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The Secret

Cadyna has overcome vampires and battled beasts. She has fought for her place and now she's comfortable something else will uproot her. She has a secret. A secret she is protecting at all costs from everyone, especially the two boys in her life. Undying love of a vampire or the undeniable imprint of a werewolf? OMG! ALEC LOOKS SO HOT! Part five of the Cross-Breed series. Yes, you should read the others first.

This takes place about a month or two after Only one will survive.

5. Fancy chocolates

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I was sprawled on the sofa. My huge five months pregnant stomach was stretched out before me. So far, my pregnancy had been going very normally. The only thing was different was that I couldn't have a scan. The placenta was too thick. Still no clue as to who the baby belonged to. Demon came into the room.

"Hey Demon" I patted the big dog's head. He had a package in his mouth.

"Is that for me? Good boy" I said. I took the package out of his jaws and unwrapped it.

"Oh god" the contents wasn't a gigantic surprise. It was the location they'd come from. And the single letter in the seal on the box. It was a fancy box of chocolates, from Italy. The letter was a letter A. Alec. He was thinking about me. I opened the box. I fed one chocolate to Demon, who was begging beside me, and then I shut the box. What was I going to do? Embry came in.

"what's in the box?" he asked.

"Oh...just some chocolate. I don't know who they're from" I lied. I put the box under the sofa and faced Embry.

"How is the baby naming quest going?"

"Slowly" he'd been going around the house asking everyone for a boy and girl name. We were going to take the ones we liked best and put it to a vote of the house.

"I got some," he said, handing me a list.

"I like the name Robyn" I said.

"That was Holly's. Her baby sister. The one she..."

"Yeah. I know. Oh, and I am not calling the baby Sam. Because if I do, it might decide to call any sons it has Sam. Because my dad was called Sam"

"Oh. Right. That was Emily's"

"Emily is here?"

"Yes. She came to say bye to Leah. She's going away"

"Right" I sighed and turned back to my list.

"Who put Alec on this list?" I demanded. Probably Rosalie's idea of a joke.

"I did," said Embry, quietly.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because...he's part of this"

"No. I am not calling a child of mine Alec"

"You say child of mine. Not child of ours"


"Because it's not ours. It never will be, even if it is mine" he turned and left the room.

"Oh Demon" I muttered, "I've screwed up royally" my dog whimpered sympathetically. Then he licked my hand and went off to do whatever dogs do in their spare time. Plot world domination? I don't know. I punched the air. Jasper appeared.

"I understand" was all he said.

"You understand what?" I said. I was tired and fed up.

"How you feel"

"Of course you do. You're empathic"

"No, it's deeper then that. Do you remember when you first joined us and I was a bit..."


"I was going to say distant but that works. Well, it was because I was jealous of Alice's relationship. And I didn't see her as my mate anymore. I saw her as...his. That's how Alec and Embry both feel right now. Towards you and the baby. And you...you feel the same way Alice did. Frustrated. And messed up"

"Thanks for telling me how I feel" I said.

"Your hormones really are putting you in bad moods," he said.

"That's not the hormones. That's just me," I told him. He shrugged.

"Well, you know I'm always here to help"

"Don't you have a life?" I asked, sarcastically.

"Stop taking everything I say literally!" he said. But he was smiling.

"Things will get better Cady," he said. Things will get better? Things always got worse before they got better. Oh god, I'm screwed.