. In the end, I just closed my eyes and let them get on with it. I spent most of my time walking Demon. I was worried about Embry. He said he was fine but whenever I caught him off guard, I saw the hurt in his eyes before he could hide it.

"Hey, err...can I come in?" it was a voice I didn't recognize.

"Sure" the door opened. It was the last person I expected to see. Leah.

"Leah? Err...hi! What's wrong?"

"Do you mind if I sit down?" I shrugged. She squatted on the end of my bed.

"Leah, please tell me your not here to get annoyed at the fact that I am unintentionally hurting Embry"

"No, though that is something" she gave me a look "What I'm really here to talk to you about is...um...well, it's actually a bit embarrassing. I was wondering, you know how normal humans, when they have kids they appoint someone who will look after the kid if both the parents die?"


"I was wondering...could I be that person?"

"You'd want to take care of my child? Even if it's part
vampire? Why?"

"I can't have kids...I'm a genetic dead end. I never got on particularly well with Bella, and now she's a vampire, she's not likely to die or anything. And she chose one of her family for that. I was just wondering. I'd like to help and if it's Embry's, well...Embry and I are friends. We're part of the same pack so...?"



"Leah, what do I do?" I asked.

"About what?"

"I mean, if it turns out it's not Embry's. If it's Alec's"

"Well, Alec has run off. Even if it's Alec's, Embry will stick by you," I sighed.

"I know. And I feel rotten. I mean, I'd actually be glad if he got annoyed and ran off. I could understand that. But he's sticking by me and yet he's hurting because I slept with Alec, by accident! I went there that night to break up with him"

"Sometimes things are out of our control," she said, sadly. I knew she was thinking about Sam. She'd loved him. He hadn't been able to help falling in love with Emily. I sighed.

"Cady!" called Alice.

"Oh god. She probably wants me to try on another set of maternity clothes or give my opinion on baby outfits! Spare me, please!" I groaned.

"I feel for you. You'd better go or she'll be up here" I heaved myself downstairs.

"What?" I asked. She pointed at the bags. Prediction came true.

"Alice, more outfits? Haven't we got enough?"

"This isn't an outfit. This is something different" I opened the bag. There were two things inside. I pulled out the box first and opened it. It was a silver picture frame but it had tiny little picture holes all over it with labels like baby's first bath and stuff. It was sweet. The other package was softer. I unwrapped it. It was a brown teddy. I felt tears sting my eyes.

"You're going to be happy," Alice told me. I smiled and hugged her.

"Oh and Emmett and Jacob are building something. They're
convinced it'll be a girl"

"What are they building?" I asked.

"A dollhouse replica of this house"

"Please say it doesn't have models of us in it"

"Afraid so" I wiped my tears. My family cared so much.