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I'll Be There

Bella Swan had everything, she was popular had a nice boyfriend. One tragic event spirals her life out of control where she has no one to count on. Who will be there? All Human

May be a sensitive subject. First time writing a story like this so tell me what you think.

1. I'm Here

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"Bella!", my boyfriend Jacob called from behind me I was walking from the locker room after changing after my cheer period and he was coming from football. I waited for him to catch up as he put his arm around my waist and kissed me.

"Hey babe", he flashed me a giant grin.

"Hey Jake. How was football?"

"Usual. Cheer?"

"Same. I had to yell at some girls again cuz they don't listen. If you just do it right I won't have to scream at you all of practice. They don't get that!", I complained rolling my eyes.

Jacob chuckled.

We stopped and leaned against a wall as he kissed me.

"Hey Bella", Edward, my friend since 1st grade called.

"Hi Edward", I half-smiled. Jacob didn't like Edward, he felt threatened by him I guess.

"Can I help you? Never seen a guy make out with a girl before? Well I guess YOU haven't but I'm kinda busy here so beat it", Jacob threatened.

Edward frowned and looked at me to say something.

"Yeah Edward leave me alone you act like a creepy stalker or something", I added. I liked Edward he was a good friend but if it came down to my boyfriend or a friend I would have to go with my boyfriend.

Edward's face fell as he walked away. I felt bad for hurting his feelings but I would apologized to him later like every other time I was mean to him for Jake's sake. He would forgive me. He always did.

"Freak", Jacob said as he kissed me again.

"Hey I almost forgot to tell you", Jake stopped the kiss abruptly. "Paul is having a party tonight. Would you like to go?"

Paul was on the football team with Jacob. They were good friends. Paul had parties almost every Friday night so it wasn't a surprise.

"Yeah I always go", I reminded him.


(That night at the party)

"Let's play a game! Childish ones are cool. We'll play spin the bottle!", Paul announced bringing in an empty soda bottle.

"Whoo!", we all cheered.

"Jake, you go first dude", Paul hit Jake's shoulder.

"Alright", Jake spun it and it landed on a girl named Shannon.

"My bedroom is where you'll have 7 minutes!", Paul pointed to his room door as Jake and Shannon went to his room and closed the door.

It didn't bother me that Jacob was alone with another girl. We played this game at least once every month I would make out with other guys and he would make out with other girls. Some would call it dangerous we just called it fun.

7 minutes later...

"Alright someone get those two out of there", Paul called loud enough for them to hear and they walked out with a grin on their faces.

"Get lucky Jake?", I teased. Everyone knew we were a couple so they wouldn't take anything past kissing.

"Paul you're next", Jake threw it back at him.


Paul spun it and of course it landed on me. I never found Paul attractive physically or at all but it was a game so who cares? People thought of me as a slut because when it came to spin the bottle I would kiss anyone it landed on. I've even had to kiss a girl before. It's mean to turn anyone down based on their looks or personality. It didn't bother me it was only a game not life commitment.

So I grinned and stood up towards Paul. He took my hand and we playfully skipped to his room with giant grins and I waved at Jake. He just rolled his eyes playfully and laughed.

We went into his room and I sat on the bed while Paul turned the lights off. He sat beside me and I leaned in to kiss him. The moment I opened my mouth in the slightest he shoved his tongue in my mouth. I was used to that so I went with it.

"We only have 7 minutes so let's do this fast", Paul pulled off his shirt. He covered my mouth with one hand and managed to pull my skirt off with the other. I began to panic and fight him.

"Shh shh Bella dear. This'll be fun...a real scream", he smirked smugly.

Before I realized, my lower half of clothing was removed as was his. Suddenly I felt him. I tried to scream but it was no use. He went faster and wouldn't stop no matter what I tried. I eventually broke out into tears. 7 minutes couldn't have been longer before I heard Jake's voice.

"Time's up you losers", he joked. I had hope that he might come in and find his friend attacking me but he never did.

"Coming", Paul just yelled out as he removed himself from me and dressed himself.

"Now if you tell anybody about this, I won't let you go next time", he threatened menacingly.

I just cried as I put my skirt back on and followed him outside. I didn't go back to the party room I just went to the bathroom to wash my face. I went back out to the party and kneeled beside Jake.

"I'm going home", I whispered.


"I just have to"

"Alright I'll go with you", he started to stand.

"No you don't have to--"

"It's fine", he stood up.

"Alright guys we're heading out. See you guys next Friday", he smiled and waved.

I just left without looking at anyone, Paul especially.

I got in the car with Jacob as he drove me home.

"What's wrong, Bella?", he asked.

I turned away from him and looked out the window. I shook my head not letting him see the tears about to fall from my face.

He began to pull into a parking lot to a grocery store across the way. He parked and stopped the car.

"Okay Bella. What happened?", he demanded.

I shook my head again.

