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Bella is worried. Can Edward help her see how bright his love for her shines? One-shot Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Everything Twilight Saga related belongs to the amazing Stephenie Meyer!

1. See this star?

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Edward had decided to take her to their meadow.

He could tell she was thinking hard about something, and believed – by her expression – that this something wasn't good. The little crease between her eyebrows had returned. Sometimes she would just turn and look at him for a moment, and, luckily, seemed less agitated and sad, but then it would come right back. Edward sighed as they stepped out of the trees and into their own little spot.

He walked her straight to the spot they had been when they had first come here together. Edward, at the moment, was in a cheery mood – for the most part – so he swung their interlocked hands back and forth between them.

Bella suddenly lurched herself in front of him, blocking his path. He bumped her slightly – surprised by her sudden halt – and gave her a questioning look. She wrapped her arms securely around her husband's shoulders and laid her head on his chest. He wanted to reassure her.

“I love you, Isabella,” he whispered.

“Strong words, Edward,” she replied softly.

“Strong feelings deserve strong words.” His voice was nothing but loving.

Suddenly she jerked out of his arms. Not angrily, no – she seemed more determined than angry. The girl looked to the sky and seemed to search for a few moments. Suddenly she spoke:

“Do you see that star?” She pointed upwards.

Edward followed the direction of her finger. He tried, and tried again, but could not seem to pinpoint which one she was exactly separating from the rest.

“Which one, love?” he asked.

“That one, there,” she replied, her voice hard, but not angry at him.

Edward lowered himself to her level, trying to see what she saw. Still, he failed.

“I'm sorry, sweetheart, I can't seem to see which one you're pointing out.”

“Exactly,” she whispered to him, no longer pointing. Edward tilted his head to the side, confused.

“It's just another star,” she continued. “There are million of others like it. What, in this universe, makes that star so special?” Edward still couldn't see where she was going.

“Nothing,”she whispered again. “Nothing makes that star special. She's not one in a million. She's one of a million.”

She. His Bella had called the star she. He could see where she was headed, now. She spoke again:

“And if you placed me in a crowd of thousands of other female vampires . . . and you pointed to me, within the crowd, and said 'that is the woman I love' what would the person you were talking to say? What would they say, Edward? How would they pick me out from that crowd?”

Edward stepped towards her, closing much of the distance between them. They were almost touching. He turned his gaze to the sky, as she had.

“Show me the star, again?” he requested. She pointed to it without hesitation.

“Hm,” he hummed. “Maybe we're looking at the wrong star,” he suggested.

Now it was Bella's turn to be confused.

“Now that one,” he continued, pointing to a lone star, away from the rest. “That one, I believe, holds a better representation of you.”

“How?” she breathed.

“She doesn't have to go with the rest to shine. She holds her own, even if she doesn't need to. She would never go with the crowd, because she is not a follower. She is beautiful, for she is her own star.” He turned to her.

“No one would place you in a crowd of others, Bella. How much harder that would be to see you shine.”