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I never knew you could dance like that.

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! This is a quick couple of chapters of Leah and Jacob. It is set in a club and in Leahs House, it is recommended to listen to the songs that are involved in the story so you can get the feel of the story. Seth is involved but not in a good way? Enjoy!


2. Chapter 2

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When i woke two hours later, i walked through to the living room to find Seth, knocked out on the Sofa, Embry, Quil and Jacob playing the XBOX and the girl sitting watching. I walk over to Jacob and sit on his lap; he looks at me and smiles while kissing me on the forehead. Embry pauses the game while Quil huffs. He looks at me, with a confused expression, i get up and walk to the kitchen, and while looking down at embry telling him slyly with my eyes to come with me, he gets up while Jacob takes the remote and continues the game with Quil. Once we were in the kitchen, i got a drink of water and stood against the kitchen bunker,

“Embry, i am dating Jacob!” i say, happily. I swear Jacob can hear me. Embry looks like someone has stunned him,

“Leah, that is great! Hang on, how do i know you are telling the truth?” he asks with his head tilted; so embry. Must make sure we are really dating and not tagging him along.

“Fine, call Jacob in here and i will kiss him so much, he won’t let go. And watch him when he walks in.” So embry does, he calls Jacob through and watches him, walk up behind me and grab a glass of coke.

I turn around to him and take the glass from his hands and put it down behind him, he looked slightly confused to why i had taken his drink away, he realises why when i pull his face down to mine and catch his lips in the biggest kiss i have given him, he moves with me as his arms wrap around my body, holding me close to him. When i break free, i turn to Embry who was standing in shock.

“see?” i say as Jacob caresses my neck with a flurry of butterfly kisses.

“see what?” Jacob asks as he wraps his arms around my waist and rests his chin on my shoulder.

“Em didn’t believe me when i told him i was dating you! So i said to call you through and show him.” I said, with a smile as i leaned to look at him, still on my shoulder. Embry was standing still in shock at the love and affection that suddenly swirled in the room, since we were together.

“Ok, i think that was a bad idea for poor embry, he isn’t recovering!” Jacob whispered in my ear. I laughed as Embry started to blink again.

“OK, you are dating! I get it! No PDA though! On the other hand, no EDA! At least!” Embry said, as he walked out the kitchen leaving Jacob and i there, laughing at his expression.

“Should i talk to Seth about Cindy? Or should you?” Jacob asked me, once he stood up and collected his glass of coke from the counter. He said her name with nothing more than distaste flowing through his voice. I looked him as if to say the obvious answer.

“You will, since it is very likely i will rip her to shreds. You are more patient. I will be there next to you listening and testing my discipline.” I said with a cocky smile. He rolled his eyes to the ceiling, kissed me on the cheek before pulling me by the hand back through to the living room and sitting me on his lap. He finished his coke and whispered in my ear about taking Seth to the beach since Cindy had gone now. I looked over to where i last saw Seth. He was sleeping now, flat across the sofa with his arms crossed over his chest. His face did not look as innocent or guilty as it did last night at the club. I felt bad about going off on one this morning.

“Fine, i will get him up and we will go to the beach, think of an excuse for the other two.” I whispered to him. He smiled as he looked at Embry and Quil engrossed in the game.

“What you two whispering about?” Quil asked. He had looked engrossed in the game. Guess not then.

“We are taking Seth to the beach, you two ok staying here? You won’t wreck the house?” Jacob asked. The game paused as embry and Quil turned to us.

“Fine. Why are you taking him to the beach, if you haven’t noticed he is out like a light?” Embry stated, confused.

“Yeah, well it is not great to sleep through a hangover; you should have stopped him falling asleep, God Guys!” Jacob explained, theatrically. The guys looked at us with wide eyes, before apologizing and turning back to the game. I move off Jacob and sit on the floor next to Seth’s head; Quil has to move over so i can sit there.

“Seth, Seth, wake up. It isn’t good for you to sleep through a hangover!” i used Jacobs excuse. Seth budged a little by moving so that he was now on his side facing me.

“Seth, wake up, dude!” Jacob said, tapping his head while walking out the door, to get his trainers.

Seth gets up and rubs his eyes. He looks at me groggily and asks me,

“Lee, what are we doing?”

“We are going to the beach, me, you and Jacob!” i said happily. I heard sniggers from Quil, so i slyly slap him on the chest. He soon shut up.

“Now?” He asks. I nod my head and smile. I pull Seth by the arm up and order him to get his shoes on and be ready in five minutes. He maunders away to the hall, in the same direction of Jacob. I met with Jacob i n the hall. He looked up the stairs before turning to me and crushing my lips with his. We stood there for as long as possible, with each other. I heard the top stair creak, signalling that Seth was coming down the stairs, so i reluctantly pulled away, and whispered to Jacob,

“Later, Seth is at the top of the stairs.” He smiled, as he leant against the radiator that was away from me. I stood at the front door, thinking about what had happened to result me standing there. Seth finally made it down the stairs and greeted us with a polite grunt, and raise of his tired, hung over head.

We finally made it to the beach, i held Jacobs hand as he walked in the middle with Seth at the other side of him, i was thankfully able to look over the water nad watch the sunset, while listening to Jacob explain the complications of being with Candy.