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Forbidden Love

Alice leaves Jasper for the damphir they found to save Nessie; Sean. Jasper is heartbroken, but everyone thinks he'll get over it. Zoe is a 16-year-old cheerful brunette who's best friend is her sister, Heather. She has a secret - doesn't everyone? With the stereotypical caring mother and a patriotic Scottish father, twin younger brothers and an inability to stay with one guy for any length of time, she thinks her life is pretty damn good. And then everything changes.

So, I wasn't gonna post this until it was finished, but Uncle GW insisted, so... Here y'all are! I have about 15 chapters written, and they alternate between 2 points of view - Zoe and Jasper.

2. II ~ Zoe

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“Ow!” I tripped out of my bed and slammed my cast into the wall. Even though I was pretty sure it was completely healed by now, it still hurt… Probably due to the fact I’d got what felt like a ton of plaster on my arm, digging in almost constantly. My kid sister, Heather, laughed at me. I say kid, but she’s actually just 2 years younger than me – 14.

“Have a good trip?” She quipped.

“Haha, you’re such a laugh.” I shot back sarcastically, yanking the curtains open. Pouring with rain. Great. Oh well. Like there’s any better weather in this hell-hole. I don’t mind the rain, but still… Is it too much to ask for, a wee bit o’ sunshine on the second best day of the year? My phone buzzed. Congratulations? Well wishes? I grabbed it.

“Heya babe, soz but I don’t think it’s gonna work out. Nat x” I read out slowly. Heather was by my side in a second, arms around me in a tight hug.

“Oh Zos! I'm so sorry!” I shrugged her off. Nathan Gordons, or ‘Nat’, had been my boyfriend for a grand total of two weeks. He was one of the most popular guys in school, and it was a miracle I’d got him. Most of the girls in school would die to be the one kissing him. Would die to be the one whose pants he was trying to get into. I’d told him no two days ago. I’d expected this somewhat. But it was a wee bit low to ditch me on my birthday. Yes. I, Zoe Hope Anderson, was finally 16 years old. And it was pouring with rain, I’d just been dumped and I had a broken wrist. Or so everyone thinks. Still, at least the cast was coming off tomorrow after school.

“C’mon sis, we have to get ready for school.” I sighed, searching for a clean pair of undies.

“But first…” Heather pressed a few buttons on her IPod speakers and our favourite break-up song came on. As the chorus started playing, we leapt on our beds and sang along.

“HE WASN’T WHAT I WANTED, WHAT I THOUGHT, NO! HE WOULDN’T EVEN OPEN UP THE DOOR! HE NEVER MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS SPECIAL, HE WASN’T WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR!” We both flopped down on our pillows laughing as the last chords pulled to a close and something more sedate came on.

“See? You’re always happier once you sing the break-up song!”

“Thank god for Avril Lavigne then.” I laughed breathlessly.

“Amen!” Heather chuckled, then rolled onto her side, looking at me with a serious expression in her blue eyes. She took after our da, Donald in that respect. “He wasn’t right for you Zos.” She said flatly. I noted the use of my pet-name. It sounded wrong when used so gravely by my younger sister. “But the right one is just around the corner, I promise.” I looked at her sceptically.

“Heather Michelle Anderson, are you seriously giving me, your two-years-older sister, relationships advice?” I asked in disbelief. She raised an eyebrow.

“I may not ken much abit dating, but I ken something abit patience.” Ah. Now I understood.

“You’ve been waiting for Drake to notice you for 5 years Heather. If he hasn’t seen the wonderful, beautiful girl you are by now, he’s not going to. Move on. It’s his loss.” She shot me a glare.

“At least I can stick with one guy Miss. ‘I-have-a-new-boyfriend-every-other-week’. They have a name for girls like you. Whores.” She spat it out. I gaped at her in shock. She giggled. “You look like a fish! I'm sorry Zos, but you had to hear it from somewhere.” She looked wistfully at the house across the road. Drake’s house. “Perhaps you should just stay single for a while. You’re not gonna find the right guy by bouncing from one to another as quickly as possible.”

“They all want the same thing at this age Heather.” I sighed, by now rummaging through my closet for a decent shirt.

“The purple scoop neck.” She said absentmindedly “With your white combats and a white cardi. And my purple converse.” I shrugged and put on the outfit she had suggested, with a wee bit o’ difficulty from my cast, but nothing major. If nothing else, the past 6 weeks had perfected my getting dressed one handed techniques. I grudgingly admitted I looked pretty good. If there was one thing Heather did better than anyone else, it was choosing my clothes. I put on my long white cardigan, and she turned around and shook her head. “The cropped one.” I groaned.

“But it’s braw out! I’ll freeze!”

“But the cropped one looks better. Emphasises your boobs.” She told me, pulling on my neon pink flats. They perfectly complimented the pink shirt and black jeans she was wearing. I sighed and grabbed said cardi, trooping downstairs. The entire family was waiting in the breakfast room.

“SURPRISE!” My two brothers, Jamie and Tommy, jumped out from behind the doors as we entered. They each took one of my hands and dragged me to the table.

“Careful of Zoe’s arm!” My mammy, Betty, cried in alarm. Whoops. My da gave me a knowing smile as I faked a bit of pain. Mam tutted and served me a cooked breakfast. I grinned as my family chattered and fought for the food. Maybe, just this once, I’d take Heather’s advice on something other than what to wear.