"Bella", he urged.

"Nothing!", insisted but my voice broke.

"Tell me!", he demanded.


"I'm not taking you home until you tell me", he threatened.

"Paul raped me!", I blurted out ruefully.

"Raped you?", he asked.

"Yes!", tears began to fall.

"Bella why would you say that about Paul? He's our friend, well I thought he was apparently he's just my friend. Don't make up a lie about him like that you could really get him into trouble. With the law even"

"What?!", I yelled in disbelief.

Did he honestly think I would make up something like this?

"Bella I know you're still emotional from your parent's divorce but that has nothing to do with Paul"

"Why are you sticking up for him?! He just RAPED me!", I yelled.

"Whatever Bella. I'm taking you home. I won't tell Paul you said that about him as long as you let it go OK? He's been really good to you and he doesn't deserve it"

Jacob started the car again and drove me home.

The next Monday I went to school very scared that Jake told Paul. Who knows what Paul would do if he knew I told Jake?

At lunch, I sat with Jacob until his friends got there. Since I've been with Jacob I've mostly just been allowed to hang out with his friends. He didn't like my friends that much.

Even after I hadn't had the chance to apologize to Edward about last week he asked to sit with us since his other two friends were both absent today. Jacob wasn't pleased but didn't protest. I sat in the middle between Edward and Jacob.

Paul came over with his tray.

"Hey Jake hey Bella", he smiled with innocence.

I grimaced at him.

"Wanna try sitting somewhere else?", I nearly growled.

"What's wrong Bella? Miss your morning coffee?", he joked.

"Sorry Bella's not feeling too well today", Jake defended.

"It's cool. I'll be back I'm going to grab a soda", Paul grinned at me as he walked away.

"Bella why are you acting that way to him?", Jake whispered harshly.

"Because he raped me!", I whispered a little louder than necessary.

"Will you let that go? He didn't rape you!", he argued still in whispers.

"Why won't you believe me? I'm your girlfriend!", I fought back.

"Look Bella I'm really getting tired of this. I felt bad for you after your parents divorced but I can't have you getting my friend into legal trouble. I tried to help you but you're a lost cause. We gotta break up for my friend's sake", Jake said standing up with his tray.

I opened my mouth in shock.

"Sorry Bella", he shrugged and walked away.

What the hell?! I just shook my head fighting back the tears before they took over. I just stood up and walked away leaving Edward alone at the table.

I went into the hallway and sat on the stairs to cry. Everything is falling apart.

"Bella?", I heard a gentle voice call from the bottom step.

I looked up to see Edward standing there.

I sighed.

He walked up the steps slowly and sat next to me.

"Bella I'm sorry", he apologized wiping my tears with a tissue.

"I bet you've been waiting for a moment like this. For me to crack and break down and you can witness it all, maybe even record it for everyone to know", I accused.

"Of course not", he defended sounding hurt.

"I'm sorry Edward it's not your fault", I apologized.

"Its OK I know what you're going through. I'm sorry Jacob broke up with you but he didn't deserve you"

"Yeah thanks Edward I'm not quite in the mood to be comforted. I got what I deserved for treating you the way I did. Over HIM", I shook my head in disgust.

"You don't deserve any of this", he disagreed.

"I'm sorry Edward. Why did you still talk to me after the way I've been treating you?"

"Well I know this is bad timing but because I feel for you well actually i have feelings for you", he started.

Edward...had feelings? FOR ME?

"Really?", I asked.

He just nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"When I finally built up the nerve, I found out your parents divorced and I thought that would be bad timing and then you got with Jacob. He didn't like me so I didn't really get a chance to even talk to you"

"You could've just told me. Wow now I feel like such a witch for acting that way to you when you've been the real one who's actually cared"

"No don't. I just wanted to comfort you after the divorce but you had Jacob and seemed to be happier so although I didn't get to spend time with you, I glad you felt better. I know how hard it was. And when you were mean to me you probably thought I was a pushover for forgiving you everytime but I just saw it differently. I've known you since 1st grade and that personality you had become was not the real you. It was a rough time for you and people deal with things in different ways. I was just happy you could deal with it in a way that wasn't dangerous. So I forgave you. I have no regrets either", he convinced.

"Wow I can't believe I've known you for 11 years and I never realized the nice guy I had right in front of me. Instead I went and ran with the egotistical jerks. I'm sorry Edward"

"No need to apologize"

"I know this isn't my job but wanna go out with me Edward?", I smiled.

"As long as you're ready", he said.

"Ready to get away from them. I need some comfort and I won't get it anywhere else"

"I'll be there", he promised.

"Thanks", I hugged him.

"Now...did I hear correctly? Did you say Paul raped you?", he looked concerned.

All my previous emotions came flooding back to me.

I nodded as I cried again. I just leaned on Edward's shoulder for comfort. As he promised he was there for me.