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Twilight Chatrooms

Me and my bud Krystal made these chats online and i had too post them, ENJOY!

i give half the credit to krystal, we made this together

1. Chapter 1

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Ashley: Hi

All: HI!

Alice: I am going hunting

Carlisle: get me something

Alice: okay

Krystal: I am bored

Nessy: Daddy, what does gay mean?

Edward: … happy?

Nessy: Are you gay?

Edward: sigh yes im gay

Emmett: so am i!!!!!

Rosalie: ….

Alice: Im back

Carlisle: takes blood

Carlisle passes out

Esme: Carlisle

Carlisle wakes up

Carlisle: IT WAS RED

Nessy leaves chat

Esme: Damn it Emmett

Esme: starts to beat emmett with a poll

Carlisle: dams are for BEAVERS HAHAHA

Emmett: it wasnt me!

Alice: it wasnt

Esme: come on Carlisle lets go inside and have a talk

Carlisle: NO

Esme brings Carlisle inside

by force

Esme: alice dear then who did

Alice: :(:( me

Alice: RUNS

Emmett: I told you so!

Esme: thats ok if you did it Alice

Emmett: what?

Emmett: you hate meee (cries)

Alice: Yes!

Esme: i just wanted a reason to hurt Emmett for breaking the furnicur while attacking Jasper

Jasper: Emmett is gay

Emmett: hell yeah sexy bones

Jasper: MOMMY!

Esme: i have to go help carlisle.

Esme leaves chat with Carlisle

Jasper: Im scared...

Krystal: you should be


Jasper: help me

Krystal leaves chat

Alice: Back off Emmett Jazy is mine

Ashley: Emmett, Brad pitt is outside

Emmett: OH, YAY!!!!

Alice: thanks Ash

Ashley: no prob

Alice: wanta play a game Jazy, bats eyes at him

Ashley leaves

Jasper: uhm, okay

Alice: takles Jazzy

Emmett: oooo a three Way!

Emmett joins

Alice: kisses Jasper longingly

Emmett: does same

Alice: Kills Emmeyy

Rosalie: helps

James: hi

Alice: hi-fives Rose

James: yoyoyo peeps

Alice: kills James

Ashley: I hate shopping (runs from alice)

Alice: takles Ashley and drags her to the store

Ashley: Bite me freak!

Ashley: seriously, bite me

Ashley: right here on my neck

Ashley: Please

Alice: NOOOO Runs away and brings Jasper with her

Esme: bites Ashley

Ashley: thank you

Esme: 8)8)

Ashley: in pain

Charlie: Hi peeps!

All: gtg Charlie, bye

Everyone other than Charlie signs off.

Charlie: L

Charlie signed off


Jacob: Where is Nessy

Krystal: Dead

Nessy: HI

Jacob: attacks krystal

Krystal: hey i did not kill her

Cacus: i did


Caius cowers and runs

Bella: HI


Edward: HI

Aro: i better find him.

Aro leaves chat

Carlisle: What is up in the, as you kds say, hishouse?

Bella: shakes head

Edward: pinches bridge of nose

Jasper: just not right

Emmett: agreed

Carlisle: homie get out of my grill

Rosalie: sigh

Esms: come on Carlisle i need help with the uh garden

Carlisle: yo dawg why ya hatin

Alice: im scared

Esme: Carlisle i realy need help with the garden, so...COME.HELP.ME.NOW.

Jasper: emocorner time

Krystal: Go Jasper

Carlisle: yo dawg im just playin

Ashley: cries

Carlisle: dont fret homie g!

Esme: Carlisle, you have to the count of 3 before i drag you to help me with the garden

Carlisle: I am HEMAN dawg

esme: 1...

Ashley: take him away!!!!

Esme:....2...do i need to say 3

Carlisle: comin dawg

Esme grabs carlisle by the ear and leaves


Esme: Carlisle Cullen get ur u know what to the garden now and leave this chat

Carlisle: fine hatah

Carlisle leaves chat for fear of his life

Esme: there you guys go

All: thank you!!!

Emmett: thank god

Charlie: hey bells whats up in the hishouse!!!

Bella:noooooooooo not you too

Renee: hey dawg!

Sue: Charlie sweetie can you come help me

Charlie: im hangin with ma peeps!

Phil: renee: we need to get on the plane now

Renne: airplanes are sooo not pimpin

Attendent: Mam you need to turn off ur computer

Renee: hatahs sux

Renee leaves

Charlie leaves in his pimpin ride

Sue leaves with Charlie

Nessie: WHATS UP DAWGS?!?!?!

Jacob: heavily sighs

All leave chat