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Forbidden Love

Alice leaves Jasper for the damphir they found to save Nessie; Sean. Jasper is heartbroken, but everyone thinks he'll get over it. Zoe is a 16-year-old cheerful brunette who's best friend is her sister, Heather. She has a secret - doesn't everyone? With the stereotypical caring mother and a patriotic Scottish father, twin younger brothers and an inability to stay with one guy for any length of time, she thinks her life is pretty damn good. And then everything changes.

So, I wasn't gonna post this until it was finished, but Uncle GW insisted, so... Here y'all are! I have about 15 chapters written, and they alternate between 2 points of view - Zoe and Jasper.

1. I ~ Another year, another town

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Another year, another town. I hadn’t kept track of which one it was this time. Nothing meant anything since I had lost my beloved Alice. For almost a century, she had been my reason for living, the core of my existence. And now… I, along with my burly brother Emmett, had, for decades, teased my other brother Edward about being the ‘odd man out’. And now, I found myself the object of Emmett’s taunts. Edward, ever the gentleman, refrained from sinking that low, but I felt his pity every time I came across Alice and her new husband in one of their passionate embraces.

I almost wish we’d never gone on that foolhardy mission to find another damphir, and had just run like everyone else had assumed. But then I think of the rest of my family, my brothers and sisters, Carlisle and Esme, the loving parents a monster like me doesn’t deserve, and my darling niece Renesmee, and I can’t find it in myself to wish for any other path.

I have often thought of leaving, but every time the idea so much as crosses my mind, Alice will turn to me with that hurt expression on her face, golden eyes wide and pained, and I simply can’t. Even if I am no longer her lover, just being close to her at least allows me to pretend…

I was heartbroken, horrified, torn apart, when she came to me just over a year ago, after the meeting with the Volturi, and told me that she couldn’t hide it anymore. She and Sean were meant to be, she told me. She’d lied to me, from the moment we first met, because she was afraid. So afraid. Afraid that she’d never mind her mate. And confused. She’d seen me in her visions, and assumed- what?

That I was her soul-mate, I suppose. And for a long time, it had been true. We were an odd couple, tall and short, light and dark, evil and good… corrupted and pure… I could go on. But despite all that, we had made it work. I had adored her and I’d thought… Had assumed… that she felt the same. And perhaps she had, for a while. And then she’d started to get these blanks spots in her visions, and she realised that there was someone out there better suited to her than me.


6’1”, brown hair and green eyes. Irish to the extreme. Damphir, with fey blood somewhere along the lines. Secretive and mysterious, the family knew very little about him, apart from that and the fact he adored Alice. And she him. The love poured off of them whenever they were together, and though they tried to hide it around me, I knew it was there.

I finally understood how Edward had felt in those months apart from Bella. The love everywhere, it just hurt so much. And wallowing in my misery? I doubt it was doing any good. Everyone whispered behind my back about how I should be healing, moving on by now.

But how do you heal from something that has killed you inside?