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The Secret

Cadyna has overcome vampires and battled beasts. She has fought for her place and now she's comfortable something else will uproot her. She has a secret. A secret she is protecting at all costs from everyone, especially the two boys in her life. Undying love of a vampire or the undeniable imprint of a werewolf? OMG! ALEC LOOKS SO HOT! Part five of the Cross-Breed series. Yes, you should read the others first.

This takes place about a month or two after Only one will survive.

7. hunger pangs

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"TWINS!" I shouted.

"How can you tell?" asked Embry.

"Well, the fact that there are three heartbeats in there"

"TRIPLETS?!" I screeched.

"No, one of those is yours. I can tell, it's slow but it's there. The other two are your kids"

"Please don't shout again" said Embry hurriedly. I took a deep breath as if preparing to shout.

"Is there anyway to determine the sex?" I asked.

"No. I can't see them!" said Carlisle.

"Okay. I was just asking. So...I have to stay in bed?"


"Esme will be ecstatic. She can be a mum! Oh, and I'll get you some books and DVD's and things"

"Okay" I closed my eyes and absentmindedly placed a hand on my stomach. When Carlisle and Embry had left I muttered "You better be really sweet to me babies"

Embry kept his promise of keeping my entertained by buying DVD's, a portable TV, books, CD's. Everything I needed.

"Embry!" I shouted one day.

"What?!" he came flying into my room, breathing heavily and obviously panicking.

"Watch this" I was watching a TV show called Moonlight and I'd muted the sound while I called him. I pressed play.

"Look at my stomach" the character called Josef was speaking and my stomach moved.

"Wow. He's got a fan. I bet at least one of them is a girl," said Embry. He sighed.

"Do you want anything?" he asked.

"Will you sit with me?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. He sat next to me and I placed my head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry about hurting you Embry. I never meant for this to happen"

"I know but it's happened. Have you ever considered that this was meant to happen?"

"I didn't know you believed in fate"

"Not really fate. Just, well...imprints are destined for each other. So maybe other stuff is destined too"

"So I was destined to break your heart?" I said, cynically.

"No. I just mean, maybe you were destined to have these kids. Maybe they have significance," I gasped.

"Maybe they'll grow up and take over the world!" I laughed at Embry's expression.

"Last time someone tried to take over the world, they didn't have much luck," he reminded me.

"Jeeze, I was joking," I said "And anyway, our children would be better then Demetri, any day" Embry poked me.

"Ow" I said.

"Sorry. Did I get your sore spot?"

"I'm pregnant Embry. Every part of me is a sore spot"

"I don't think this is," he said, placing a finger on my lips.

"No. that's sore too"

"You sure?" he said, kissing it. It had been so long since he'd actually kissed me. I'd forgotten what it was like.

"I really am sorry about all this Embry," I said when we parted.

"I have an idea," he said. He disappeared downstairs and returned with Edward.

"We've been discussing this for a while. Edward should be able to read the kid's minds"

"Wow" I muttered.

"Do you want me to?" asked Edward. I nodded, to nervous to speak. He closed his eyes and focused.

"I can hear them. One...is wondering why you're sad. It wants you to cheer up and stop worrying"

"You can tell that?"

"Yes. The other...is hungry"

"Great" I said, laughing. I picked up the thermos of soup that seemed to permanently reside on my bedside table. I swallowed, then, promptly, threw up.

"I know what you need," said Edward. He vanished and returned with a cup of...blood.

"Oh well. Nothing unusual about that" I muttered before swallowing it.

"Yep, it's happy now" he said. We all laughed.